Vibrating Mascara….Really???!!

Okay, I can’t decide if this new patent pending product from Estee Lauder is for the extremely lazy or a genius invention? The mega makeup giant is introducing a vibrating mascara brush that promises to give volume, curl, length, and separation all at once in their TurboLash” mascara.

Now I’ve tried the electric toothbrush and the self heating eyelash curler. Honestly, both products, which remind me of trying to have the all-in-one concept – weren’t really worth my money.

I mean, the back and forth motion it takes me to brush all of my teeth on my own and the 15 extra seconds it takes to hold my eyelash curler up to the hairdryer to warm it up, work just as well.
Is a vibrating mascara wand such a good idea to have near your eye anyway?? It’s hard enough not to poke yourself in the eye with a steady hand!!! So- I’m interested to see if this new $30 dollar a tube concept takes off or if the battery life falls dead…..