Fall Into Fashion 2008…And What Makeup To Wear With The Trends

Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week 08

was in New York back in February, and wouldn’t that have been a fabulous event to attend for the fashion/party obsessed (like myself)??!! I would also have loved to have been at the most recent September fashion week that broke the Spring 09 collections to see the final 3 from Project Runway showcase their stuff….and get a peak at the uber model Heidi Klum! But let me not get ahead of myself since Project Runway hasn’t aired the winner yet, and focus on the upcoming fall season.

This event is definitely not open to the public (aka…non-celebrities). But fortunately for those of us not in the elite fashion inner circle, there were cameras and magazine editors there to graciously forward the upcoming fashion trends to us in the fall issues of our favorite fashion magazines.

In keeping with the whole makeup theme, here is a rundown of just a few of the many fall fashion trends and how to wear your makeup to go along with those looks.

Trend 1- Classic Americana.

We all think Ralph Lauren when you hear the word Americana. Well, this year was no different for his collection and it was also seen a tad in Diane Von Furstenberg’s. This look is embodied by a neutral color palette likes creams, khakis, navy, and plaids (you’re gonna see plaid EVERYWHERE this fall, watch for it), timeless silhouettes, and very ladylike expensive looking accessories like huge watches and skinny belts around your cardigan.

  • Makeup to go with Classic Americana-. Stick with a perfect complexion (to cover any dark age spots or discoloration, my cousin recently gave props to a camouflage product by Benefit called Erase Paste), well groomed and full brows, neutral eyeshadows, and finish with a stained red lip (think Benefit’s “Benetint” lip and cheek stain).

Trend 2- Bohemian.

This look seems to always pop up in some way shape or form for every season, but here it is again for fall. We saw Anna Sui had a hippy chic look about her collection at fashion week this year. And one of my absolute favorite clothing lines that us real folks can afford, Free People, always touches on this look in almost every season. Bohemian consists of deep colors and rich textures in fabrics ranging from slouchy oversized knits to gauzy dresses and scarves. Lots of ethnic patterns and a little bit of leather and suede thrown in in the shape of tall boots or tiny vests.

  • Makeup to go with Bohemian- Go for a fresh faced- not too perfect- skin by using a tinted moisturizer like Benefit’s “You Rebel Lite” to achieve it. Focus on rosy cheeks that come from a cream or gel product like my FAVORITE Tarte cheekstain in color “Flush” or “Tipsy.” Both smell wonderful when applying and they create such a natural cheek color…and a little goes a long way. Pick up a lip color or gloss (Try one of Stila’s famous Lip Glazes-they’re beautiful) inspired from the wonderful color palette in the fabrics from this look.

    OH, and don’t forget your skinny headband….

Trend 3- Gothic.

I know you’re already tuning me out and thinking to yourself, “I don’t do gothic.” But it’s not the Elvira black hair and nails of old gothic, it’s more polished! Popular amongst the young Hollywood starlets, designer Zac Posen had some Goth look going on in his recent collection. Basically you can carry off this look by wearing mainly black with some touches of color thrown in the form of patterned tights or accessories. Think black lace done tastefully, billowing shapes of skirts in black with a pretty (yes I said pretty) white top to take the look down a notch. Tough details like stud cuffs and thick strappy shoes also keep with the vampy look.

  • Makeup to go with Goth- The obvious choice would be to go with dark smudgey eyes (MAC Kohl Power eye pencil in Feline (black)) paired with a nude lip, but on the flip side try nude eyes with lots of mascara and full brows but with a black cherry dark lip and porcelain skin. Laura Mercier Creme lipcolor is an awesome rich and hydrating lipstick with colors like “Garnet” which is a purple-red- very Goth:-) We’re not going Marilyn Manson on this look ladies so keep it simple.

Have fun next time you go shopping for your fall wardrobe- or to be more realistic, a few fall pieces- to see how your local boutique or department stores interpret these trends and then how you can make them your own. And remember, there really are NO rules in fashion, so that should take some of the pressure off….