Kat Von D Exclusive Makeup Line For Sephora

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the name Kat Von D, she is a famous tattoo artist. She has her own tattoo shop in LA and basically has become even more famous since her reality show started airing on TLC, called “LA Ink” which follows Kat and her employees (other well known tattoo artist in their own right) around and focuses on the backstory of their clients and why they’re getting the tattoos that they are. Now I know reality shows are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I am obsessed with this one because I find her a fascinating artist on many levels.

Some interesting biographical facts about Kat Von D:

  • She is fairly young at age 26 and started tattooing as a 14 year old so obviously she has plenty of beautiful tattoos herself.
  • Here’s a cool fact. Kat is a classically trained pianist (Beethoven was one of her favorite composers, and she has a couple of tats dedicated to him). Talk about a renaissance woman.
  • She has built a booming tattoo following that includes many celebrities
  • She even helped Denise Richards fix her Charlie Sheen tattoo after their nasty divorce by turning his name into a butterfly image!
  • Wait a minute….I have a question? Who in their right mind gets a flippin Charlie Sheen tattoo in the first place??
  • AND now Kat Von D has created an exclusive makeup line for Sephora! Wow she’s been busy.

I always notice when watching her reality show, how much I love the elaborate and goth-like makeup she wears. It doesn’t surprise me that she would be good at makeup application, since she’s such an amazing artist and can create artwork on people’s skin with a needle and ink. Whether or not you like/agree with tattoos, you have to admit it takes talent to be able to pull off good tattoos on someone, I mean it’s permanent artwork and you don’t get a second chance to make it perfect! Well, unless you’re Denise Richards and have a Charlie Sheen tattoo.

Her line for Sephora is limited to a handfull of products but keeps true to her tat roots and what she knows and wears herself – which is smokey eyes, exaggerated winged liquid liner, and blood red lips (her 4 lipstick colors are only in shades of red!). The black and white packaging features a rose drawing she created herself and has a rock n roll edge to it. She even has a collection of makeup brushes that are tagged as “TattooTools”-pretty witty huh? Her two eyeshadow palettes help you to create any dark smokey eye you can think of and she even offers a black lip gloss which is a new rage since the black nail polish trend has started to die down and we all need a new way to look just a little bit edgy.

But if you’re not into the red lips, dark eye shadows, etc, at least check out her reality show on Thursday nights. I never thought I’d shed a tear watching a show about tattoo artists, but some of the stories behind why people get their tattoos, like loved ones lost and life struggles that have changed peoples lives for the better, are really quite moving!! I guess I have a soft spot for why some people get their tattoos as I recently got one myself. I included my personal photo from when I got inked this summer.

I went to the best tattoo place in Georgia Pain & Wonder in Downtown Athens. What did I get? I got 3 stars on the top of my foot that represent and remind me of how blessed I am to have my three boys Scott (my husband), Jack (my oldest) and Walker (my little 7 month old). I truly believe that my two little boys are a gift from God as well as my super supportive husband. I wished on a star every night when hoping to get pregnant. It was a fitting design.