I Know It’s Election Day, But I’m More Concerned What Has Happened To Katie Holmes!!!

So I’ve already made my decision as to who I’m going to vote for for President of the United States. Now I just have to make it to the polls sometime today. And yes I’m concerned what will happen to the state of the country if my candidate doesn’t win, but once I cast my vote that’s out of my control and I’ve done my civic duty.

But my big concern lately, lies in the mystery:

What is happening to formerly cute, pretty, Katie Holmes!!!”

I mean, come on Katie. Most celebrities as they age and mature in Hollywood get a clue and get a stylist and a hair and makeup team they can trust. And you’re married to Tom Cruise, so I think I can say in great confidence that you’ve got enough cash flow to afford a team of experts to help you out. Yes, I know you’re a fairly new mom, it’s tough to get it together sometime, and it’s considered easier to cut off your long flowing hair, but don’t give up completely.

The one thing I can say she’s doing right, and it’s not the new messy short haphazard hairdo, is that she’s wearing some nice big sunglasses to hide the fact she’s not making the attempt to wear eye makeup. That’s smart and chic.

But, her nice full lips and cheeks are still showing. She could step it up a notch by getting a beautiful beige pout by applying a quick swipe of MAC Lipglass in Chai ($14) and an application of pink blush like Calvin Klein’s “Desire” blush ($20)which has no fru fru shimmer.

I keep hearing about the so called “change” we need in our political world, but I think the real (although slightly materialistic) change needs to happen in Katie Holmes world! Change back to the fabulous “I give a hoot about my look” Katie!