Politcally Pretty 2008 – Sarah Palin

First of all, I’m NOT going to be taking sides on the campaign trail, but I WILL take sides on who has had the best makeup for their close ups!

A more recent WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) article titled “Style on the Stump” in the September 25, 2008 edition focused on the clothing styles of Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Cindy McCain. It detailed what some notable looks are for these ladies of influence. I would like to give you a peak into what I think might be in their makeup bags! Clothing and makeup always go hand in hand!

Today is Part One and the focus will be on looking “Sarah Palin” Pretty.

Mrs. Vice President Nominee Palin – which I will admit is a pretty bad mama jama position for any woman to be considered for, does a lot of things right in terms of her makeup and clothing.

She goes very simple and business like in pairing a colored top or jacket with a basic black pant or knee length skirt. And she usually wears a basic black high heel or the occasional sassy red pump! And for any woman that wears glasses constantly like Palin, she knows that she’ll probobly need to wear more eyemakeup than most for her eyes to show up underneath those lenses. She was a former beauty queen you know??!!

*JennySue Tips* for Eyeglass Wearers like Sarah Palin:

  • Use plenty of mascara on top and bottom lashes. But on the bottom lashes only focus on the outer corners so as not to darken the undereye too much. Neatly filled in eyebrows are also necessary when your glasses are bringing focus to that area.
  • I like filling in eyebrows with a matching shade of eyeshadow and an angled eyeshadow brush (Bobbi Brown’s “Slate” eyeshadow works for a lot of brunettes like Sarah Palin).
  • Don’t bother with trying to do too much contouring on the eye or using multiple colors on the eyebed either – it’s a waste of time.
  • Keep it simple and just line the upper lash line with a soft black pencil then choose a complemtary rich eye shadow color and sweep from lash line to your crease.
  • Finish with a matte white shadow on the browbone to pop the eyecolor. Don’t use too much shimmer/frosty shadows when wearing glasses- the reflection can be brutal. Use a cheek stain (like Benefit’s Benetint) so that it sticks if the glasses create any unwanted perspiration.
  • When it comes to lips, this is where you can go neutral or pump it up with color if you want the focus to be on your mouth and not your glasses.

Who would’ve thought this 2008 presidentail election could be so pretty and put together all the while shaking up a male dominated field??! Not only are they doing all this in lipstick (thanks for the reference Sarah), but heels too!

For fun, check out the resemblence between Palin and actress Mariska Hargitay- without the glasses and letting her hair down, Palin could be a dead ringer – even though the Tina Fey look-a-like is #1, Hargitay runs a close 2nd. What do you think?