Madonna “The Material Girl” and Her Face Turn 50

It’s hard to believe that Madonna, the pop icon and woman who could make headlines out of ANYTHING she did, said, or sang, has turned 50 years old!!

I find it hard to grasp that this same 50 year old woman was the one who we all remember singing “Like A Virgin” while prancing around in a wedding dress. This same woman was wearing a cone bra (by Gaultier) that became such a famous piece of clothing/lingerie…AND she made her scandalous documentary of her Truth or Dare Tour and published the “SEX” coffee table book. This is one saucy 50 year old who has done it all, and then some.

But more importantly, Madonna is the ultimate chameleon. This woman has changed her image more times than I’ve changed shoes in my lifetime! You never know what color her hair is going to be or what kind of makeup she is going to be rocking out. And I must say, that lately, she has been the picture of perfection in terms of her makeup effort.

**Except for that one scary makeup-less puffy picture that was scattered all throughout the media – I’ve put it out there in case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere and haven’t seen it**

I don’t want to label that she has good makeup for a 50 year old, because everyone ages differently and there are no specific “rules” for 30, 40, 50 year olds, etc.

Our faces are not aging according to numbers, but are aging according to many other life factors such as sleep, stress level, diet, sunscreen, smoker, non-smoker, you catch my drift…And then there are some faces that look better at 50 than 35 because they’ve had a little cosmetic surgery, lifts, botox, fat injections, good genes, and so forth.

So, here are some pointers for those aging faces and how to do it gracefully like Ms. Madonna, minus the cosmetic surgery… even though she’s never admitted to any help…yeah, right.

JennySue Tips for Aging Eyes:
  • This is one of the first places we notice we’re growing older. To keep your eyes from looking droopy, take your eye liner and swoop it up slightly on the outside corners to give the illusion of a lifted eye.
  • Also take your crease shadow color up a little higher and add a highlighter color along your brow bone to create a new eyebed shape.
  • Your eyelashes and brows will seem to be getting sparser and lighter as you age, so fill in those brows with some powder or pencil to create a more youthful and full look.
  • Have you ever seen a 10 year old with naturally pencil thin arched eyebrows??? Not likely. And as you will notice in recent pics of the material girl, she’s not afraid to have some dark black false eyelashes added on just on the upper lashes. And it really makes a difference.
JennySue Tips for Aging Skin:
  • The skin naturally gets uneven pigmentation (aka, age spots) as we age so to temporarily fix that problem, try using foundation and concealer to lighten just those dark areas. And by adding just a bit of liquid luminizer to your foundation it can help get your young glow back.
  • Blush will help tremendously as long as it’s applied correctly. Gone are the days of putting it on in stripes or too low- apply in a circular motion on the apple of your cheeks and stick with more naturally toned blushes. Dark blushes will just age you and seem too harsh.
JennySue Tips for Aging Lips:
  • It’s a fact that your lips are going to thin out as you grow older, so keep some good lip balm around to help fight those fine lines.
  • Use an anti-feather lipstick base to keep your lipstick from feathering out into those lines.
  • Stick with softer lipstick shades so once again, you don’t look too harsh. Softer doesn’t mean lighter – you can go bright and soft.
  • Plump up those lips by slightly lining outside your natural lip line with a similar liner color that resembles your natural lip color. And there are numerous lip plumping lipglosses on the market that give the illusion of fatter lips, so give one a try for a slight fake collagen injection look.
When you look back at the above photo of Madonna, she, or her makeup artist, has done a dang good job of making her face look as youthful as possible with what she’s got. If I could end up looking like that in 20 years, I’ll have whatever Madonna’s having…and I bet it’s wheat grass or bottled water…or botox🙂