Target’s Newest “Affordable” Makeup Lines

Who doesn’t love a reason or an excuse to go shop at Target for something?! Target has started bringing in all types of higher end beauty and skin care products that you normally could only find if you traveled out to your local mall or Sephora- and you can’t usually buy diapers and toilet cleaner at the mall!! And let’s face it, most of us don’t have a Sephora that close by, but we can ALL get to a Target in no time!

Now they’ve brought in three new makeup lines by three highly talented makeup artists with different backgrounds and philosophy’s. Check out these hot new makeup lines that will make your next trip to Target that much more fun….

First up:: JK Jemma Kidd by Jemma Kidd.

Jemma was formerly a fashion model and has now turned to designing makeup products for her line and running her own educational makeup school in London. Who better to design a cosmetic line than a former model- they get slathered with all sorts of makeup and have worn it all- so it was a natural progression. She provides wearable makeup for that woman that love to be fashion forward and want a bit of catwalk glamour in her everyday life.

Second up::NP Set by Napoleon Perdis.

Napoleon is an Australian born makeup artist and has made celebrities beautiful for events like the Primetime Emmy’s. His line is known for providing a luxurious and lighthearted approach to modern glamour that reflects in his star studded packaging.

  • Top Product Pick: NP Powder Foundation- $30– This compact powder includes pomegranate that delivers antioxidants and shea butter for moisturizing the skin.

Third up, (but not last)::Pixi by Petra Strand.

The Swedish born Petra is now based in London and has a collection of makeup that she touts as “Makeup to Wakeup” and the philosophy is to provide a touch of magic (which couldn’t we all use a bit of magic in our lives?) to help you look refreshed daily. She likes the idea of keeping a face fresh, clean, and simple. Her light green packaging is pretty cute too!

  • Top Product Pick: Pixi Brightening Primer Makeup- $33– Primer is always gonna be a bit pricey and it’s a hard product to find in drugstores, so here’s one you can pick up at a reasonable price and it’s ideal for all skin types and delivers a great brightening effect to your skin.

So on your next Target trip to get the usual boring household items, treat yourself to one of these new makeup lines, and it will keep you from having to fight the mall makeup counters!!