November 30, 2008

How To Have Naturally Flushed Cheeks

I am a sucker for the cosmetic brand Tarte and their famous gel cheek stains. They give THE most natural flushed look for the cheeks (similar to Liv Tyler who looks like she's just come in from some crisp Colorado wind! ).

They smell awesome, and feel great especially on dry skin because it's a gel and feels moisturizing. Their cheek stains have been annual best sellers at Sephora and contain hip anti-aging ingredients like acai-fruit, goji berry, and pomegranate extract.

And all you need is your finger to apply it with - no fancy makeup brush necessary!

So I was excited to find that Tarte is offering the cutest little gift set of three mini (they are NOT full sized so don't expect a ton of product) cheek stains in a good range of 3 colors: peach, plum, and strawberry red.

The price tag of $25 is a good deal and would fit almost anyone's budget. They also come with a cute little purple and gold pouch that could be used again to throw in your purse and cart one of them around with you plus a lipstick!

Treat someone to beautiful cheek color this Christmas! Nothing looks more healthy and happy than a nice pair of rosy cheeks - Santa would agree:-)

November 28, 2008

1920's Classically Styled Makeup

There are many different ways a lady can go in terms of her makeup look for upcoming holiday parties and festivities. Of course the makeup should be appropriate for the occasion. You don't want to go all out glam and false eyelashes for a "barbeque and bonfire" party, but you would want to go all out for a "black tie" affair!

The 1920's Clara Bow (silent film's first "It" Girl) face has always been a fabulous makeup look to emulate. I'm not a huge history buff by any means, but makeup history is a bit more interesting!

A quick historical fact about makeup in the 1920's

Women like Clara Bow started wearing much more elaborate and heavy makeup due to WWI. The war had quite a slew of men folk displaced, so the women were stepping it up a notch in the looks department because they had more competition and less fish to catch! Guess the women of the 1920's figured the more makeup, the more attention they would get!

At the height of her career Clara Bow was best known for the smokey overdone eye makeup and perfectly "bowed" lips that could be no other color other than red. Why else wouldn't you want to look like Hollywood's first real sex symbol??

Here are the basics to achieving that 1920's look:

1. Brows. The eyebrows of the day were very thin and extremely arched. Now unless it's a period party you're going to, I don't suggest plucking away at your brows to achieve this, but just keep them very clean (no straggly hairs) and filled in with a brow pencil or shadow to make the arch obvious.

2. Eyes. Smokey Smokey Smokey. Trace along your upper and lower rim of your eyelids with a soft black pencil such as Rimmel's Soft Kohl pencil in Jet Black ($3). Smudge it with your pinky finger/Qtip/or eyeliner brush to create a very "smudged" effect. Fill in your eye bed up to your crease with a deeply pigmented charcoal grey shadow. Also apply the same color shadow on top of the eyeliner you've rimmed along the underneath of the eye bed with a stiff bristled small brush so that you've got color all around your eye. Two greys to try, MAC's Silver Ring and Nehru (both $15). Curl your lashes and apply tons of black mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

*JennySue Tip* - For more "How To" instructions check out my previous blog entry of "Smokin' Hot Smokey Eyes"

3. Cheeks. Cheeks were very prominent in this era too, but to modernize this look, I'd go very light on this feature for the sake of not looking like a clown;-) I'd do a very light application of a stained cheek like Tarte's cheek stain in Flush ($28). Just apply it with your fingers on the apples of your cheeks.

4. Lips. This is where the look really comes into play. The whole flapper look of the 1920's always incorporated a red lip! Prep your lips to prevent fading and feathering by using a lip primer balm. Then use a matching lip liner and lipstick, and trace your natural lip line, being sure to pronounce that upper lip bow then filling in your lips with your liner. Follow by a swipe of red lipstick, blot with kleenex, then another swipe for staying power. No gloss for this look, keep it matte. Popular reds are MAC's Russian Red ($14)- for fair and medium skin tones, and for dark skin tone, try a more burgundy red like Revlon's Color Stay Soft & Smooth lipstick in Divine Portwine ($10).

There you go, you now look like a sexy screen siren! Go paint the town red tonight.

Editor's note: Go Dawgs! Beat Tech!

November 24, 2008

American Music Awards 2008 Breakdown

Okay, so I love award shows. Not because I care who actually wins any of the awards, but just to watch the red carpet pre-shows and then the performances. I can't wait to see who looks terrific and who looks like a trainwreck.

If you didn't catch the AMA's, here's a quick breakdown of who did it right and who did it wrong.

JennySue Likes:

1. Beyonce - Yes, she's EVERYWHERE which gets slightly annoying, but I gotta hand it to her - the girl can perform! Beyonce can dance, sing, and is overall fabulous. Did anyone even notice the two other girls dancing beside her the whole time?? She wore a strikingly simple black and white leotard with what looked like a fitted vest over it with two large contrasting flower-like things up near the neck. Her slicked back hair in a high pony tail (most likely a hair piece, because it was really long!) and fairly simple makeup that wasn't too fussy was the perfect balance while creating such a crazy energetic dance performance. I included the YouTube video of it.

2. The Pussycat Dolls - These girls gave a great and entertaining performance as always! I think all 5 of these ladies are gorgeous and have great hair and makeup all the time. They are the epitome of glamour girls (slightly trashy glamour, but fun to watch!) and would be the most fun to play dress up with. They wore Project Runway designer and winner, Christian Siriano dresses on the red carpet. I actually really liked what he designed for each of the girls, and for the Pussycat Dolls, it was slightly understated, which was refreshing.

3. Pink - For her performance "Sober," she was actually a pretty vision in a fitted mauve evening gown that fit her to a T. Pink usually looks really harsh and punk, but this wrapped full length dress was classy on her. Her bleached white hair left a little to be desired - it had some weird windblown to the side curled action - but her soft makeup and beautiful diamond bling cuffs and jewelry were great accent pieces. I thought her voice actually sounded really good too - which is hard to pull off live. Another youtube video for you to view.

JennySue Dislikes:

1. Christina Aguilera - Christina opened up for the show with a montage of 7 of her greatest hits (is she old enough to have a greatest hits album?) . Now I'm a big fan of hers and her booming voice, but her look is getting a bit old and she needs to try something different. The Marilyn Monroe bleached blond hair, 4 inch thick foundation, and extremely false lashes and fuchsia/red lips are overdone. She did chop her bangs off to a ridiculously short length, which made no sense. She's such a chameleon, that I think it's time for a "make-under."

2. Ashley Tisdale - I've never seen High School Musical before, but for some reason I know who this girl is. So her hair stylist should re-think his or her profession. It was a hot mess that looked like an updo I would create with 2 minutes and no hair brush or comb in sight. Her dress was equally terrible and looked like a mis-mash of fabrics and black mesh, too short, and too many ugly bangle bracelets.

3. Alicia Keys - She is so pretty and talented, yet she had some terrible body glitter all over her body and that included her face! AND she wore some diamond thing that lay down the front of her forehead - looked like a half of a piece of necklace that was stuck in the crown of her hair and slithered its way out onto her forehead. Weird. And her earrings were massive and added to the chaos that was going on from the neck up.

All of these comments are definitely my picky opinion but I'd love to hear what anyone else thought of the AMA 2008's fashion and beauty breakdown! Do you agree with my pics and pans???

November 22, 2008

Beauty Tips - How to Fake A Good Nights Sleep

With all the holiday parties and family and friend get togethers, a girl tends to lose a little too much sleep around this time of year. And losing too much shut eye can start to show on one's face too - and WE don't want that now do WE???

So here are a couple of tricks to looking like you actually slept 9 to 10 hours and woke up with singing blue birds circling your pretty little head (Snow White reference, remember??).

1. Eyeliner Please. You have two choices. Use a white eyeliner (I use the cheap N.Y.C. brand) and line the bottom inner rim of your eye to help balance out the redness in the white of your eyes - a tell tale sign you've been out and up too long the night before. Or you can use a blue/navy eye liner and rim the upper inner rim of your eye to perk up your eye color.

2. Concealer Please. I always harp on concealer, so hopefully you've listened by now. The one area to focus on concealer - if you've got only a little time - is to put this on under your eye beds and don't forget about the inner corner of your eye near the tear duct where the darkness usually hides.

3. Choose a Highlighter Please. Pasty skin screams, "I feel awful and had too much bubbly last night!" So even though it's winter time, and chances are you haven't been to Hawaii recently you should still add some color to your face to brighten it up. Try a blush/bronzer/shimmer highlighter combination for a quick pick me up like Jemma Kidd's Make Up School Dewy Glow All-Over Radiance Creme in Rose Gold ($32) found at Neiman Marcus. You should apply this along the upper cheek bones and around your eye up to the brow bone.

4. Put Your Eye cream in the Fridge Please. This might be more of a placebo effect, but either way it'll perk up your face if you feel better. A cool eye cream, or better yet, eye gel, applied when you wake up on a clean face will give your face an instant tightened feel and might lift your spirits! Try Olay's Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment which contains mica to immediately brighten that area.

5. Lots of Mascara Please. Apply at least 2 coats of black mascara on the upper lashes only (no need to add anymore darkness to those under eye bags by putting it on the bottom lashes) and don't forget the eyelash curler!!!

November 20, 2008

Fall/Winter 2008 Trend - Matching Nail and Eye Color

Hi Ladies. Do any of y'all remember the old rule of matching your handbag to your shoes?? Well I don't see that rule being followed that much anymore unless:

  1. You're super anal! - (gross word, but descriptive to a T).
  2. You have more money than you know what to do with and can afford to buy enough purses and shoes that actually match each other.

So for this Fall/Winter 2008 how about instead of spending tons of money to match your fashion accessories, let's try to match your cosmetic accessories like your nail polish and eyeshadow! Sounds odd, but that was one of the new looks that was seen on the Fall 2008 runway collections.

At Bill Blass's runway collection, the models wore beautiful chocolatey-bronze eye shadows and their eyes were rimmed all the way around in chocolate or black eye liner (similar to the picture above). This deep sultry look could be finished off by wearing a similar dark deep brown shade on short nails like this one pictured by Essie called "Chocolate Kisses."

Another great matchy-match look came from Monique Lhullier's (you know, the designer who is famous for creating both of Britney Spear's wedding dresses when she married K-Fed?!) fall collection where her models eyes were rimmed in midnight blue eye shadows. This look on the eyes is definitely not for the makeup minimalist, but if you sport the right amount of navy shadow and blend it well all around the eyes it can look super sexy. Every eye color can pull off navy too- it's an equal opportunity color! Then pair up your shadow, with a deep sapphire nail color, like OPI's "Russian Navy." Super hot update to the black and purple nail colors we've been seeing around lately."

So go deep, dark, and matchy matchy for your eyes and nails this winter- it's easier to get some nail polish remover and change it up than to head out to Macy's and fight the mall crowds for matching shoes and purses!!

November 18, 2008

Sephora - The Glamourous Gift of Fragrance

Okay, so I'm recently obsessed with the idea of shopping online this gift giving season since I have two small children and absolutely dread the thought of taking them both to the mall or anywhere else remotely resembling a store with breakable objects!

So Sephora online is the place to go for the women, girlfriends, sister's, mom's in your life for the holidays. And right now,Tuesday Nov. 18th through November 23rd Sephora is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25. Just enter the code SHIPFREE25 at checkout. And spending $25 or more is eeeaasy to get to if you're buying for more than one special person.

Here is one of the fabulous ideas Sephora is offering right now that could be for the female OR male persuasion...

  • Sephora Scent Sampler for Her OR Him- $50. This is one of the better gift ideas I've seen that can satisfy that person who loves switching up his or her fragrances depending on their mood day by day. I mean, who wants to eat the same cereal every morning?? That gets pretty boring!! And what a great gift to give someone, because fragrance is usually pretty darn expensive, and you only get ONE bottle to wrap up. But with this scent sampler (yes, all the scents are sample size -obviously), they're offering two different box sets for women and one for men.

These Limited Edition gift sets come in either the "Trendsetters" box (women only) or the "Best Sellers" box (available for men and women).

"Trendsetters" offers names like Burberry, Prada, Lolita Lempika (one of MY personal favorite scents!), and Jean Paul Gaultier, just to name a few.

"Best Sellers" are just that, with popular fragrances such as Aquolina Pink Sugar, Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B., and Vera Wang Princess, and others for the women.

For the men "Best Sellers", Bulgari, Prada, Giorgio Armani, and Lacoste are a few of the best sellers for men. Each set comes with around 9 to 10 scents to choose from in all. Pretty good deal huh, that's like 5 bucks a perfume for name brands!!!

AND if this gift couldn't get any better, there's another bonus included! Along with all the many samples, is an additional Gift Voucher of equal value for the gift recipient to redeem at Sephora for any FULL SIZE bottle of any of the included samples. Woah.

So think about this gift for that special guy or gal in your life that likes to switch things up and smell fabulous at the same time!

November 15, 2008

How Old Are The Contents In YOUR Makeup Bag??

Okay, so I hate to admit this, (seeing as though I AM a makeup artist and should know better!) but I have some lipsticks in my lipstick drawer that probably date back to my freshman year of college....WHAT??

Now this doesn't necessarily mean that I have used any of these 12 plus year old lipsticks but I always keep them around thinking maybe I will use that color SOME day??? This is insane and slightly grotesque that I would keep any makeup product around this long and expect to apply it to my lips!!!

But I know I am not alone in committing this "makeup hoarding" crime. Most of us just lose track of how long we've had our products if we don't use them every day. And so we're probably not aware of how reeeaaallly old some of our stuff is and could risk getting an infection, or worse yet, a major breakout due to old foundation!

So I'm going to give you a general breakdown of when to toss those sketchy - "I'm not sure if this is lipstick is from 1993 or 2008" products!??

Lipstick & Gloss - Up to 2 years. This is the most forgiving category of makeup and has the best longevity. The best way to tell if your stick or gloss has gone bad is smell it or taste it. You'll know by either of those senses if somethin' ain't right.

Pencils: Eyes and Lips - Up to 2 years. As long as you're sharpening your pencil, you're keeping it fresh and clean. But if you can keep a pencil around for 2 years, then it's obviously not your best color and you're not wearing it enough to warrant keeping it around! And look for dryness, that's a good sign it's no good.

Powders: Blush and Face Powder - 12 to 18 months. Powders do have the capability of lasting awhile, but you can tell they're getting too old when they start crumbling or get that yucky glazed topping look on the surface where your oils have collected. This usually makes it too hard to blend as well so it's worthless.

Liquid Foundation - Up to 6 months. When your foundation gets too old it starts to look like what happens to your fingernail polish that has been around for awhile. The oils will start to separate and will rise to the top of your bottle. And if you can't see through the bottle, then you would notice a change in it's color and the consistency.

Mascaras and Liquid Eyeliner - 4 months or less if used daily. Mascaras are a breeding ground for bacteria, so be very aware of how long your tube has been around. With the constant pulling and pushing in and out of air in that wet tube and transferring your eye goo requires you to be on top of how old your mascara really is!

My best advice on how to keep track of how long you've had a specific product, is to keep a Sharpie Retractable Ultra Fine Permanent Marker around and write directly on your foundation bottle or bottom of lipstick the day you purchased your product. That way, a couple months (or years) down the road you'll be able to refer to that date and know whether it's time to keep it and use, or take it and TOSS IT!

November 13, 2008

Clean It Up - Best Eye Makeup Removers

Well I've been out of pocket from my beauty blog because I've been visiting my parents who don't have WiFi so my laptop couldn't connect and more amazingly they have no computer - Yes, there are still people living in the United States in 2008 that don't have home computers.

But despite the slightly amusing fact they haven't quite caught up with the techno world, I do enjoy going through my parents guest bathroom drawers. Now wait...before you jump to conclusions, I say this because my mother is very accommodating and always fills the bathroom with cosmetic "freebies" from makeup counters and "goodies" from hotels for her guests to rifle through and enjoy. And there's always new stuff to look forward to each time I visit home.

I was at my parents house to get family pictures taken with my husband and my boys. So when I forgot my absolute favorite eye makeup remover, Bi-Facil by Lancome, I frantically searched for a decent replacement amongst the shower caps, body lotions, and toothpastes.

Low and behold, I discovered a product by Clinique I've never used before. Clinique's Take The Day Off remover for lids, lashes, and lips, proved to be an awesome find! I had some hardcore waterproof mascara on and some smokey eyes that were going to be rather difficult to remove (my reason for worrying that I'd left my beloved Bi-Facil behind and that I was going to be left with no option but to wake up with smokey eyes for the next morning). This Clinique liquid was just as gentle and non greasy as my Lancome, and about 9 bucks cheaper!

Both eye makeup removers prove to be worth their cost. I hate having to scrub my eye makeup off with a washcloth or having to use some of those really greasy cheap removers from the drugstores. We all know you should be super gentle around the eye area because it's usually the first area to show distress and age caused by wrinkles (which is a tough battle to fight) and then by tugging too hard on your lids in order to remove your makeup. So it might not be such a fun purchase like a new tube of lipstick, but it can certainly make your night go a little easier when it comes to removing the makeup mask you applied for the day. And they both clean so efficiently and easily, that you won't end up looking like an Amy Winehouse mess! And NO ONE wants to emulate that look, right??!

Oh, and mom, I'll work on asking Santa to hook you and Dad up with a home computer for Christmas....

November 10, 2008

How To Get A Glamorous Cat-Eye Look

Liquid liner done "Cat-Eyed" style is a rockin fresh look for any special occasion.

This look does require a steady hand - plain and simple. The remainder of the face should stay fresh and light with all the emphasis on the eyes.

To pull off this look, you have to:

  1. Start with clean and groomed brows. Brows are the frameworks of the face and if they aren't cleaned up they ruin this strong eye.
  2. Apply a neutral skin colored matte shadow all over your eyelid to even out the skin tone on your eyelid. Then apply a champagne colored shadow that has a slight shimmer from the lash line to your crease. You want to keep the eye bed pretty simple since you're about the vamp it up with strong eyeliner.
  3. For the liquid liner impaired, use a soft black or brown waterproof pencil and draw a "stencil" starting in the inner corner of the eye in the tear duct and draw short lines/dashes outward to the end up the eye and pulling it up into a corner V shape that connects to the lower lash line. This creates the "Cat-Eye" look. **Notice** the two pics of Angelina and Lauren I have included where the line gets slightly thicker towards the outside corner and it connects slightly to the bottom lashes looking like a sideways V.
  4. Take your liquid liner (black for a more dramatic look, and brown for a more subdued version) and basically draw over your penciled in "stencil" by connecting the lines. The best advice I can give you is to start your liquid liner in the middle of the eye and draw out, then take the liner and go back to the tear duct area and finish off by connecting to the middle.
  5. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler then apply 2 to 3 coats of your favorite mascara on your upper lashes focusing on the outer corners. Then apply a light coat on the bottom lashes, again focusing on mainly the outer corner lashes. You want to stay focused on the outside of the eye with your liner and mascara products for emphasis on the cat look.
  6. For extra oomph, add 3 to 4 individual false lashes to the outer corners on just the upper lashes! I mean, if you're going to do it, do it all the way!!
  7. Finish the rest of your look with pretty evened out skin, natural flushed cheeks, and a neutral very glossy lip. Wow, Sophia Loren, is that you???!!

*JennySue Tip* - When purchasing a liquid liner, buy a short chubby liner like Cover Girl's Line Exact liquid liner for those with small hands to give you more control over the product. If you've got larger hands or longer fingers, it might be easier to control a liner with a longer handle like Prestige's (you can get this line at Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply).

November 9, 2008

"What Can Brown Eye Shadow Do For You?"

{This is another oldie but goodie post with some updated info.  Enjoy!!}

When it comes to finding the perfect eye shadow and/or eye liner color that EVERY skin tone and persona can pull off, the answer would have to be BROWN!!

{I think J.Lo is the queen of rocking brown eye shadow. She makes this color so "Glamour-ous!" Ha, this is from her recent Glamour magazine cover-I'm so clever right??}

It's a lot easier to pull off a brown eye shadow than a green eye shadow! And brown doesn't have to be boring.  Oh no, brown can do a lot for you (and I'm not talking about UPS either!).

Now I know telling you to pick out a brown shadow is like asking you to pick out a great neutral tan paint color for your kitchen from a huge Sherwin-Williams paint fan.  It's hard to make heads or tails of all the options out there and choosing the perfect shade can get overwhelming.

So to help out with any confusion, there are certain shades of brown to look for in your shadow or liner that compliment every eye color. My personal picks are from the Stila eye shadow pans for your specific eye color are listed below.

Here's a quick cheat sheet:

  • Green/Hazel Eyes- If you've got green or hazel eyes like Nicole Richie, look for browns with a hint of yellow undertones such as the color golden or caramel to bring out their warmness, or go the opposite with a plum based brown for more adventurous types
*Jenny Sue Tip* for Color - "Sparkle" for golden  or "Barefoot Contessa" for plum.

Blue Eyes- If your peepers look like Reese's ocean colored eyes, check out browns on
the softer side with a gold tint (like sand) or browns with a greyish purple tint (taupes) .

*Jenny Sue Tip* for Color - "Wheat" for sand color and "Grace" for taupe.

  • Brown Eyes- If you associate yourself with Jessica Alba's dark chocolate eyes, you can wear almost any shade of brown.  But to make the most impact, choose browns on the darker side with a charcoal tint or super deep in color so as not to get too matchy match with your eye color!
*Jenny Sue Tip* for Color - "Espresso" or "Mahogany"

Stila Eye Shadow pans are some of my all time favorite shadows because they can be used dry OR wet. You can choose to wear these as shadow on your lids, or wet your liner brush and just sweep it next to your lash line for an easy eye liner.

Brown is considered a "safe" shade, but with all the great options out there with depth and shine and sparkle, it can be anything but boring. Brown can be your new best makeup friend;-)

Which brown eye shadow does it for you??

November 6, 2008

Smashbox Christmas Gift Idea

Smashbox is one of those cosmetic lines that thinks of everything and has really cute pink packaging! The great grandsons of the original Max Factor, Dean and Davis Factor, have created a celebrity cult following of their cool uber brand Smashbox and pride themselves in creating products that stay put under the bright lights of Hollywood! Why wouldn't you trust the makeup these guys are selling???

And now they have a gift set idea that is perfect for you to give to someone you love...or buy for yourself for the holidays! I mean, you have to look pretty for all your holiday parties, right???

Smashbox's Eye Shadow and Brush Collection is a fabulous group of 8 pots of eyeshadows that contain two complementary colors per pot (total of 16 different case you didn't want to do the math) AND a Definer brush (this helps to smudge along the lash line) AND a Shadow brush. These 8 duos provide you with day into evening shades so you can take your pick. And the price, well it's a $185 value, but it's priced at $59. If you break that down, it's like $6 per pot and per brush- that's an incredible deal!!!

They're selling this smart shadow set at Nordstrom and Sephora. The gift giving season is upon us, so let's start making the holidays a bit more beautiful one face at a time.

November 5, 2008

Post 2008 Presidential Election Pimples

I have a description for what has recently happened to my face - Post Election Pimples. Now I am not bragging, but I RARELY get any blemishes on my face, and when I do, it's not pretty and it makes me very unhappy:(

So I'm pretty sure all this election mess (thank goodness it's finally over and I will not be subjected to annoying senator, presidential candidate commercials ruining my TV watching) is what has caused my face to explode.

So I am running to my go to product for spot treatment:

  • Clean & Clear Maximum Strength Persa-Gel 10. This is a benzoyl peroxide white cream acne medication that I use the minute I feel a dreaded bump appearing. It can be pretty drying and sometimes causes some dry patches around the perimeter of the dreaded pimple, but I'd take dry patches over red bumps any day, wouldn't you?

And there are two other options for these pesky bumps/pimples/zits:

  • Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Acne Patch , which is a clear gel that you could use over your makeup throughout the day and it's main ingredient is salicylic acid. Sonya Dakar Drying Potion, which was just written up in Allure's Best Of Beauty Products edition, is a sulfur-based liquid that is sure to kill a pimple on contact.

Granted all these products aren't magic potions, but if you use them consistently when you feel that volcano rising, you could help control that dreaded natural disaster. Looks like usually pretty Cameron Diaz could use a couple doses of these zit spot treatments herself. It's nice to see celebrities with the same skin issues as us normal folks!

November 4, 2008

I Know It's Election Day, But I'm More Concerned What Has Happened To Katie Holmes!!!

So I've already made my decision as to who I'm going to vote for for President of the United States. Now I just have to make it to the polls sometime today. And yes I'm concerned what will happen to the state of the country if my candidate doesn't win, but once I cast my vote that's out of my control and I've done my civic duty.

But my big concern lately, lies in the mystery:

"What is happening to formerly cute, pretty, Katie Holmes!!!"

I mean, come on Katie. Most celebrities as they age and mature in Hollywood get a clue and get a stylist and a hair and makeup team they can trust. And you're married to Tom Cruise, so I think I can say in great confidence that you've got enough cash flow to afford a team of experts to help you out. Yes, I know you're a fairly new mom, it's tough to get it together sometime, and it's considered easier to cut off your long flowing hair, but don't give up completely.

The one thing I can say she's doing right, and it's not the new messy short haphazard hairdo, is that she's wearing some nice big sunglasses to hide the fact she's not making the attempt to wear eye makeup. That's smart and chic.

But, her nice full lips and cheeks are still showing. She could step it up a notch by getting a beautiful beige pout by applying a quick swipe of MAC Lipglass in Chai ($14) and an application of pink blush like Calvin Klein's "Desire" blush ($20)which has no fru fru shimmer.

I keep hearing about the so called "change" we need in our political world, but I think the real (although slightly materialistic) change needs to happen in Katie Holmes world! Change back to the fabulous "I give a hoot about my look" Katie!

November 3, 2008

Your Makeup Is Only As Good As Your Tools

It's no secret, that you can't paint a pretty picture without a well made paintbrush. Case in point for the type of makeup brushes you use to paint on your face. This is where I can justify spending a little more $cash$ on my tools. I mean, if you want to end up looking like Supermodel Tyra Banks, then you gotta have the tools to accomplish the task! Because we all know Tyra doesn't wake up looking like the Tyra we all know without her makeup on!

Here are some points to consider when purchasing makeup brushes:

1. How many brushes do you really need? If you're a minimalist makeup wearer, then you don't need a huge collection of brushes. Figure out what makeup you typically wear, then pare down the types of brushes you need to get the job done and purchase the best money can buy.

2. What is your hand size? This may sound funny, but it makes sense. If you have tiny hands, then you don't need some gigantic long brush to apply your makeup with. You need shorter handles to give you better control over the application. This is when you need to hold the brush and pretend to apply it to your face. I like longer brushes when I'm using them on clients, but personally like a shorter brush when applying makeup to myself.

3. Are the bristles the right length and how do they feel? If your bristles are short, then they're going to apply more makeup to your skin than if the bristles are long, which will deposit more like a wash of color. I can't stand bristles that are prickly- soft is always the way to go for me (except for eyebrow brushes, I like them tougher since brow hair is thicker) and makes the application more fun and luxurious!

4. Types of Brushes to Own. (These vary according to your level of love for makeup- so just pick from this list considering what products you use daily)

  • Foundation Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Eyeliner Brush (find one that's very thin so you make the line fine enough)
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Blush Brush (I like angled blush brushes)
  • Powder Brush (usually the largest brush you will own)
  • Bronzer Brush

And once you've made your brush purchases, always have a nice case to store them in so they don't get beat up amongst your other makeup products. I keep my favorites on my bathroom counter in a pretty cup so they can sit up and the bristles can air out.

*JennySue Tip* - Lastly, one of my best pieces of advice, is to wash your brushes often to extend their life. An antibacterial dish washing liquid is what I use on mine (no real need to buy some expensive "brush cleaner"-that's a rip off in my opinion. Just a tad mixed in with warm water does the job.

I suggest cleaning them at least once a week to get all the yucky oils and build up off- but use your common sense, you'll know when it's gotten to that gross point- but try not to let it get to that point! You will see that clean brushes make your makeup application that much more effective.

Everyone always asks me, "what brand of brushes do you buy?"

Well, as I've discussed, this is a very subjective purchase. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend and what your needs are.

But I will list some of My Favorite lines of brushes. Now you can go and do your brush homework to help you look beautiful!

November 2, 2008

Get Perfect Complexion :: Jemma Kidd's JK Mannequin Skin

Now that winter is approaching, we could all use a little help in brightening up our lackluster, flaky, pasty complexions. Because....If you've got pretty skin, all your other makeup will fall into place.

There is a product out there that can help jump start your dull skin.

Jemma Kidd's JK Mannequin Skin can be found at mega retailer Target for $28. I recently got random compliments on how good my skin looked after using this product.

  • First of all, the name in itself is genius, because "mannequin skin" describes what it gives you. It's got multi reflecting pearl properties that help to brighten your skin and smooth out your coloring. This liquid in a tube is an illuminating base and primer.

  • Just squeeze a little out (not too much because you don't want to look too greasy) and mix it in with your foundation before applying to your skin - it's very blendable.

  • Another great attribute is that it also contains Vitamin E which is a light anti-aging and antioxidant ingredient and it has a very fresh aloe-like smell to it.

So give your foundation an extra boost with an illuminating product like Mannequin Skin. Let me know what you think!