What Would Halloween Be Without Elvira??

If you haven’t already figured out who you’re going to dress up as for Halloween, the iconic Elvira is always an option that people will recognize and not have to question,

Who is she supposed to be??”

Her makeup is soooo much fun to re-create, and gives you the artistic freedom to go as nuts as you want with every color of makeup imaginable…And don’t forget the extra long false eyelashes and the black wig. Nothing natural about this look.

Here’s how to get the sexy goth Elvira look:

Start with the Eyes:

  • Apply some eyeshadow base all over the eyelid so these colors you’re about to apply stay put.
  • Next use a purple eyeshadow from the lash line almost all the way up to your eyebrow.
  • Now get a black eyeshadow and contour just in the crease of your eyebed and extend outward and up to the outside corner of you eye.
  • Black liquid liner is next, and draw a continuous line starting in the tear duct area and extending all the way out and up creating a swoosh effect on the upper lash line. Now take that liquid liner and go back to the tear duct area underneath and connect from the bottom of the eye and line the complete under eye area all the way out to the end again.
  • This is where it gets tricky, use a black eyeliner pencil if you don’t feel certain you can control the liquid liner to do this, but draw out thick fake lashes on your actual eyebed and color them in. Draw out about 5 or 6 large lashes.
  • Next apply your false eyelashes- buy the largest obnoxious ones you can find. Layer 2 to 3 coats of the blackest mascara on top and bottom lashes.
  • Use the same purple eyeshadow, and shade in your lower lash line with a thin sweep of this color. It’ll make you have that “dead” eye look!
  • Fill in your eyebrows with the darkest brow pencil possible.
  • Use your black liquid liner to create her famous tiny mole up by her right eye.
Next up the skin:
  • Get some of the whitest face powder possible, and brush it all over your skin. If you can find some white liquid face makeup, you can use this liberally by mixing it with some moisturizer and putting a thin layer all over your skin
  • Make yourself as pale as possible, think Geisha girl! No concealer for this look because you want that slightly dark under eye look!
Now your cheeks:
  • Find a reddish not so natural blush color. This is the one time I won’t tell you to just focus on the circular application on the apples of your cheeks. Elvira goes for the 80’s striped look on the hollows of her cheeks.
  • Start underneath the apples of your cheeks and take your blush towards your ears.
Signature dark lips:
  • Get a dark purple-ish red lipstick, and a red lip liner.
  • Line your lips first, and create an over-exaggerated bow at the top of your lips and continue the lining over the whole mouth.
  • Fill in with your super dark lipstick, blot with Kleenex, and apply another layer.
To finish the look don’t forget your dark black wig and push up bra……