November 2, 2008

Get Perfect Complexion :: Jemma Kidd's JK Mannequin Skin

Now that winter is approaching, we could all use a little help in brightening up our lackluster, flaky, pasty complexions. Because....If you've got pretty skin, all your other makeup will fall into place.

There is a product out there that can help jump start your dull skin.

Jemma Kidd's JK Mannequin Skin can be found at mega retailer Target for $28. I recently got random compliments on how good my skin looked after using this product.

  • First of all, the name in itself is genius, because "mannequin skin" describes what it gives you. It's got multi reflecting pearl properties that help to brighten your skin and smooth out your coloring. This liquid in a tube is an illuminating base and primer.

  • Just squeeze a little out (not too much because you don't want to look too greasy) and mix it in with your foundation before applying to your skin - it's very blendable.

  • Another great attribute is that it also contains Vitamin E which is a light anti-aging and antioxidant ingredient and it has a very fresh aloe-like smell to it.

So give your foundation an extra boost with an illuminating product like Mannequin Skin. Let me know what you think!


Ally said...

I love this idea and am headed to Target tomorrow, so I think I'm gonna try it. But, I have a REALLY stupid question first...

How do I mix this with my foundation? Typically I use a foundation brush to apply and just dip the tip of the bruch into the bottle of foundation.

I'm sure that's amateurish and possibly not what I'm supposed to do, so correct me please if there's a better way. And please tell me how I can mix the Mannequin Skin in with my foundation.

Thanks so much!

laney said...

I can't wait to try this! Since the colder weather is upon us, my skin is SO dry and flaky...will this help with that as well?

JennySue said...

a foundation brush is great. my only suggestion would be NOT to stick your brush into your foundation daily unless you're washing your foundation brush often (which you should anyway!)-bc you're just depositing all your daily oils into the bottle therefore contaminating your foundation formula!

if you want to use the foundation brush with the mannequin skin here's how i would do it.

squeeze a pea size drop of the onto the top of your hand and then pour just enough of your foundation on top of your hand and mix it in with the with your brush by swirling it around slightly. then apply the mixture to your face.

it gets a little messy mixing it on your hand, but i feel you have better control of how much product you're using by seeing it mixed this way, and your hand is pretty convenient!

JennySue said...

the mannequin skin is not a moisturizer so i'd hate to assume that it will actually help with flaky skin. it's purpose is to give your skin the overall appearance of a clearer complexion (ie,help hide redness and discoloration) and to help boost your foundation's staying power. but it does contain vitamin e! i'd go for a face scrub for the flakiness problem:-)

jess said... i use a powder foundation. i hope i am not sounding retarded. how would i mix it with a powder? i use bare escentuals (or however you spell it) powder foundation.

Ally said...

" only suggestion would be NOT to stick your brush into your foundation daily unless you're washing your foundation brush often..."

Umm yeah, I'm totally clueless (LOL!) because I always dip it in the bottle. Gross - I totally never thought about cross contamination! I'm headed to the mall in just a minute, so I'm throwing out all of my brushes & getting new ones!

Thanks girl for the tips - can't wait to try it with my NEW brushes! ;-)

abbey said...

hummmmm.... may have to try?
do you rub it on... brush it on?
I am a total makeup idiot!

JennySue said...

jess- good question!! if you're using a powder foundation, then you don't mix it with the powder. after you moisturize your face, then apply a really thin coat of the mannequin skin all over your face acting like a "primer". wait a few minutes for it to sink in, then apply your powder as usual.