“What Can Brown Eye Shadow Do For You?”

{This is another oldie but goodie post with some updated info.  Enjoy!!}

When it comes to finding the perfect eye shadow and/or eye liner color that EVERY skin tone and persona can pull off, the answer would have to be BROWN!!

{I think J.Lo is the queen of rocking brown eye shadow. She makes this color so “Glamour-ous!” Ha, this is from her recent Glamour magazine cover-I’m so clever right??}

It’s a lot easier to pull off a brown eye shadow than a green eye shadow! And brown doesn’t have to be boring.  Oh no, brown can do a lot for you (and I’m not talking about UPS either!).

Now I know telling you to pick out a brown shadow is like asking you to pick out a great neutral tan paint color for your kitchen from a huge Sherwin-Williams paint fan.  It’s hard to make heads or tails of all the options out there and choosing the perfect shade can get overwhelming.

So to help out with any confusion, there are certain shades of brown to look for in your shadow or liner that compliment every eye color. My personal picks are from the Stila eye shadow pans for your specific eye color are listed below.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

  • Green/Hazel Eyes– If you’ve got green or hazel eyes like Nicole Richie, look for browns with a hint of yellow undertones such as the color golden or caramel to bring out their warmness, or go the opposite with a plum based brown for more adventurous types
*Jenny Sue Tip* for Color – “Sparkle” for golden  or “Barefoot Contessa” for plum.

Blue Eyes– If your peepers look like Reese’s ocean colored eyes, check out browns on
the softer side with a gold tint (like sand) or browns with a greyish purple tint (taupes) .
*Jenny Sue Tip* for Color – “Wheat” for sand color and “Grace” for taupe.
  • Brown Eyes– If you associate yourself with Jessica Alba’s dark chocolate eyes, you can wear almost any shade of brown.  But to make the most impact, choose browns on the darker side with a charcoal tint or super deep in color so as not to get too matchy match with your eye color!
*Jenny Sue Tip* for Color – “Espresso” or “Mahogany”

Stila Eye Shadow pans are some of my all time favorite shadows because they can be used dry OR wet. You can choose to wear these as shadow on your lids, or wet your liner brush and just sweep it next to your lash line for an easy eye liner.

Brown is considered a “safe” shade, but with all the great options out there with depth and shine and sparkle, it can be anything but boring. Brown can be your new best makeup friend;-)

Which brown eye shadow does it for you??