Who Wants To Be Halle Berry?? I Do I Do!!!!

Well, big shocker, Halle Berry was just named “Hottest Female Alive” by Esquire men’s magazine for 2008.

There are many reasons to hate her (pure jealousy is all it is though) and many reasons to admire her. She is 42 years old and looks better than the majority of 20 and 30 years olds I know AND she just had a baby only 7 months ago AND she has an Oscar AND she’s a spokesperson for Revlon cosmetics AND her baby’s daddy is an equally hot as all get out French Canadian named Gabriel Aubrey (I included his picture as well for your viewing enjoyment:-)). So who wants to be Halle Berry?? I DO I DO!!!

Well we all can see how naturally stunning this woman is and of course you’d like to know how to get that naturally glowing and beautiful face of hers right? A big attribute of Halle’s is that perfect, wrinkle free, spotless skin and the makeup that lets that natural beauty take center stage. So here are some ideas on how to look Halle-esque!

1. Beautiful skin starts with clean skin followed by a good (great) moisturizer that can help combat wrinkles. ROC makes a wonderful moisturizer called ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Cream– a P.M. and A.M. version (with SPF).

Inspiring *JennySue tip*– I acquired both these products through a free giveaway Lucky Magazine was doing online through their website that I signed up to be the first 100 people to receive it, and what do you know, I actually won it!!! Mailed right to me. I NEVER thought anyone won these free product giveaways, but I am here to tell you, they do, cause I did.

So anyway, I’ve been using these products, and I can definitely tell a difference. It’s pretty hard core, so if you have sensitive skin, I probably wouldn’t suggest it, or only try the day version.

2. Of course we all can’t be blessed with her lovely caramel colored skin, but you CAN use a light self tanner for the face to give you a subtle glow. Because let’s face it, everyone looks a little healthier with a tan – I know it’s not popular to tan because of all the research on sun damage, so I’m not advocating tanning beds or baking in the sun- that’s why God made self tanner! I love Jergen’s self tanner for the face because it doesn’t streak and can be used daily until your desired color is reached. It doesn’t stink either…big plus.

3. I know I constantly harp on using concealer, and here I go again because I KNOW it makes a huge difference in getting flawless looking skin. A Hollywood elite favorite that’s been around for 15 or so years is Yves Saint Laurent “Touche Eclat“- a brush pen that helps erase dark circles, conceal spots, and highlight your best features. It’s pricey, but for a good reason. Use this to clear up your trouble spots and to highlight under the eyes just on top of the cheekbones.

4. To achieve her doe-like eyes, keep it simple and apply a taupe or cocoa eyeshadow from lash to crease, a thin line of black eyeliner (Revlon’s ColorStay eyeliner is the bomb, it reeallly stays for a long time) all along the top lashes, apply two coats of mascara to top lashes and one on bottom lashes, focusing on the outside corners. Finish off with a sweep of ivory shadow just on the brow bone right underneath your eyebrow. This creates good depth.

5. Her bone structure is ridiculous, but for the average girl to achieve those cheekbones, take a light bronzer and sweep it just underneath the apple of your cheek and then top it off with a light peachy pink blush on the actual apple of your cheek. This technique is called “contouring”. It takes a little practice, so maybe don’t do this 30 minutes before a big date- try it out a couple nights before:-)

6. Finish your look with one of Revlon’s new ColorStay Mineral Lip glosses in a peachy flesh color to keep it natural. They claim it stays for 8 hours, hhhmmm, not so much, but it does stay longer than MOST lip glosses I’ve tried.

In Esquire Magazine’s most recent issue highlighting the bombshell, Halle is quoted as saying, ” Sexiness is a state of mind, a comfortable state of being. It’s about loving yourself in your most un-lovable moments.” Could WE have said it better ourselves, no, probably not. But I sure am glad she shared her perspective with the rest of us, because if we as women could all accept that state of mind, the world would be a prettier place!