October 12, 2008

Orange Makeup - It's Not Just for Halloween Anymore

Yesterday, I spent the day tailgating with my husband and many friends. It was wonderful to see my beloved Georgia Bulldogs beat the "Big Orange" otherwise known as the Tennessee Volunteers (for those of you not into SEC college football, Tennessee's team colors involve orange and white- ouch). Go Dawgs!!!

Now in my opinion, orange is a TOUGH color for anyone to carry off, clothing wise and makeup wise. But for fall, we do associate the color orange with the falling leaves and Halloween pumpkins. And some large retailers like Target are marketing the orange color scheme in some recents ads.

So how can you carry off this bold color without looking like the Great Pumpkin? Use your skintone as your guide as to what shade of orange to go for:

  • Fair Skin: look for slightly apricot shades and stay away from brownish based oranges.
  • Medium Skin: you can handle a bit more depth such as a peach or a more red based orange.
  • Dark Skin: you can go for a more caramel or orange-y walnut brown.

And let's not kid ourselves - if you're going to go orange on one feature (say a cheek color or a lipstick), you shouldn't keep it going with an orange eye- that's just plain strange. But why not try some orange nail polish?? (N.Y.C. Cosmetics nail color in Times Square Tangerine Creme)?! That would be fun and unexpected! So don't limit yourself to thinking orange has to be the color of Tang, there are many variations of orange as listed above in the skin tone guide.

Orange based makeup colors can add a certain punch to your fall makeup look. So step out of your box of the same ole boring and safe neutral makeup colors and give orange a try! Here are a couple of product plugs that contain this cool citrus hue as advertised in Target's recent add campaign I spoke about and some personal orange-y favorites:

  • For eyes: Boots No. 7 eyeshadow trio in Radiant Bronze, and L'Oreal Wear Infinite Quad in Kerry's Bronzes (this one even has the diagram on the back of it to tell you were to put all the colors!)
  • Cheeks: Nar's Blushes are one of the industry's best- two colors to try, "Orgasm" (cult fav that almost everyone to can wear with only a hint of coral!!!) or "Gina" (a tangerine color, a little more bold choice)
  • Lips: Revlon's ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze (which I've talked about before as being a good longwearing lipgloss) in "Unlimited Nectar" and MAC's "Meltdown" which is a bright golden orange with gold shimmer- only for the extremely bold makeup wearer!

Have fun with this cool citrus color and keep it simple. Orange You Glad You Read This??? Ha!!! Oh, and here's a pic of me putting false lashes on a friend of mine while getting ready for the Georgia/Tennesee game this weekend- Why not be glamorous while tailgating?? Us southern girls loooove getting dolled up for our beloved weekend football games. This shows you that with a little bit of practice, you too can put on false eyelashes ANYWHERE (she was sitting on the back of a truck's tailgate-classy huh?!)- just read my previous blog on "how-to" apply those individual lashes. It's Easy!!


abbey said...

how long do fake eyelashes stay on???

Bear said...

I really don't like the idea of orange on anything, but the nail polish is a good idea jennysue. I think that could be pulled off relatively well.

lipstickandfootballmom said...

Just wanted to say that I have tried the Pancake makeup in the Natural Number 1 and the color was perfect! And the coverage - WOW! LOVE this stuff!
Also - I enjoyed your personal pictures on this last entry. I think you should do more of that. And would you consider doing picture or video tutorials on your blog?

JennySue said...

lipstickandfootballmom, i'm so happy to hear you loved the pancake! the coverage is wonderful and you can manipulate it to be what you want. i will certainly consider doing a few more personal entries and pics of my work in the future. and video tutorials are not a bad idea!!!

lipstickandfootballmom said...

Any advice for us fair gals on using bronzer?

canIjustpayu2dothis said...

Thanks for showing me how to put the lashes on. I had several compliments on them especially from from Gracie Lane & Dwayne. We got home around midnight and they were still just they were when you put them on...so Abbey, I wore for approx. 12 hrs. I couldn't tell they were on...no watery eyes, irritation, etc. I would highly suggest having a consultation w/ Jennifer prior to trying them out on your own!!

walkersmomma said...

Must agree with lipstick....tried the Pancake makeup....love, love, love it. NEVER would have even given it a try, but I must admit, when a girl hits 30, an increase in coverage might be a consideration. Makes me feel a lot more attractive in my pregnant state. Thanks for the advice!!!!

JennySue said...

lipstickandfootballmom, when it comes to bronzer for very fair skin it can be tricky not ending up looking like an oompaloompa! i would suggest going for the lightest color option and if that still seems too dark mix it with some loose transparent powder to disperse the color. and use it sparingly only on the tzone and across the bridge of your nose to get an authentic sunkissed look. bobbi brown's #1 bronzer is nice, and rimmel makes a cheap one that works too

JennySue said...

kate- i'm all about making a prego woman feel better about herself! spending money on new makeup was one of the best pick-me-ups in my pregnancy state with both boys. and you'll get to pass along all your great makeup tips to your sweet little girl when she gets here (and a little older;-))