November 20, 2008

Fall/Winter 2008 Trend - Matching Nail and Eye Color

Hi Ladies. Do any of y'all remember the old rule of matching your handbag to your shoes?? Well I don't see that rule being followed that much anymore unless:

  1. You're super anal! - (gross word, but descriptive to a T).
  2. You have more money than you know what to do with and can afford to buy enough purses and shoes that actually match each other.

So for this Fall/Winter 2008 how about instead of spending tons of money to match your fashion accessories, let's try to match your cosmetic accessories like your nail polish and eyeshadow! Sounds odd, but that was one of the new looks that was seen on the Fall 2008 runway collections.

At Bill Blass's runway collection, the models wore beautiful chocolatey-bronze eye shadows and their eyes were rimmed all the way around in chocolate or black eye liner (similar to the picture above). This deep sultry look could be finished off by wearing a similar dark deep brown shade on short nails like this one pictured by Essie called "Chocolate Kisses."

Another great matchy-match look came from Monique Lhullier's (you know, the designer who is famous for creating both of Britney Spear's wedding dresses when she married K-Fed?!) fall collection where her models eyes were rimmed in midnight blue eye shadows. This look on the eyes is definitely not for the makeup minimalist, but if you sport the right amount of navy shadow and blend it well all around the eyes it can look super sexy. Every eye color can pull off navy too- it's an equal opportunity color! Then pair up your shadow, with a deep sapphire nail color, like OPI's "Russian Navy." Super hot update to the black and purple nail colors we've been seeing around lately."

So go deep, dark, and matchy matchy for your eyes and nails this winter- it's easier to get some nail polish remover and change it up than to head out to Macy's and fight the mall crowds for matching shoes and purses!!


abbey said...

I have heard 'navy' is the new cool nail color for fall/winter!! I love that one you featured!!!

abbey said...

ps. will your nails look good navy if you wear a lot of black??? is that a "no no"???

Bonnie McNeil said...

Okay, so this isn't about the post, but what do you think of the Bigelow hand creme now - a couple weeks later? My hands are cracked and bleeding and the top is so red, it looks like I layed a hot iron on it and a blister should be rising any day now. HELP!

JennySue said...

bonnie, yes i still like the handcreme by co bigelow bc it doesn't smell too flowery or fight with my perfume. and it does help with my dry skin...however, it's NOT by any means a miracle creme. my hands are prob equally as dry (or maybe not since you are up north!) and i have to use it about 3 times a day (i keep it in my diaper bag since it's always with me) and a coat on at night to soak in. it's not too $$ and it's better than any drugstore brand i've found, so i'd give it a try if i were you. let me know it works for northern air skin!!!

JennySue said...

navy works with black clothing definitely! give it a shot- i think you'll love the change