Purple :: The Cool Color For Fall 2008

If you’ve been wondering what the color of the moment is for this fall, it’s got to be the powerful color purple!

It’s being seen all over the runways and in magazines, from nailpolish to lipsticks.

The popular nailpolish company OPI has unveiled their most recent color collection entitledLa Collection De France“, which is comprised of mainly purple tinted polishes. The color options are beautiful and have descriptive names like:

  • “Louvre Me Louvre Me Not” (dark plum)
  • “You Don’t Know Jacques” (greyish deep purple)

Nails are certainly one of the easier ways to wear this hot new color.

Eye shadow is another fun way to use purple, and pretty much any eye color can pull it off. The only people that probably should not wear purple, are those with extremely dark under eye circles, because the color purple will only amplify the problem.

*Jenny Sue Tip* – if you go purple on the eyes, try to stay more neutral or a very light version of purple for cheeks and lips so as not to look like Grimace (remember that purple guy from McDonalds??).

Laura Mercier is offering some beautiful eyeshadow quads such as “Shy Violet”- which has colors ranging from eggplant to mauve and maroon- and you can either use them separately or blend them all together for the perfect purple. She is also doing a Shimmer Bloc in “Orchid Mosaic” which is a quad of colors for highlighting the cheekbones in shades of plum and mauve. The shimmer bric is a good subtle way of incorporating purple without it being too obvious on the cheeks.

Lips done in purple can be very sexy. Photo Finish lipstick by Smashbox, in the color “Enchanting” is a beautiful sheer grape to try. Or if you want to be a little more bold, go for their color “Ravishing” which is a blackberry. The Photo Finish is touted as a moisturizing lipstick with cushion like comfort and has won a couple of beauty awards. Remember, if you have skinny lips, this color might not be the best option for you as darker colors typically make your thin lips look even thinner.

The color purple has been associated with the likes of emporers and kings of Egypt that wore this expensive color. It was derived from a rare mollusk during classical antiquity that only the super rich could afford and was called tyrian purple. So take this sophisticated color and try it on this fall- you’ll feel like pure royalty!!!