Beauty Tips – How to Fake A Good Nights Sleep

With all the holiday parties and family and friend get togethers, a girl tends to lose a little too much sleep around this time of year. And losing too much shut eye can start to show on one’s face too – and WE don’t want that now do WE???

So here are a couple of tricks to looking like you actually slept 9 to 10 hours and woke up with singing blue birds circling your pretty little head (Snow White reference, remember??).

1. Eyeliner Please. You have two choices. Use a white eyeliner (I use the cheap N.Y.C. brand) and line the bottom inner rim of your eye to help balance out the redness in the white of your eyes – a tell tale sign you’ve been out and up too long the night before. Or you can use a blue/navy eye liner and rim the upper inner rim of your eye to perk up your eye color.

2. Concealer Please. I always harp on concealer, so hopefully you’ve listened by now. The one area to focus on concealer – if you’ve got only a little time – is to put this on under your eye beds and don’t forget about the inner corner of your eye near the tear duct where the darkness usually hides.

3. Choose a Highlighter Please. Pasty skin screams, “I feel awful and had too much bubbly last night!” So even though it’s winter time, and chances are you haven’t been to Hawaii recently you should still add some color to your face to brighten it up. Try a blush/bronzer/shimmer highlighter combination for a quick pick me up like Jemma Kidd’s Make Up School Dewy Glow All-Over Radiance Creme in Rose Gold ($32) found at Neiman Marcus. You should apply this along the upper cheek bones and around your eye up to the brow bone.

4. Put Your Eye cream in the Fridge Please. This might be more of a placebo effect, but either way it’ll perk up your face if you feel better. A cool eye cream, or better yet, eye gel, applied when you wake up on a clean face will give your face an instant tightened feel and might lift your spirits! Try Olay’s Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment which contains mica to immediately brighten that area.

5. Lots of Mascara Please. Apply at least 2 coats of black mascara on the upper lashes only (no need to add anymore darkness to those under eye bags by putting it on the bottom lashes) and don’t forget the eyelash curler!!!