October 31, 2008

What Would Halloween Be Without Elvira??

If you haven't already figured out who you're going to dress up as for Halloween, the iconic Elvira is always an option that people will recognize and not have to question,

"Who is she supposed to be??"

Her makeup is soooo much fun to re-create, and gives you the artistic freedom to go as nuts as you want with every color of makeup imaginable...And don't forget the extra long false eyelashes and the black wig. Nothing natural about this look.

Here's how to get the sexy goth Elvira look:

Start with the Eyes:
  • Apply some eyeshadow base all over the eyelid so these colors you're about to apply stay put.
  • Next use a purple eyeshadow from the lash line almost all the way up to your eyebrow.
  • Now get a black eyeshadow and contour just in the crease of your eyebed and extend outward and up to the outside corner of you eye.
  • Black liquid liner is next, and draw a continuous line starting in the tear duct area and extending all the way out and up creating a swoosh effect on the upper lash line. Now take that liquid liner and go back to the tear duct area underneath and connect from the bottom of the eye and line the complete under eye area all the way out to the end again.
  • This is where it gets tricky, use a black eyeliner pencil if you don't feel certain you can control the liquid liner to do this, but draw out thick fake lashes on your actual eyebed and color them in. Draw out about 5 or 6 large lashes.
  • Next apply your false eyelashes- buy the largest obnoxious ones you can find. Layer 2 to 3 coats of the blackest mascara on top and bottom lashes.
  • Use the same purple eyeshadow, and shade in your lower lash line with a thin sweep of this color. It'll make you have that "dead" eye look!
  • Fill in your eyebrows with the darkest brow pencil possible.
  • Use your black liquid liner to create her famous tiny mole up by her right eye.
Next up the skin:
  • Get some of the whitest face powder possible, and brush it all over your skin. If you can find some white liquid face makeup, you can use this liberally by mixing it with some moisturizer and putting a thin layer all over your skin

  • Make yourself as pale as possible, think Geisha girl! No concealer for this look because you want that slightly dark under eye look!
Now your cheeks:
  • Find a reddish not so natural blush color. This is the one time I won't tell you to just focus on the circular application on the apples of your cheeks. Elvira goes for the 80's striped look on the hollows of her cheeks.

  • Start underneath the apples of your cheeks and take your blush towards your ears.
Signature dark lips:
  • Get a dark purple-ish red lipstick, and a red lip liner.

  • Line your lips first, and create an over-exaggerated bow at the top of your lips and continue the lining over the whole mouth.

  • Fill in with your super dark lipstick, blot with Kleenex, and apply another layer.
To finish the look don't forget your dark black wig and push up bra......

October 30, 2008

Target's Newest "Affordable" Makeup Lines

Who doesn't love a reason or an excuse to go shop at Target for something?! Target has started bringing in all types of higher end beauty and skin care products that you normally could only find if you traveled out to your local mall or Sephora- and you can't usually buy diapers and toilet cleaner at the mall!! And let's face it, most of us don't have a Sephora that close by, but we can ALL get to a Target in no time!

Now they've brought in three new makeup lines by three highly talented makeup artists with different backgrounds and philosophy's. Check out these hot new makeup lines that will make your next trip to Target that much more fun....

First up:: JK Jemma Kidd by Jemma Kidd.

Jemma was formerly a fashion model and has now turned to designing makeup products for her line and running her own educational makeup school in London. Who better to design a cosmetic line than a former model- they get slathered with all sorts of makeup and have worn it all- so it was a natural progression. She provides wearable makeup for that woman that love to be fashion forward and want a bit of catwalk glamour in her everyday life.

Second up::NP Set by Napoleon Perdis.

Napoleon is an Australian born makeup artist and has made celebrities beautiful for events like the Primetime Emmy's. His line is known for providing a luxurious and lighthearted approach to modern glamour that reflects in his star studded packaging.

  • Top Product Pick: NP Powder Foundation- $30- This compact powder includes pomegranate that delivers antioxidants and shea butter for moisturizing the skin.

Third up, (but not last)::Pixi by Petra Strand.

The Swedish born Petra is now based in London and has a collection of makeup that she touts as "Makeup to Wakeup" and the philosophy is to provide a touch of magic (which couldn't we all use a bit of magic in our lives?) to help you look refreshed daily. She likes the idea of keeping a face fresh, clean, and simple. Her light green packaging is pretty cute too!

  • Top Product Pick: Pixi Brightening Primer Makeup- $33- Primer is always gonna be a bit pricey and it's a hard product to find in drugstores, so here's one you can pick up at a reasonable price and it's ideal for all skin types and delivers a great brightening effect to your skin.
So on your next Target trip to get the usual boring household items, treat yourself to one of these new makeup lines, and it will keep you from having to fight the mall makeup counters!!

October 28, 2008

C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy

I know the weather is turning and that winter is blowing in because my hands are chapped and cracked 24/7!

It's so annoying, and the fact that I am a mother and am constantly washing my hands or their hands, I cannot seem to keep them moisturized and from not feeling like alligator skin. And goodness knows, I have tried a million different hand creams to fix this constant problem.

So I packed my oldest son and headed over to Bath and Body Works - for what else, but anti-bacterial foaming hand wash - and came out with the Chapped Hands Remedy by C.O. Bigelow. I am desperate to find something to keep my hands soft and supple so I picked up a tube.

Here are my thoughts on my recent purchase:

**I applied it around 5pm and at 8pm after putting the kids to bed, through their bath time, and doing dishes, I realized my hands were still pretty moisturized. 3 hours without reapplying - not too shabby.

**The downside to this product, was the initial smell. It is slightly "medicated" which did eventually wear off. Granted, I didn't want anything for my hands that smelled of flowers, or rain, etc. that would compete with my perfume I spend way more money on so I let the scent slide.

**Immediately putting it on it felt ever so slightly greasy, but that also faded away after about 10 minutes and soaked in to where my hands did feel very smoooth!

Overall, it has helped out my scaly skin problem and I will continue to keep it in my diaper bag/purse because of it's handy small size. Oh, and the packaging claims it not only helps to heal the cracked skin, but that it should also help prevent further chapping. We will see!

Eyebrows and Hair Color - A Match Made In Heaven

It's an unspoken fact, that your eyebrows MUST match your hair color. Okay, maybe not match so much, but at least complement the hair on the top of your head. The two go hand in hand, and if they don't, then that bleached blonde hair on the top of your head and those dark brown eyebrows are a sure giveaway to those around you that your hair color probably ain't so natural.

Remember Kelly Bundy (played by Christina Applegate) from the dysfunctional TV show, Married With Children? She played the part of the trashy party animal daughter of Al & Peggy Bundy with the obviously dyed white blonde hair. And it was always soooo distracting to me that her dark eyebrows did not match her hair color.

So if you are going through a hair color change, or just have never paid attention to one or the another, it's important to make sure to update your eyebrows to complete your whole look.

If you're going through a slight change in hair color, a colored brow pencil (I love N.Y.C.'s Browblender Brow and Liner Pencils- great pigments and brush combo for cheap)or a neutral eyeshadow that can go wet or dry when used with a brow brush, would be a decent option to use to adjust your brow hue.

If you're going through a major change in hair color, you need to rely on a brow specialist to help you get it right. You can either go for a tinted brow gel that can be washed off, or you can go for a permanent color change with brow tint. If your hair is going lighter, you must have professional help in lightening your brows- no questions asked. Brow products that can be bought usually only help you to fill in or go darker. Some hair colorists are able to perform the lightening or darkening service for eyebrows, but make SURE they're trained in doing so because the hairs near your eyes need to be handled more delicately than the hairs on your head.

Now the brave actress Christina Applegate (who has just battled breast cancer and beat it!) has transformed her brows and hair to match her stunning face! She was smart enough to leave her 1987 look of dark brows (not to mention, cleaned them up by plucking!) and white blonde hair behind and join present day 2008.

October 26, 2008

Concealer Makeup Tips Can Be A Woman's Best Friend

I admit that concealer is my #1 favorite makeup product and makes the most impact when used correctly. Yes, it might take an extra couple of minutes to deal with those dark circles from a long night out or just being up throughout the night consoling a teething 6 month old (uh hem, my current struggle!), but trust me - you, and the rest of the world that will have to look at you will thank you!

Prime Example- Miss Britney Spears (who is making a comeback ya'll, have you heard her new song, "Womanizer", it's classic Brit ) looks like a pop princess when using her concealer rather than the pop "flop" picture sans concealer on the left.

A lot of women admit to me that they are intimidated by concealer, "what type to use?", "what color?", "where is the best place to use it?", etc. So here is a quick lesson in helping to erase the imperfections you might want to forget about.

"The Art of Concealing"

Dark Circles: First let me start by saying, there are lots of products on the market that are supposed to fix or lighten you undereye circles, but honestly, those circles are caused by the hereditary dark veins that lie beneath the surface of that thin skin under your eye, and they're there to stay. You just have to figure out how to cover them up. And as you age, that thin skin just gets thinner so you have to work a little extra harder than you did when you were 21.
  • Pick a concealer that is hydrating so as not to settle in the fine lines around your eyes. Allure magazine recently named Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Palettes, as their top pick for concealer that claims not to sit in those pesky lines.
  • When choosing a concealer shade, DON'T go lighter. This is a misconception, and actually does the opposite of concealing. It gives you a greyish dead look and you end up having racoon eyes. Go a shade or 2 darker than your natural skin tone or foundation. This is especially true if you're covering up puffiness which occasionally has some white in it, so you want a darker tone to recede the problem.
  • Depending on the coloring of your dark circles, pick the following colored concealers: if you have a bluish purple under eye area, go for a warm beige tone. If you have yellowish brown under eye area, go for a cooler pinkish beige tone.
  • When applying, the choice to use your finger or a concealer brush is totally a personal preference to me. I use a brush on my clients so as not to poke my finger in their eye and to get a more precise application, but on myself, I use my own finger. Be sure to focus on the inner eye near the nose and then underneath until you reach the outer corner of the eye. But don't go out too far on the outside, most dark circles stop right before you reach the outside of the eye.
Blemishes: These are a bit trickier to cover up depending on what "stage" your blemish aka pimple,zit,volcano, is in. If it's still under the surface it's easier to conceal than if you've picked and proded at your blemish and now the skin on top is broken and gooey. Yuck, I know, but we all do it.
  • Again, pick a color a shade or two lighter than you natural skin. Because if you pick a lighter color it will draw attention to the blemish instead of disguising it.
  • This is where I would suggest a concealer brush so as to get a precise application on the smaller area that you're working on. Take the concealer and warm it up on the back of your hand by swirling your brush around in it, then apply several light layers of the product until you're happy with the coverage. I would "dot" on the product rather than swiping which gets all over the place.
  • Set your camouflage with some translucent powder to give it extra staying power.
Redness: Some form of redness/darkness usually occurs right around the sides of our noses and the corners of our mouth. It's not reeally noticeable until you actually apply a little bit of concealer on those problem areas and then you notice it automatically brightens up your face!
  • Use a hydrating concealer with a yellow based coloring for this area as well- see suggestion above in dark circles
Practice makes perfect when it comes to concealer, so don't give up on it and keep trying to perfect the art of camouflaging! You never know when the paparazzi is gonna catcha without it.....

October 24, 2008

ESPN Sideline Reporters' Makeup - Erin Andrews vs Holly Rowe

Now I'm not that in tune with ESPN sports personalities, (except Kirk Herbstreit, he's pretty hot), but I do have to occasionally keep up with them because my husband is always watching college football this time of year. Whether it's his beloved Georgia Bulldogs (mine too) or any other college fooball game, we're watching. So I inevitably must take on the task of picking apart the female sportscasters and their makeup, hair, fashion, etc. It's the woman in me to judge another woman that I have no personal connection with, except for the sheer fact that my husband watches her every breath when she is commenting on his beloved football.

This brings me to my opinions on the following female sportscasters. Erin Andrews and Holly Rowe, both of ESPN. I will preface my comments by saying,"God bless these women" for standing up to these coaches and athletes (who lets face it, aren't always so Rosy to interview) and trying to hold their ground in a male predominate sports world. I'm proud of both of these women for embracing their femininity and not dumbing down by not even attempting to wear makeup (uh hum, Pam Ward, ESPN play-by-play announcer. My husband says, "that's why she does Big Ten games."), but one of them does it best.

First Place goes to - Erin Andrews.

This chick definitely makes me want to be in her field of work. She talks sports intelligently, holds her own with big burly athletes, and looks damn good while doing it (and she was a Zeta Tau Alpha at Florida, my old sorority-but I was a UGA Zeta!).

Miss Andrews embraces her femininity with her wardrobe on the field and her makeup works for being on camera. Her skin is always flawless which means for being on camera, the foundation is probably pretty heavy (Max Factor Pancake, which I love) and she might use a face primer underneath like Smashbox Photo Finish Light Foundation Primer.

But her focus is typically always seen on her eyes. Her eyelashes are huge and her eyebrows are perfectly arched and filled in to give her that youthful appearance which are the framework of the face. I love N.Y.C.'s eyebrow pencils- they have a brush on the end as well as the pencil color, and it's cheap! Erin knows not to overdo it too much with the makeup by doing heavy eyes and lips, so she goes either dramatic eyes OR lips, but typically she goes with dramatic eyes with neutral lips. Smart choice since she has that great smile and mouth that speaks for itself with a neutral lip color.

Second Place goes to- Holly Rowe.

Holly gives the makeup a good college try, but comes up short in her effort. There is a concept, as "too much of a good thing." I think in Holly's case, she thinks the more the better in terms of her makeup. She typically wears too much blush and her lipstick is too harsh.

Like her partner in this field Erin, she needs to pick one feature to focus on and downplay everything else- even if you are on TV. Nobody likes to watch a clown reporting on who made the last penalty or touchdown, it's distracting. She should stick to a cheek stain to make her cheeks appear more natural like Tarte's cheekstain in Tipsy- it's almost foolproof as long as you blend it into your skin enough. And she has a nice mouth, so instead of wearing dark scary lipstick colors, she could soften up her look with a lipgloss that's not so harsh, like Clinique's Long Last Glosswear. This is a nice gloss that contains SPF (since she might be outside covering games) to wear that's not too sticky and would last through her outdoor football interviews full of questions!

Look for these ladies this weekend during the upcoming college football games and make your decision on who gives the best onscreen makeup. I give both these women a thumbs up for braving the football field, but I must make the call in favor of Erin Andrews (even though she's a Gator)....Touchdown girl!

October 23, 2008

Madonna "The Material Girl" and Her Face Turn 50

It's hard to believe that Madonna, the pop icon and woman who could make headlines out of ANYTHING she did, said, or sang, has turned 50 years old!!

I find it hard to grasp that this same 50 year old woman was the one who we all remember singing "Like A Virgin" while prancing around in a wedding dress. This same woman was wearing a cone bra (by Gaultier) that became such a famous piece of clothing/lingerie...AND she made her scandalous documentary of her Truth or Dare Tour and published the "SEX" coffee table book. This is one saucy 50 year old who has done it all, and then some.

But more importantly, Madonna is the ultimate chameleon. This woman has changed her image more times than I've changed shoes in my lifetime! You never know what color her hair is going to be or what kind of makeup she is going to be rocking out. And I must say, that lately, she has been the picture of perfection in terms of her makeup effort.

**Except for that one scary makeup-less puffy picture that was scattered all throughout the media - I've put it out there in case you've been living under a rock somewhere and haven't seen it**

I don't want to label that she has good makeup for a 50 year old, because everyone ages differently and there are no specific "rules" for 30, 40, 50 year olds, etc.

Our faces are not aging according to numbers, but are aging according to many other life factors such as sleep, stress level, diet, sunscreen, smoker, non-smoker, you catch my drift...And then there are some faces that look better at 50 than 35 because they've had a little cosmetic surgery, lifts, botox, fat injections, good genes, and so forth.

So, here are some pointers for those aging faces and how to do it gracefully like Ms. Madonna, minus the cosmetic surgery... even though she's never admitted to any help...yeah, right.

JennySue Tips for Aging Eyes:
  • This is one of the first places we notice we're growing older. To keep your eyes from looking droopy, take your eye liner and swoop it up slightly on the outside corners to give the illusion of a lifted eye.
  • Also take your crease shadow color up a little higher and add a highlighter color along your brow bone to create a new eyebed shape.
  • Your eyelashes and brows will seem to be getting sparser and lighter as you age, so fill in those brows with some powder or pencil to create a more youthful and full look.
  • Have you ever seen a 10 year old with naturally pencil thin arched eyebrows??? Not likely. And as you will notice in recent pics of the material girl, she's not afraid to have some dark black false eyelashes added on just on the upper lashes. And it really makes a difference.
JennySue Tips for Aging Skin:
  • The skin naturally gets uneven pigmentation (aka, age spots) as we age so to temporarily fix that problem, try using foundation and concealer to lighten just those dark areas. And by adding just a bit of liquid luminizer to your foundation it can help get your young glow back.
  • Blush will help tremendously as long as it's applied correctly. Gone are the days of putting it on in stripes or too low- apply in a circular motion on the apple of your cheeks and stick with more naturally toned blushes. Dark blushes will just age you and seem too harsh.
JennySue Tips for Aging Lips:
  • It's a fact that your lips are going to thin out as you grow older, so keep some good lip balm around to help fight those fine lines.
  • Use an anti-feather lipstick base to keep your lipstick from feathering out into those lines.
  • Stick with softer lipstick shades so once again, you don't look too harsh. Softer doesn't mean lighter - you can go bright and soft.
  • Plump up those lips by slightly lining outside your natural lip line with a similar liner color that resembles your natural lip color. And there are numerous lip plumping lipglosses on the market that give the illusion of fatter lips, so give one a try for a slight fake collagen injection look.
When you look back at the above photo of Madonna, she, or her makeup artist, has done a dang good job of making her face look as youthful as possible with what she's got. If I could end up looking like that in 20 years, I'll have whatever Madonna's having...and I bet it's wheat grass or bottled water...or botox:-)

October 22, 2008

Long Wearing Lipstick and Gloss...Is It Really Possible??

I think I could say with all confidence, that the one thing women would reeeaally like to get out of their makeup, would be a lipstick or lipgloss that you don't have to constantly reapply every 15 minutes. Am I right??

Big makeup manufacturers like Revlon, Maybelline, and MAC are finally catching on that they need to come up with a long wearing formula that doesn't look/or feel as dry as the Sahara desert. We lipstick lovers would like a happy medium to where our long-wearing lip color actually feels comfortably moisturizing like regular lipstick.

Well, I think two companies are on their way to finding the perfect balance in a long-wearing lip color:

Revlon ColorStay Lipcolor should be your first option for long-wear lipstick. It comes in 30 different shades, which is impressive compared to most long wear lipsticks which only offer a handful of choices. It is surprisingly soft when applied and doesn't need sandpaper for you to remove it.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss is being hailed as the best of long-wearing lipgloss that doesn't require a second step topcoat like most do. Lipglosses are a big money maker for lots of cosmetic companies, and that's probably because we all reapply our beloved lipglosses every 10 minutes, therefore using them up quickly and having to buy another replacement!! Exhausting. So give this one a try- it comes in 16 different shades and shines like traditional glosses, so you can probably find one that suits you just right.

We're not asking for a miracle that our lips need to look like Scarlett Johansson's once our lipstick is applied....we just want the color to stay on through lunch!!

October 21, 2008

Purple :: The Cool Color For Fall 2008

If you've been wondering what the color of the moment is for this fall, it's got to be the powerful color purple!

It's being seen all over the runways and in magazines, from nailpolish to lipsticks.

The popular nailpolish company OPI has unveiled their most recent color collection entitled "La Collection De France", which is comprised of mainly purple tinted polishes. The color options are beautiful and have descriptive names like:

  • "Louvre Me Louvre Me Not" (dark plum)
  • "You Don't Know Jacques" (greyish deep purple)

Nails are certainly one of the easier ways to wear this hot new color.

Eye shadow is another fun way to use purple, and pretty much any eye color can pull it off. The only people that probably should not wear purple, are those with extremely dark under eye circles, because the color purple will only amplify the problem.

*Jenny Sue Tip* - if you go purple on the eyes, try to stay more neutral or a very light version of purple for cheeks and lips so as not to look like Grimace (remember that purple guy from McDonalds??).

Laura Mercier is offering some beautiful eyeshadow quads such as "Shy Violet"- which has colors ranging from eggplant to mauve and maroon- and you can either use them separately or blend them all together for the perfect purple. She is also doing a Shimmer Bloc in "Orchid Mosaic" which is a quad of colors for highlighting the cheekbones in shades of plum and mauve. The shimmer bric is a good subtle way of incorporating purple without it being too obvious on the cheeks.

Lips done in purple can be very sexy. Photo Finish lipstick by Smashbox, in the color "Enchanting" is a beautiful sheer grape to try. Or if you want to be a little more bold, go for their color "Ravishing" which is a blackberry. The Photo Finish is touted as a moisturizing lipstick with cushion like comfort and has won a couple of beauty awards. Remember, if you have skinny lips, this color might not be the best option for you as darker colors typically make your thin lips look even thinner.

The color purple has been associated with the likes of emporers and kings of Egypt that wore this expensive color. It was derived from a rare mollusk during classical antiquity that only the super rich could afford and was called tyrian purple. So take this sophisticated color and try it on this fall- you'll feel like pure royalty!!!

October 20, 2008

"Dancing With The Stars" Makeup Tips

Dancing With the Stars on ABC is one of my all time favorite reality shows.

Ever since I was a 3 year old little girl at my first dance recital and was able to put on red lipstick without my mother objecting, I've been hooked on stage makeup and the glamour that comes with it.

The lure of being onstage, dressing up in over the top costumes and makeup, and then dancing in front of tons of people clapping, has a certain magic about it. So when I watch DWTS, I get slightly obsessed over the wonderful job the makeup artists do with the celebrities and professional dancers.

Who wouldn't want to look like Brooke Burke, Kim Kardashian, or Julianne Hough???

If you want to stand out like a DWTS personality, here are some tips how.

Caution: These *JennySue Tips* are not for the faint of heart- or for the au natural look;-)

1. Skin - Obviously, EVERYONE on DWTS is tanned to perfection-and it ain't all natural. To get that smooth gorgeous glowing skin, use a body scrub like Kiehl's Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Body Polish (the scent is really yummy) to create a smooth base. Then use a self tanner like Jergens' Natural Glow Express, it works quickly if you consistently use it for 3 days or so in a row. And it doesn't streak or smell bad!!! And to top off your newly tanned skin, add a lotion with a touch of gold shimmer, like Victoria's Secret Supermodel Shimmering Body Lotion.

2. Makeup - If you're on stage, dancing around,and doing any amount of sweating, you want your makeup to stay put. Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay In Place makeup is the ultimate in long lasting foundation. Get your local Estee Lauder counter girl to color match you. *JennySue Tip* Ask her to let you walk outside to make sure the color reeeally works since those flourescent department store lights, uh hum, suck. And make sure to blend that foundation all the way down your neck so you don't have that "base mask" that stops at your jawbone.

3. Eyes - False eyelashes are a MUST to achieve those out-to-there peepers, so try Ardell short flare lashes, or if you want to spend a little more, try Shu Uemura False Eyelashes Luxe. Make sure to draw on some liquid eyeliner beforehand (waterproof of course) such as Almay's Liquid Liner- stays on forever!!!

4. Cheeks - Nothing shows up better than beautiful bright cheeks- so try any color by Nars- their blushes are the best money can buy with wonderful deep pigments. MAC blushes run a close second.

5. Lips - Go for the ultimate vibrant lipstick- any color that will get your lips noticed, whether it be a deep red or perfect raspberry. And to top it off, MAC Clear Lipglass is a MUST. It's the icing on the cake for getting that over the top lip that gets noticed. It's a clear lipgloss that is sticky, not gonna lie, but it has a fabulous clear varnish look about it.

Now you're ready to vamp it up for a night of dancing. And if you just don't feel that comfortable doing it all at once, pick one of your favorite attributes and go for it....Hey, if Cloris Leachman (she's 82 years old! you go girl) can pull off self tanner and false eyelashes...you can too.

October 19, 2008

Vibrating Mascara....Really???!!

Okay, I can't decide if this new patent pending product from Estee Lauder is for the extremely lazy or a genius invention? The mega makeup giant is introducing a vibrating mascara brush that promises to give volume, curl, length, and separation all at once in their "TurboLash" mascara.

Now I've tried the electric toothbrush and the self heating eyelash curler. Honestly, both products, which remind me of trying to have the all-in-one concept - weren't really worth my money.

I mean, the back and forth motion it takes me to brush all of my teeth on my own and the 15 extra seconds it takes to hold my eyelash curler up to the hairdryer to warm it up, work just as well.
Is a vibrating mascara wand such a good idea to have near your eye anyway?? It's hard enough not to poke yourself in the eye with a steady hand!!! So- I'm interested to see if this new $30 dollar a tube concept takes off or if the battery life falls dead.....

October 16, 2008

Way Too Early Christmas Gifts for Her!

So it's not even Halloween yet, but some retailers (uh hum, Macy's) are already decking the halls with boughs of holly... I'm not kidding... Christmas trees, strings of lights, the whole shebang! And although you might be trying to not even think about buying Christmas or Hanukkah gifts right now, I'm here to get you excited about wrapping up the following two makeup gift ideas.

Check these out at your local Bloomingdale's and go ahead and start making your list of which females in your life (mom, sis, best girlfriend, lady boss, etc.) you're going to be buying for...or better yet, what men in your life will be buying for you!

First Up: Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Copper Diamond Mini Brush Set for $55.

This is a convenient on-the-go brush set and stylish copper colored bag that contains a mini version of the face blender, eye shadow, and eye liner brush. Genius!! This is for all of us that don't want to carry our everyday full sized makeup brushes with us. These are the perfect size for your Louis Vuitton OR your Isaac Mizrahi for Target bag!!

Second Up: Clarins Instant Beauty Travel Kit for $110.

We all know how wonderful Clarins skincare products are, that goes without saying. This travel kit, though a bit more pricey than the above brush set, is well worth the price tag.

It's a sleek pewter colored case that contains 11 of Clarins top selling color and skincare products- some in full sizes and others in travel (smaller versions) sizes. Some of the more well-known products that will be included are their Moisture Rich Body Lotion, Complexion Perfector, One Step Exfoliating Cleanser, and their Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, just to name a few.

Any woman who receives this gift will feel like she's been well taken care of this holiday season.

Only a little over two months to go til the Holidays. Hurry! Hurry! Fab gifts like these could be gone very soon, especially after I get MY husband to order me some :)

October 15, 2008

The "Project Runway" Makeup Looks

BOO HOO!!!! Project Runway is over!!! What are all of us that are fashion obsessed, makeup obsessed, and Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn obsessed to do?? Are we all going to have to start watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo now?? Ugh - I think not, I'd rather watch the Weather Channel.

Hopefully you've all tivo'd past Project Runway episodes and you can just re-watch it until a new season surfaces!

I was truly excited to see what the FINAL 3 designers (all women I might add!) would choose to do with the the L'Oreal Paris makeup line for their models. Here is how the makeup broke down by designer according to their inspirations for their collections. And, I must preface all of these descriptions by saying that each designer did get it right with making the makeup reflect the look of their clothing line.

Kenley :: Inspiration

She wanted her girls to look like porcelain dolls with cherry red lips.

Aside from her bad attitude throughout the whole season, she pulled it together for the finale. Since her collection had a bright color palette of teals, magenta, pinks, and black, she wanted her models faces to project those bright colors. This was the reason they all had the look of shiny stained pink lips which were the main focus on the face (looked like the L'Oreal HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lipcolor in Turbulent or Precarious) along with perfect skin and very neutral eyebeds that looked like they only really had on mascara.

Korto :: Inspiration

She was inspired by nature and Africa with a focus on Earth tones

She was the second one up to show her collection. The actual collection consisted of bright green, taupes, yellows, and teal fabrics. The makeup palette Korto suggested was to be made up of earth tones. She had all of her girls in neutral golds, olive greens and light browns. The lips were all done in champagne like lipsticks and glosses. So the focus certainly was more on the clothes than the models faces with their faces showing a slightly washed out appearance, but in a pretty simple way!!

Leanne :: Inspiration

Oceans and waves were her main focus that consisted of various shades of blue.

If you haven't watched the finale and don't want me to ruin who wins...don't keep reading.

Because Leanne was the actual winner (yeah!) and I couldn't agree more with the judges. Not only was her collection flawlessly executed, but the makeup reflected that collection perfectly. She wanted a modern face and a very clean look to go along with her collection of ice blues, creams, and whites fabrics. The runway girls all had beautiful blues and blue green eye washes with fresh looking skin and nude lips. The pop of blue color on the eyes was very refreshing and worked on every model! I bet the makeup artists used the HiP (high intensity pigment) line of shadows from L'Oreal in different shades of blue.

The finale was all it should have been but actually didn't have as much drama between the three ladies as I thought we might have seen! But I guess the ladies rose to the occasion and took their work seriously and didn't have time to create drama - good for them! If you're interested in seeing some of the sponsored looks done to the Project Runway models by the L'Oreal makeup artists, you can go to their website and look under Fashion Sponsors Project Runway. It's pretty interesting and informative....Make It Work Ladies!

October 14, 2008

Politically Pretty- Cindy McCain vs Michelle Obama

With only 3 weeks left until We the People elect our next Commander in Chief...Let's get down to the REAL election at hand- who is the better dressed First Lady to be- Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama??

That question is just about as complicated as to which of their husbands we should vote for. Both women have distinctly different styles in fashion, makeup and hair. Allow me to breakdown Cindy's and Michelle's styles and then you can decide for yourself....And of course I will give my unbiased opinions on each category on how they do it right, or how they can do it better. I'm not trying to cure our tanking economy or find a resolution to the war - it's simply beauty advice, so enjoy and try not to take it all too seriously:-)


  • MICHELLE - I give my first vote to Michelle in this category. Her hair is always neat but not too perfect. It has lots of body, movement, shine, and she typically wears it down so it makes her seem really approachable.

  • CINDY - Poor Cindy's hair seems to be asking for help. The color is waaaay too icy blond which screams fake hair (Yikes!) - But Hey, I shouldn't judge women that color their hair, because Lord knows I love me some Miss Clairol. However, I believe color should be believable. Cindy's is NOT believable. And with her high forehead, girlfriend needs some bangs to soften her look.

JennySue Ballot Box: Michelle Obama


  • MICHELLE - Now this one is a toss up because I believe Michelle could use a little more makeup since she is always in the public eye and is photographed quite a bit. She has beautiful strong features with her lovely smile and pretty skin. I think she could use more lipstick and more blush to brighten up her look to keep her from looking washed out.

  • CINDY - She seems to wear a good bit of makeup, which can be good AND bad. With Cindy's delicate features and small mouth, she tends to either wear too dark of lipstick (which shrinks her already small mouth) or not dark enough (her mouth disappears).

    *JennySue Tip* would be to line her lips a little outside of the natural lipline with a neutral liner and fill in the rest of the lips then add a high shine gloss in the center of her lip to pump up the volume...maybe even try a little lip plumper like LipFusion.

JennySue Ballot Box: TIED


  • MICHELLE - Now, I don't want to hate on Michelle or Cindy, but I've heard the comparison to Michelle Obama's style as the new Jackie Kennedy waaay too much. Um, no. I don't think there should be such a comparison just yet. Michelle is a nice contemporary dresser, I give her that, it's forward to mix high end and low end clothing labels such as Thakoon and H&M (both of which she's been known to wear). Michelle wears a lot of dresses as opposed to seperates, which is refreshing but sometimes doesn't seem to be professional enough. And please, no more Jackie Kennedy remarks. Jackie Kennedy stands alone.

  • CINDY - Cindy is not afraid to wear some high end designers like Chanel and Oscar de la Renta- and let's face it, if you could afford it, wouldn't you wear those brands??? I would! I would! She definitely looks more the part of First Lady and is the dressier of the two. In her position that gets my thumbs up. My only concern, is her constant representation of the two shiny rhinestone lapel pins that read USMC and Navy. Sometimes they seem a bit unnecessary on the outfit, BUT the fact that she wears them to represent the branches of the military that her two sons serve in, well then you go girl and represent your boys!!

JennySue Ballot Box: Cindy McCain

Okay Okay so I sound like Switzerland when it comes to taking sides in this "Style Election" but it's a tie vote in my opinion when it comes to their overall package. So who do you think wins stylewise???

October 13, 2008

Politcally Pretty 2008 - Sarah Palin

First of all, I'm NOT going to be taking sides on the campaign trail, but I WILL take sides on who has had the best makeup for their close ups!

A more recent WWD (Women's Wear Daily) article titled "Style on the Stump" in the September 25, 2008 edition focused on the clothing styles of Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, and Cindy McCain. It detailed what some notable looks are for these ladies of influence. I would like to give you a peak into what I think might be in their makeup bags! Clothing and makeup always go hand in hand!

Today is Part One and the focus will be on looking "Sarah Palin" Pretty.

Mrs. Vice President Nominee Palin - which I will admit is a pretty bad mama jama position for any woman to be considered for, does a lot of things right in terms of her makeup and clothing.

She goes very simple and business like in pairing a colored top or jacket with a basic black pant or knee length skirt. And she usually wears a basic black high heel or the occasional sassy red pump! And for any woman that wears glasses constantly like Palin, she knows that she'll probobly need to wear more eyemakeup than most for her eyes to show up underneath those lenses. She was a former beauty queen you know??!!

*JennySue Tips* for Eyeglass Wearers like Sarah Palin:

  • Use plenty of mascara on top and bottom lashes. But on the bottom lashes only focus on the outer corners so as not to darken the undereye too much. Neatly filled in eyebrows are also necessary when your glasses are bringing focus to that area.

  • I like filling in eyebrows with a matching shade of eyeshadow and an angled eyeshadow brush (Bobbi Brown's "Slate" eyeshadow works for a lot of brunettes like Sarah Palin).

  • Don't bother with trying to do too much contouring on the eye or using multiple colors on the eyebed either - it's a waste of time.

  • Keep it simple and just line the upper lash line with a soft black pencil then choose a complemtary rich eye shadow color and sweep from lash line to your crease.

  • Finish with a matte white shadow on the browbone to pop the eyecolor. Don't use too much shimmer/frosty shadows when wearing glasses- the reflection can be brutal. Use a cheek stain (like Benefit's Benetint) so that it sticks if the glasses create any unwanted perspiration.

  • When it comes to lips, this is where you can go neutral or pump it up with color if you want the focus to be on your mouth and not your glasses.

Who would've thought this 2008 presidentail election could be so pretty and put together all the while shaking up a male dominated field??! Not only are they doing all this in lipstick (thanks for the reference Sarah), but heels too!

For fun, check out the resemblence between Palin and actress Mariska Hargitay- without the glasses and letting her hair down, Palin could be a dead ringer - even though the Tina Fey look-a-like is #1, Hargitay runs a close 2nd. What do you think?

October 12, 2008

Orange Makeup - It's Not Just for Halloween Anymore

Yesterday, I spent the day tailgating with my husband and many friends. It was wonderful to see my beloved Georgia Bulldogs beat the "Big Orange" otherwise known as the Tennessee Volunteers (for those of you not into SEC college football, Tennessee's team colors involve orange and white- ouch). Go Dawgs!!!

Now in my opinion, orange is a TOUGH color for anyone to carry off, clothing wise and makeup wise. But for fall, we do associate the color orange with the falling leaves and Halloween pumpkins. And some large retailers like Target are marketing the orange color scheme in some recents ads.

So how can you carry off this bold color without looking like the Great Pumpkin? Use your skintone as your guide as to what shade of orange to go for:

  • Fair Skin: look for slightly apricot shades and stay away from brownish based oranges.
  • Medium Skin: you can handle a bit more depth such as a peach or a more red based orange.
  • Dark Skin: you can go for a more caramel or orange-y walnut brown.

And let's not kid ourselves - if you're going to go orange on one feature (say a cheek color or a lipstick), you shouldn't keep it going with an orange eye- that's just plain strange. But why not try some orange nail polish?? (N.Y.C. Cosmetics nail color in Times Square Tangerine Creme)?! That would be fun and unexpected! So don't limit yourself to thinking orange has to be the color of Tang, there are many variations of orange as listed above in the skin tone guide.

Orange based makeup colors can add a certain punch to your fall makeup look. So step out of your box of the same ole boring and safe neutral makeup colors and give orange a try! Here are a couple of product plugs that contain this cool citrus hue as advertised in Target's recent add campaign I spoke about and some personal orange-y favorites:

  • For eyes: Boots No. 7 eyeshadow trio in Radiant Bronze, and L'Oreal Wear Infinite Quad in Kerry's Bronzes (this one even has the diagram on the back of it to tell you were to put all the colors!)
  • Cheeks: Nar's Blushes are one of the industry's best- two colors to try, "Orgasm" (cult fav that almost everyone to can wear with only a hint of coral!!!) or "Gina" (a tangerine color, a little more bold choice)
  • Lips: Revlon's ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze (which I've talked about before as being a good longwearing lipgloss) in "Unlimited Nectar" and MAC's "Meltdown" which is a bright golden orange with gold shimmer- only for the extremely bold makeup wearer!

Have fun with this cool citrus color and keep it simple. Orange You Glad You Read This??? Ha!!! Oh, and here's a pic of me putting false lashes on a friend of mine while getting ready for the Georgia/Tennesee game this weekend- Why not be glamorous while tailgating?? Us southern girls loooove getting dolled up for our beloved weekend football games. This shows you that with a little bit of practice, you too can put on false eyelashes ANYWHERE (she was sitting on the back of a truck's tailgate-classy huh?!)- just read my previous blog on "how-to" apply those individual lashes. It's Easy!!

October 9, 2008

Fall Into Fashion 2008...And What Makeup To Wear With The Trends

Mercedes Benz Fall Fashion Week 08

was in New York back in February, and wouldn't that have been a fabulous event to attend for the fashion/party obsessed (like myself)??!! I would also have loved to have been at the most recent September fashion week that broke the Spring 09 collections to see the final 3 from Project Runway showcase their stuff....and get a peak at the uber model Heidi Klum! But let me not get ahead of myself since Project Runway hasn't aired the winner yet, and focus on the upcoming fall season.

This event is definitely not open to the public (aka...non-celebrities). But fortunately for those of us not in the elite fashion inner circle, there were cameras and magazine editors there to graciously forward the upcoming fashion trends to us in the fall issues of our favorite fashion magazines.

In keeping with the whole makeup theme, here is a rundown of just a few of the many fall fashion trends and how to wear your makeup to go along with those looks.

Trend 1- Classic Americana.

We all think Ralph Lauren when you hear the word Americana. Well, this year was no different for his collection and it was also seen a tad in Diane Von Furstenberg's. This look is embodied by a neutral color palette likes creams, khakis, navy, and plaids (you're gonna see plaid EVERYWHERE this fall, watch for it), timeless silhouettes, and very ladylike expensive looking accessories like huge watches and skinny belts around your cardigan.
  • Makeup to go with Classic Americana-. Stick with a perfect complexion (to cover any dark age spots or discoloration, my cousin recently gave props to a camouflage product by Benefit called Erase Paste), well groomed and full brows, neutral eyeshadows, and finish with a stained red lip (think Benefit's "Benetint" lip and cheek stain).

Trend 2- Bohemian.

This look seems to always pop up in some way shape or form for every season, but here it is again for fall. We saw Anna Sui had a hippy chic look about her collection at fashion week this year. And one of my absolute favorite clothing lines that us real folks can afford, Free People, always touches on this look in almost every season. Bohemian consists of deep colors and rich textures in fabrics ranging from slouchy oversized knits to gauzy dresses and scarves. Lots of ethnic patterns and a little bit of leather and suede thrown in in the shape of tall boots or tiny vests.
  • Makeup to go with Bohemian- Go for a fresh faced- not too perfect- skin by using a tinted moisturizer like Benefit's "You Rebel Lite" to achieve it. Focus on rosy cheeks that come from a cream or gel product like my FAVORITE Tarte cheekstain in color "Flush" or "Tipsy." Both smell wonderful when applying and they create such a natural cheek color...and a little goes a long way. Pick up a lip color or gloss (Try one of Stila's famous Lip Glazes-they're beautiful) inspired from the wonderful color palette in the fabrics from this look. OH, and don't forget your skinny headband....

Trend 3- Gothic.

I know you're already tuning me out and thinking to yourself, "I don't do gothic." But it's not the Elvira black hair and nails of old gothic, it's more polished! Popular amongst the young Hollywood starlets, designer Zac Posen had some Goth look going on in his recent collection. Basically you can carry off this look by wearing mainly black with some touches of color thrown in the form of patterned tights or accessories. Think black lace done tastefully, billowing shapes of skirts in black with a pretty (yes I said pretty) white top to take the look down a notch. Tough details like stud cuffs and thick strappy shoes also keep with the vampy look.

  • Makeup to go with Goth- The obvious choice would be to go with dark smudgey eyes (MAC Kohl Power eye pencil in Feline (black)) paired with a nude lip, but on the flip side try nude eyes with lots of mascara and full brows but with a black cherry dark lip and porcelain skin. Laura Mercier Creme lipcolor is an awesome rich and hydrating lipstick with colors like "Garnet" which is a purple-red- very Goth:-) We're not going Marilyn Manson on this look ladies so keep it simple.

Have fun next time you go shopping for your fall wardrobe- or to be more realistic, a few fall pieces- to see how your local boutique or department stores interpret these trends and then how you can make them your own. And remember, there really are NO rules in fashion, so that should take some of the pressure off....

October 8, 2008

Who Wants To Be Halle Berry?? I Do I Do!!!!

Well, big shocker, Halle Berry was just named "Hottest Female Alive" by Esquire men's magazine for 2008.

There are many reasons to hate her (pure jealousy is all it is though) and many reasons to admire her. She is 42 years old and looks better than the majority of 20 and 30 years olds I know AND she just had a baby only 7 months ago AND she has an Oscar AND she's a spokesperson for Revlon cosmetics AND her baby's daddy is an equally hot as all get out French Canadian named Gabriel Aubrey (I included his picture as well for your viewing enjoyment:-)). So who wants to be Halle Berry?? I DO I DO!!!

Well we all can see how naturally stunning this woman is and of course you'd like to know how to get that naturally glowing and beautiful face of hers right? A big attribute of Halle's is that perfect, wrinkle free, spotless skin and the makeup that lets that natural beauty take center stage. So here are some ideas on how to look Halle-esque!

1. Beautiful skin starts with clean skin followed by a good (great) moisturizer that can help combat wrinkles. ROC makes a wonderful moisturizer called ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Cream- a P.M. and A.M. version (with SPF).

Inspiring *JennySue tip*- I acquired both these products through a free giveaway Lucky Magazine was doing online through their website that I signed up to be the first 100 people to receive it, and what do you know, I actually won it!!! Mailed right to me. I NEVER thought anyone won these free product giveaways, but I am here to tell you, they do, cause I did.

So anyway, I've been using these products, and I can definitely tell a difference. It's pretty hard core, so if you have sensitive skin, I probably wouldn't suggest it, or only try the day version.

2. Of course we all can't be blessed with her lovely caramel colored skin, but you CAN use a light self tanner for the face to give you a subtle glow. Because let's face it, everyone looks a little healthier with a tan - I know it's not popular to tan because of all the research on sun damage, so I'm not advocating tanning beds or baking in the sun- that's why God made self tanner! I love Jergen's self tanner for the face because it doesn't streak and can be used daily until your desired color is reached. It doesn't stink either...big plus.

3. I know I constantly harp on using concealer, and here I go again because I KNOW it makes a huge difference in getting flawless looking skin. A Hollywood elite favorite that's been around for 15 or so years is "Yves Saint Laurent "Touche Eclat"- a brush pen that helps erase dark circles, conceal spots, and highlight your best features. It's pricey, but for a good reason. Use this to clear up your trouble spots and to highlight under the eyes just on top of the cheekbones.

4. To achieve her doe-like eyes, keep it simple and apply a taupe or cocoa eyeshadow from lash to crease, a thin line of black eyeliner (Revlon's ColorStay eyeliner is the bomb, it reeallly stays for a long time) all along the top lashes, apply two coats of mascara to top lashes and one on bottom lashes, focusing on the outside corners. Finish off with a sweep of ivory shadow just on the brow bone right underneath your eyebrow. This creates good depth.

5. Her bone structure is ridiculous, but for the average girl to achieve those cheekbones, take a light bronzer and sweep it just underneath the apple of your cheek and then top it off with a light peachy pink blush on the actual apple of your cheek. This technique is called "contouring". It takes a little practice, so maybe don't do this 30 minutes before a big date- try it out a couple nights before:-)

6. Finish your look with one of Revlon's new ColorStay Mineral Lip glosses in a peachy flesh color to keep it natural. They claim it stays for 8 hours, hhhmmm, not so much, but it does stay longer than MOST lip glosses I've tried.

In Esquire Magazine's most recent issue highlighting the bombshell, Halle is quoted as saying, " Sexiness is a state of mind, a comfortable state of being. It's about loving yourself in your most un-lovable moments." Could WE have said it better ourselves, no, probably not. But I sure am glad she shared her perspective with the rest of us, because if we as women could all accept that state of mind, the world would be a prettier place!

October 7, 2008

Sshhhh!, A Few Beauty Secrets

Hello Ladies, here are a few beauty and cosmetic secrets that JennySue uses that can take your everyday look up a notch.....

1. Hair De-Greaser- Take your child's baby powder and just use a tad in your palms and apply to the roots of your hair to help cut greasy hair that hasn't been able to be washed in a couple days. It's an instant root lifter without the shower (great for those "I only have 15 minutes to get gorgeous days")!

2. Brighter Eyes- Use a shimmer powder in a light or neutral color (I like Bare Escentuals eye shimmer in "Nude Beach") and apply it in the corner tear duct of the eyes. All Hollywood stars use this trick if you look closely in their headshots! Also try using an unexpected contrasting mascara color to your eyes- for example, if you have brown eyes use a purple mascara, green eyes use a blue mascara and vice versa.

3. Fuller Nude Lips- To create an Angelina Jolie like pout, fill in your lips with a nude lip liner and extend the liner only SLIGHTLY outside the natural lip line on top and bottom focusing on the center and fill in with a complimentary lip color. Then take a sheer lip gloss (like MAC lip glass in Snowgirl) and apply it JUST in the center of your upper and lower lip- this will give the illusion of a fuller lip.

4. Concealer that Stays- Always apply your concealer AFTER your foundation. Because if you apply it after the foundation, you're erasing all that hard concealing work you did before!

5. Fatter Lashes- Use a lash primer/base, they really make a difference. Lancome's Cil's Booster XL in conjunction with their ever popular Definicils mascara makes for sexy fake lashes.

6. Stay Put Eyeliner- To help keep your eyeliner from running all over your face looking like Courtney Love on a bad night, after applying your liner sweep a shadow of a matching shade over the line. It'll have mad staying power.

These are tips that will make you say to yourself, "Wow, I should try that!"

October 6, 2008

Smokin' Hot Smokey Eyes

What seems to be the most wanted eye makeup look that is totally daunting to most women?? It's that sexy, sultry, smokey eye , a la Penelope Cruz.

I swear this is the one makeup look my husband actually comments on about me, that he really digs. When we're having a date night or special event to attend, he always sheepishly asks, "You gonna do those smokey eyes tonight honey??" It seems really hard to achieve, but with these simple steps you can be well on your way to feeling like Penelope herself or JennySue ;)

Achieving a smokey eye typically requires at least 4 eyeshadow colors. Of course there are no set rules in makeup (thank God!) that say you can ONLY use 4 or HAVE to use more than 4 colors, but it's a good start. A "quad of colors" is a common way today that makeup companies market them as. They really expect you to use all 4 in one look believe it or not, and they do have reasoning behind putting those 4 specific colors together!

So here's how to make heads or tails of those confusing quads of eyeshadows:
1. Allover color - This is typically the lightest color in the bunch.

2. Lid color - This is used from the lash to the crease. Usually the 2nd lightest color.

3. Contour color - Use this along the crease of your eye extending to just the end of the outside of the eye and then creating a slight sideways V shape and connecting it to the lash line.

4. Definition color. Generally the darkest color in the bunch and can be used as eyeliner along the top lashes (and bottom lashes if you're doing the smokey look we're discussing).
L'Oreal Paris makes good eyeshadow quads and also has an application guide on the back of each shadow telling you where to put it. Great concept huh? Cargo cosmetics also has jumped on the quad bandwagon with their Essential Palette and telling you exactly where to place each color by writing it in the actual color. So now that you know what shadows to put where, start off applying colors (steps 1, 2 & 3 from above). Then you must also invest in a soft black (preferably waterproof) eyeliner to help the look along.
  • Line all along the top lash line, pulling the line up slightly at the end - DON'T pull it down because then you're creating droopy eyes (yuck).
  • Take same liner and line the inner rims of the bottom lashes and smudge top and bottom liner with a small amount of the definition color (step 4 - should be your darkest color).
  • *Quick JennySue Tip*If you don't have a small liner brush to apply this with, get a Q-tip- it works great for smudging.

Practice makes perfect with this smokey look, so try it a couple times and do lots of smudging and blending to make it look not so done.

The key is to almost look like you slept in your makeup, but a more sexy version! Now get out of the house with that sultry eye and go impress your man with your Spanish siren look!!