American Music Awards 2008 Breakdown

Okay, so I love award shows. Not because I care who actually wins any of the awards, but just to watch the red carpet pre-shows and then the performances. I can’t wait to see who looks terrific and who looks like a trainwreck.

If you didn’t catch the AMA’s, here’s a quick breakdown of who did it right and who did it wrong.

JennySue Likes:

1. Beyonce – Yes, she’s EVERYWHERE which gets slightly annoying, but I gotta hand it to her – the girl can perform! Beyonce can dance, sing, and is overall fabulous. Did anyone even notice the two other girls dancing beside her the whole time?? She wore a strikingly simple black and white leotard with what looked like a fitted vest over it with two large contrasting flower-like things up near the neck. Her slicked back hair in a high pony tail (most likely a hair piece, because it was really long!) and fairly simple makeup that wasn’t too fussy was the perfect balance while creating such a crazy energetic dance performance. I included the YouTube video of it.

2. The Pussycat Dolls – These girls gave a great and entertaining performance as always! I think all 5 of these ladies are gorgeous and have great hair and makeup all the time. They are the epitome of glamour girls (slightly trashy glamour, but fun to watch!) and would be the most fun to play dress up with. They wore Project Runway designer and winner, Christian Siriano dresses on the red carpet. I actually really liked what he designed for each of the girls, and for the Pussycat Dolls, it was slightly understated, which was refreshing.

3. Pink – For her performance “Sober,” she was actually a pretty vision in a fitted mauve evening gown that fit her to a T. Pink usually looks really harsh and punk, but this wrapped full length dress was classy on her. Her bleached white hair left a little to be desired – it had some weird windblown to the side curled action – but her soft makeup and beautiful diamond bling cuffs and jewelry were great accent pieces. I thought her voice actually sounded really good too – which is hard to pull off live. Another youtube video for you to view.

JennySue Dislikes:

1. Christina Aguilera – Christina opened up for the show with a montage of 7 of her greatest hits (is she old enough to have a greatest hits album?) . Now I’m a big fan of hers and her booming voice, but her look is getting a bit old and she needs to try something different. The Marilyn Monroe bleached blond hair, 4 inch thick foundation, and extremely false lashes and fuchsia/red lips are overdone. She did chop her bangs off to a ridiculously short length, which made no sense. She’s such a chameleon, that I think it’s time for a “make-under.”

2. Ashley Tisdale – I’ve never seen High School Musical before, but for some reason I know who this girl is. So her hair stylist should re-think his or her profession. It was a hot mess that looked like an updo I would create with 2 minutes and no hair brush or comb in sight. Her dress was equally terrible and looked like a mis-mash of fabrics and black mesh, too short, and too many ugly bangle bracelets.

3. Alicia Keys – She is so pretty and talented, yet she had some terrible body glitter all over her body and that included her face! AND she wore some diamond thing that lay down the front of her forehead – looked like a half of a piece of necklace that was stuck in the crown of her hair and slithered its way out onto her forehead. Weird. And her earrings were massive and added to the chaos that was going on from the neck up.

All of these comments are definitely my picky opinion but I’d love to hear what anyone else thought of the AMA 2008’s fashion and beauty breakdown! Do you agree with my pics and pans???