Politically Pretty- Cindy McCain vs Michelle Obama

With only 3 weeks left until We the People elect our next Commander in Chief…Let’s get down to the REAL election at hand- who is the better dressed First Lady to be- Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama??

That question is just about as complicated as to which of their husbands we should vote for. Both women have distinctly different styles in fashion, makeup and hair. Allow me to breakdown Cindy’s and Michelle’s styles and then you can decide for yourself….And of course I will give my unbiased opinions on each category on how they do it right, or how they can do it better. I’m not trying to cure our tanking economy or find a resolution to the war – it’s simply beauty advice, so enjoy and try not to take it all too seriously:-)


  • MICHELLE – I give my first vote to Michelle in this category. Her hair is always neat but not too perfect. It has lots of body, movement, shine, and she typically wears it down so it makes her seem really approachable.

  • CINDY – Poor Cindy’s hair seems to be asking for help. The color is waaaay too icy blond which screams fake hair (Yikes!) – But Hey, I shouldn’t judge women that color their hair, because Lord knows I love me some Miss Clairol. However, I believe color should be believable. Cindy’s is NOT believable. And with her high forehead, girlfriend needs some bangs to soften her look.

JennySue Ballot Box: Michelle Obama


  • MICHELLE – Now this one is a toss up because I believe Michelle could use a little more makeup since she is always in the public eye and is photographed quite a bit. She has beautiful strong features with her lovely smile and pretty skin. I think she could use more lipstick and more blush to brighten up her look to keep her from looking washed out.

  • CINDY – She seems to wear a good bit of makeup, which can be good AND bad. With Cindy’s delicate features and small mouth, she tends to either wear too dark of lipstick (which shrinks her already small mouth) or not dark enough (her mouth disappears).

    *JennySue Tip* would be to line her lips a little outside of the natural lipline with a neutral liner and fill in the rest of the lips then add a high shine gloss in the center of her lip to pump up the volume…maybe even try a little lip plumper like LipFusion.

JennySue Ballot Box: TIED


  • MICHELLE – Now, I don’t want to hate on Michelle or Cindy, but I’ve heard the comparison to Michelle Obama’s style as the new Jackie Kennedy waaay too much. Um, no. I don’t think there should be such a comparison just yet. Michelle is a nice contemporary dresser, I give her that, it’s forward to mix high end and low end clothing labels such as Thakoon and H&M (both of which she’s been known to wear). Michelle wears a lot of dresses as opposed to seperates, which is refreshing but sometimes doesn’t seem to be professional enough. And please, no more Jackie Kennedy remarks. Jackie Kennedy stands alone.

  • CINDY – Cindy is not afraid to wear some high end designers like Chanel and Oscar de la Renta- and let’s face it, if you could afford it, wouldn’t you wear those brands??? I would! I would! She definitely looks more the part of First Lady and is the dressier of the two. In her position that gets my thumbs up. My only concern, is her constant representation of the two shiny rhinestone lapel pins that read USMC and Navy. Sometimes they seem a bit unnecessary on the outfit, BUT the fact that she wears them to represent the branches of the military that her two sons serve in, well then you go girl and represent your boys!!

JennySue Ballot Box: Cindy McCain

Okay Okay so I sound like Switzerland when it comes to taking sides in this “Style Election” but it’s a tie vote in my opinion when it comes to their overall package. So who do you think wins stylewise???