A Socialite look on a Walmart Budget

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A Socialite look on a Walmart Budget

Hey Ladies, this is part one of two on my “Save and Splurge” beauty products topic. Now, here’s how I save on two important beauty products.

It can be depressing to hear about how our economy is totally tanking and there’s no doubt pretty much all of us mommies have been hit in some way shape or form by it. BUT there are some makeup products we just CAN’T live without and quite frankly don’t WANT to live without! We need to know where we can cut corners and when it‘s necessary to dive into the emergency cash drawer in order to keep ourselves looking 5 years younger!

Here are a couple of beauty items that we can SAVE on:

1. Foundation (SAVE) A majority of women think this is where you need to spend a lot of bank. However, if you have a good eye for your skin tone, then hit the drugstore NOT the department store. Most women think if they buy a makeup product, open it and aren’t satisfied with it, then they’re stuck with it. Not true. Simply keep your receipt, because as a consumer it’s your right to return it if it doesn’t fit your need. Most retailers such as Target and Walmart are totally cool IF you have the original receipt. I usually buy 2 or 3 foundations in different shades that I think might work and take back the ones that don’t make me look like my natural self. They can’t expect me to get it right the first time if I can’t open the product in the store, right??

JennySue’s Top Picks:
L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation – for the makeup minimalist and a more natural look, and yes ladies…it’s oil free

Max Factor Pan Cake – wonderful foundation for someone who wants FULL coverage (an old school product that NEEDS to be re-discovered). It’s blasphemy that it’s usually relegated to the bottom shelf

2. Mascara (Save) There are tons of these out on the market, so most cosmetic companies are always trying to one up each other on this product. Cause let’s face it…who doesn’t want false-looking lashes!? I’ve tried the $20-$30 mascaras, and yes they’re nice, but the $7-$10 are JUST as bangin’!

JennySue’s Top Picks:

Maybelline Define-A-Lash – a flexible brush that helps lengthen the lash

Maybelline Lash Discovery – a mini-brush, catering towards women with tiny lashes or for your hard to reach bottom lashes

So there are two categories of beauty products that you ladies can head to Walmart for and end up looking like the ultimate socialite like Serena or Blair on Gossip Girl.

Happy Shopping!

**Here are the 4 original comments I received when I first posted this blog. Again, feel free to comment or share some tips with your fellow Walmart Socialites 😉


abbey said…
I use define-a-lash b/c I heard you recommend it to Amy!!! I love this post…. I am on a wal-mart budget!! :)thank you!!!-abbeyps. I would pick Serena to look like!! I love her style and look!!!
October 1, 2008 10:23 AM

Bonnie McNeil said…
Jennifer, what is your take on mineral makeup? I just started wearing Bare Minerals foundation, and have since switched to the mineral foundation that elf makes -because it’s cheaper and seems to do the same thing. What do you think about a mineral foundation instead of a liquid one?
October 1, 2008 3:21 PM

Mommy Janna said…
I LOVE your blog. This really is somehting that is needed. I always have these questions and now you are answering them. I will def. pass your blog around.
October 1, 2008 4:05

JennySue said…
Bonnie, mineral makeup has become so popular and I do think it’s a great product bc it’s so gentle on for most skin types. Sometimes it doesn’t provide enough of the coverage I would like, but for minimalists, it’s perfect. And yes, I would go for some of the less expensive brands of it. I found Maybelline does a “Mineral Power” (that’s not a typo)that is also a great alternative, BUT I don’t like the application brush that comes along. You need to invest in the Bare Minerals foundation brush!
October 2, 2008 11:47 AM