The “Project Runway” Makeup Looks

BOO HOO!!!! Project Runway is over!!! What are all of us that are fashion obsessed, makeup obsessed, and Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn obsessed to do?? Are we all going to have to start watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo now?? Ugh – I think not, I’d rather watch the Weather Channel.

Hopefully you’ve all tivo’d past Project Runway episodes and you can just re-watch it until a new season surfaces!

I was truly excited to see what the FINAL 3 designers (all women I might add!) would choose to do with the the L’Oreal Paris makeup line for their models. Here is how the makeup broke down by designer according to their inspirations for their collections. And, I must preface all of these descriptions by saying that each designer did get it right with making the makeup reflect the look of their clothing line.

Kenley :: Inspiration

She wanted her girls to look like porcelain dolls with cherry red lips.

Aside from her bad attitude throughout the whole season, she pulled it together for the finale. Since her collection had a bright color palette of teals, magenta, pinks, and black, she wanted her models faces to project those bright colors. This was the reason they all had the look of shiny stained pink lips which were the main focus on the face (looked like the L’Oreal HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor in Turbulent or Precarious) along with perfect skin and very neutral eyebeds that looked like they only really had on mascara.

Korto :: Inspiration

She was inspired by nature and Africa with a focus on Earth tones

She was the second one up to show her collection. The actual collection consisted of bright green, taupes, yellows, and teal fabrics. The makeup palette Korto suggested was to be made up of earth tones. She had all of her girls in neutral golds, olive greens and light browns. The lips were all done in champagne like lipsticks and glosses. So the focus certainly was more on the clothes than the models faces with their faces showing a slightly washed out appearance, but in a pretty simple way!!

Leanne :: Inspiration

Oceans and waves were her main focus that consisted of various shades of blue.

If you haven’t watched the finale and don’t want me to ruin who wins…don’t keep reading.

Because Leanne was the actual winner (yeah!) and I couldn’t agree more with the judges. Not only was her collection flawlessly executed, but the makeup reflected that collection perfectly. She wanted a modern face and a very clean look to go along with her collection of ice blues, creams, and whites fabrics. The runway girls all had beautiful blues and blue green eye washes with fresh looking skin and nude lips. The pop of blue color on the eyes was very refreshing and worked on every model! I bet the makeup artists used the HiP (high intensity pigment) line of shadows from L’Oreal in different shades of blue.

The finale was all it should have been but actually didn’t have as much drama between the three ladies as I thought we might have seen! But I guess the ladies rose to the occasion and took their work seriously and didn’t have time to create drama – good for them! If you’re interested in seeing some of the sponsored looks done to the Project Runway models by the L’Oreal makeup artists, you can go to their website and look under Fashion Sponsors Project Runway. It’s pretty interesting and informative….Make It Work Ladies!