December 28, 2008

Go From Day to Evening Makeup in an Instant like Rihanna

It's easy to get caught in a makeup rut when you've been at home all day with the kids or you've been slaving away at work and are completely exhausted by the end of the day. Neither scenario gives you time to even think about what your face looks might look like by the end of the day. AND worst of all, neither gives you any recognition for the job you've performed!

So, with New Years 2009 arriving and a few more end of the year parties coming up, give yourself a pat on the back for your hard days work you've done. Then take a few of these quick tips on how to make the most glamorous face possible in the least amount of time for your evening out.

I can't promise you'll look like the unbelievably gorgeous Rihanna in her "Before" OR "After" picture, but you will see what a few minor makeup changes can do to make you more fabulous at the end of the day.


  • This is the easiest feature to glam up your look quickly. NO matter what eye color you have, add navy blue's universally flattering.
  • Definitely add a line along your upper lashes for a quick pick me up (it's more fun than boring brown or black, but not too extreme that it takes celebrity status to pull it off)
  • And if you've got time, go ahead and rim the inside of your bottom lashes too.
  • Try Cover Girl's Gel EyeSlicks in Dark Denim, as you can smudge it easily too for a smokey look - just beware of the hard to sharpen issue - you have to buy CG's sharpener!

*JennySue Tip* Add an extra coat or two of mascara to those lashes also - choose the color black mascara for more drama.

  • Add a bronzer/highlighter product all over your t-zone area to combat that "I'm not that tired" dull skin look.
  • LORAC makes an awesome product called Perfectly Lit ($32)that does just that of luminizing your skin immediately with a couple swipes of your blush brush!
  • I like and recommend the shade "Radiant."
  • If you're really pressed for time, just sweep a translucent powder all over your face to tone down any greasy shine.
  • Good News!! You can't mess up translucent powder and won't be worried about having a "foundation mask" from not doing a good job of blending around your jaw.
  • Another great option to translucent powder is Prescriptives Magic Powder ($35) - it's a loose powder that helps diffuse fine lines and pore size while giving your skin a luminous look.
  • It also comes in a "red neutralizer" formula for those you that are prone to a muddy redness problem on your skin.
  • Gloss is the easiest and fastest way to pump up your pout.
  • You can go for a brighter lipcolor if it's in a gloss formula because it won't be as a harsh of a look as a matte lipstick and a brighter color does wonders for lifting your look.
  • L'Oreal Colour Juice lip glosses ($8) are a nice inexpensive way to go and has a great warm range of colors that work for lots of different skin tones.
  • Try a punch of color like "Melon Punch" or "Tutti Frutti."
Those New Years Parties are only a few days away so Go on and get your glamour face on....

December 26, 2008

The Best After Christmas Beauty Deals at

Okay so the holidays are over, "Boo Hoo." I'll miss the happy holiday lights and decorations, and then on the other hand "Yeah" because I'm exhausted from all the eating and wrapping. I had a wonderful Christmas and received more gifts than were necessary, but let's be honest, there are always some things that we all didn't get that we wish we had!

Everyone knows I obsess over the cosmetics store Sephora even though there is not one closer than an hour away from me! And I can never get enough makeup, so it's the go-to online shopping store, and right now is the time to shop it. They are offering free shipping for orders over $50 (easy) and they have tons of stuff on sale.

Here are JennySue's Top Picks for my "After the Holidays" wish list:

1. NARS Sephora Exclusive Lip Gloss collection ($81 value, NOW $35). Yes they are mini versions of the originals, but it includes 5 glosses, one clear, and includes the ever popular Orgasm and Harlow. I mean, one of these bad boys costs $24 for the full version, so it's a steal to try 5 for a bit more $$.

2. NARS Eyeshadow Palette ($50 value, NOW $45). Okay, so it's only 5 bucks cheaper than the original price, but yet again, you get to try 6 eye shadows, which is still cheaper than trying to buy 3 of the full sized versions. And this palette includes one of my FAVORITE colors of all time, "Ondine" a plum with golden flecks that works on everyone, and it does NOT include any weird colors that you'd never use, like fluorescent yellow or blue.

3. Stila Shine On Gift Of Glaze ($48 value, NOW $22). Stila mini lip glazes are the best if you love lip gloss - if you like lipstick, not for you. But if gloss is your thing, this set includes four of their top selling colors like "Apricot", and two new ones, a melon and vibrate pink color. A steal in my book.

4. LORAC Croc Case Full Face Collection ($250 value, NOW $44). If you just look at the difference in the original value and the price now, it's worth buying just because of that! LORAC (which is Carol Shaw, the creator's name spelled backwards) is one of those cosmetic lines that doesn't have a hugely publicized name, but has really great products. This collection comes in a black faux croc case that could honestly be carried around as a tiny clutch. It contains 16 eye shadows, a highlighter and bronzer, 2 blushes, and 3 lip glosses - that's a lotta product for a little money.

And Ladies, it's okay to shop after the holidays. Don't feel guilty, you're purchasing for the new year and the fabulous New Year's Party you'll be attending!!

December 21, 2008

Sex and the City :: Celebrity Makeup Looks

I know Sex And The City :: The Movie has been out of the theaters for awhile, and is now on DVD, but I never get tired of watching this movie. I am not too proud to admit that I adore the fantasy of being Carrie Bradshaw - I mean who wouldn't want to have her closet collection of clothes and shoes??

All the ladies of "SATC" have signature styles specific to their character and makeup looks that reflect that style. Darren Star, the show's creator of the show did a fantastic job of representing different types of women that we can all associate some part of ourselves with whether it be fashion wise, career wise, or personality wise.

It's hard to believe all of these women are 40 years of age or over (Kim Cattrall who plays Samantha - is actually 52!). The makeup artists on set kept a reoccurring theme on all the ladies of fairly clean and simple makeup. This worked in the actresses favor because heavy makeup and dark makeup colors tend to make older skin and features look too harsh and almost highlight any unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Not the fabulous look you'd expect from these four best friends. And for those of us not 40 yet or over, we can all still learn a thing or two about how less is more when wanting to appear as young and fresh as possible!

Most of us can associate our looks with one of these four ladies with the variety of hair color and skin tones represented - Charlotte the brunette, Samantha the bottle blonde, Miranda the red head, and Carrie the blonde highlighted brunette!

MAC cosmetics were the makeup products of choice for the makeup artists on the set of the movie, so all product suggestions will come from their collection.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) "The Chameleon Beauty"

Carrie's look goes from extremely simple, to all out glam on her wedding day (my favorite makeup moment on the movie...the red lips were a perfect unexpected compliment to the bridal gown!). The makeup artists kept her skin looking really natural with a bit of luminosity to it - for a light to medium buildable coverage like Carrie, try MAC's Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation ($28).

We all know SJP is an unconventional beauty (um, nose), and so through most of the movie the spotlight was placed upon her eyes, which were often rimmed all around in dark liner such as black or navy, while her lips were kept in neutrals.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis)- "The Prim and Proper Beauty"

Charlotte keeps it classic with the main focus on her dark eyes, neat hair-dos, and pearls! She doesn't usually wear any eyeshadow underneath her eyes, but the brows are neatly groomed and the perfect brown shadow is placed on her eye beds (try MAC's Sweet Liason shadow duo-$16) and brown liner just along the upper lashes.

Miranda ( Cynthia Nixon)- "The Corporate Beauty"

Miranda has that beautiful red hair and pale skin to work with. Since she's the slightly uptight lawyer character, her makeup appears the most minimal. While I agree lighter makeup is better for women as they age, I almost think Miranda's character could use a bit more color on her cheeks and eyes so that her light red features don't disappear.

A little light bronzing powder across her t-zone to brighten up her fair skin and some eyeliner with a copper shimmer to highlight her blue-green eyes (MAC's Spare Change Pearlglide eyeliner-$14) and major mascara would make those eyes pop since her brows and eyelashes are so light.

Samantha (Kim Cattrall)- "The LA Beauty"

Samantha makes the move out to LA during the movie, so her bright style and beauty follows suit. She is by far the tannest of the four ladies since she's on the west coast and her makeup stays very simple since she's got the good bronzed skin!

Her cheeks have the perfect pinky peach color to them which brightens up her whole face and complements her bottle blonde hair (try one of MAC's Mineralized blushes which contain a pearlized shimmer in either Dainty or Nuance- $21)!

If you are a female, like the dream or reality of owning high end designer clothes and handbags, like New York City or the idea of traveling there, or have a close group of girlfriends of your own, then you should watch this movie and take fashion and makeup notes. And if you've already seen it, then it's worth watching again.

*JennySue Sidenote*

Oh, and if you haven't visited the website "BagBorrowOrSteal" mentioned in the movie by Jennifer Hudson's character (she's Carrie's personal assistant who "rents" designer handbags) it's worth going to. A girl's dream of carrying a Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton can be a reality for a week or a month.

December 18, 2008

How To Wear The Hottest Red And Coolest Nude Lipcolors

Every woman that wears lipstick or lip gloss wants to switch up her look sometime, and lip color is really the easiest way to do that. There are all sorts of options out there for each of us to choose a more glamorous look-at-me red lipstick and then a not-so-boring nude lipstick.

Here are some rules to work with for each color.


#1. Go ahead and plan the rest of your makeup around your nude lips. You can go heavier on your eye makeup and lips if you're wearing a nude mouth. Smokey dramatic eyes or winged tip liner, a la Jessica Simpson, are a great compliment to a pretty pale lip.

#2. Prep your lips with a natural colored lip liner to give your mouth some sort of definition. MAC's Spice lip liner ($13) is a must have for most lip colors. To make sure you don't look like you have ring around the mouth

  • First apply your favorite lip balm.
  • Second apply your liner starting in the center of your mouth (top and bottom) and gradually fading out the line as you go towards to the corners of your mouth.
  • You DON'T need a complete dark line all around your mouth.
  • Putting the liner on after the lip balm keeps the liner nice and light. Last, fill in your lips with your nude lipstick or gloss.

#3. Nudes are tricky, so avoid the shades of nude that tend to go beige because you'll look slightly "dead", and there's nothing pretty about resembling a corpse. Try to go for nudes with a peachy or pinky tint to them.

Your Nude Cosmetic Options: Stila Cosmetics - "Emily" (a pinky taupe creme) OR "Miranda" (sheer nude) lipsticks- $17 Chanel- "Nude" (satin lip color)- $30 CoverGirl True Shine - "Powderpink Shine" (frosty pink nude)- $6


#1. Pick the right shade for your skin tone. Reds can be tricky, so go by these rules and try a couple out before picking a signature red.

You'll be surprised by all the different options and how the right color red can brighten up your whole face and smile! For those of you with fair skin, try a classic red with a blue base. For those with medium/olive skin, go for orangey based reds. Of course dark skin needs a brownish deep brick based red.

#2. Depending on how dramatic you want your red lips to look, you can choose to line, or not to line! It's your choice.

  • A modern take on red lips is to just apply straight from the tube with no liner (ALWAYS be sure to apply red lipstick on clean, exfoliated, non flaky lips)
  • Add a tad of clear lip gloss (MAC's Clear Lipglass ($14) makes them shinier than ever, it does have a slight tacky feel, but it definitely makes your lips have a gloss that no other product can touch). Or the classic red lip requires a few careful steps.
  • First, use a lip primer to keep your color from seeping into your fine lines around your mouth.
  • Then use a matching red liner that you also fill in your total lips with as a good base.
  • Finish up with your red lipstick, blot with a kleenex and apply a 2nd layer for staying power.

#3. Contrary to the total face look with the nude lipstick, when wearing a red mouth, keep everything else really clean, simple and toned down. Pretty skin, perfect eyebrows, plus lots of mascara keeps it simple enough to carry off the red lips.

Your Red Cosmetic Options: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche lipstick -"British Red" (classic red)- $9 MAC cosmetics- "Russian Red" (blueish bright red)- $14 NARS- "Jungle Red" (semi matte bright red)- $24

Have fun switching up your look from day to night - and there's no rule that says the perfect hot mama red lipstick can't be worn at 9am to work for that big presentation or even to the grocery store at noon - throw everyone off and feel glamorous while doing it!!

December 15, 2008

JennySue Makeup's Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Bargains

There are bargains everywhere, and when it comes to makeup. I definitely have spent much time and money searching up and down the Target/CVS/Walgreen makeup aisles in search of the next great one. I always want to look like a million bucks, but sure don't want to spend a million bucks. I wonder if Melania and Ivanka Trump shop at Walgreen's for their makeup??

Now I'm sure most of y'all out there enjoy David Letterman's Late Show Top Ten list like I do. So, I wanted to give my own JennySue Makeup Top 10 List on Beauty products you can find at your local drugstore. SO I hope you enjoy and please note, all the prices I give are averages and I rounded up!:

10. NYC Browblender and Liner Pencil ($5): The color range is good, the consistency is perfect for brow hair, and it includes a tiny brow brush on the end of the pencil.

9. Oil Of Olay Original Beauty Fluid ($10): This is a staple moisturizer product I've used for years. It's gentle enough for most skin types.

8. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm($3): I love putting this on all day, and especially underneath all my lip glosses. The tingly sensation is awesome.

7. Olay Smooth Skin Exfoliating Scrub ($8): This scrub was a replacement product for their refining mousse cleanser which I use to use all of the time from Oil Of Olay, and this works just as well! Leaves my skin so soft and clean feeling all in one step.

6. Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow ($4): I love the basic ivory and neutral colors. It has amazing staying power.

5. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner ($6): Ditto on the staying power. And the color glides on nicely and stays on through teary experiences like weddings and births of babies (I wore this during both deliveries of both my sons, just in case someone photographed me;-) I wanted my sons to look back on the birth pics and say how fabulous mommy looked!)

4. Maybelline's New York Lash Discovery mascara ($6): I like the waterproof version. The teeny tiny brush gets all those teeny tiny hard to reach eyelashes on the bottom.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss ($6): My all time favorite color is Nude Lustre - it's the bomb neutral color lip gloss that works for any on-the-go look. I've bought at least 4 tubes of it.

2. Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation ($8): This mineral powder is comparable to the more pricey mineral powders. It looks great on and has wonderful buildable coverage. My ONLY complaint is the brush that comes with it..I'm not a big fan because the bristles are too rough and it is difficult to maneuver.

Drum roll please.....and the #1 drugstore makeup bargain is...

1. Q-Tips ($5 for 500): Use the name brand ones, not your drugstore knockoffs. The original is the best at fixing your makeup mistakes and the cotton is nice and tight and doesn't unravel too easily. Hey on their website they claim that it is "The Ultimate Beauty Tool" and it just might be.

And there it is! The JennySue Makeup Top 10 drugstore makeup bargains. Now go out and get that Trump look for less. The Donald should make me his makeup apprentice:-)

December 14, 2008

How To Get Beyonce's Glowing Skin From Your Foundation

Everyone that knows me and my freelance makeup business, knows that I go through a ton of foundation. So of course, in these terribly tough economic times, it's a good thing that my favorite foundation can be purchased at the local drugstore and not at Needless Markup (or Neiman Marcus;-))

L'Oreal True Match foundation is my inexpensive (around $10) liquid foundation of choice. The glass bottle is a plus because it clearly shows the color of the foundation from the outside, it's oil free, glides on smoothly and evenly into the skin. Overall it's comparable to the expensive stuff. True Match gives good coverage without feeling or looking overdone and caked on. The color range is wonderful.

It comes in 3 simple categories:
  1. warm
  2. cool
  3. neutral

Within each category are levels of the shade with #1 being the lightest, and on up (3, 4, etc.) I've also heard through the grapevine that Beyonce's makeup artist uses this on her - and who wouldn't want Beyonce's beautiful skin?!

Recently I've been trying new ways to amp up my skin tone to where it doesn't look so achingly pasty due to the lack of sun exposure this winter, and I found a solution. The addition of Benefit Cosmetics "Hollywood Glo" complexion highlighter to my foundation, proved to be a winning combination!

Hollywood Glo is a liquid highlighter that comes in one color, a sheer rose bronze that has light reflecting pigments that give your skin a pretty luminous quality. I loved the combination of using this product along with my foundation and it created a glow to my skin I couldn't get just from the use of foundation.

And Ladies - before we go onto the "how to" section, remember you should NOT be using the same color foundation all year round. Doesn't make sense. You need to switch up your foundation color to complement your pretty paler version of your skin for the winter months, and a warmer darker version for your pretty tanned skin during the summer months. Because we all know, that you don't get the same sun exposure year round. Okay, I'll jump off my soapbox now.

*JennySue Tip* on How to Combine the Two:
  • I take a Q-Tip and dip it in my foundation then swab product streaks down my nose, along my cheeks, across the forehead, and along my chin.
  • Yes, you'll end up looking like you have on Indian war paint, but it gives you a great guideline so you can see where you've been and what areas you've missed.
  • Next I take a new Q-Tip and dip it in the Hollywood Glo and apply it ONLY along the top of your cheekbones and maybe down the bridge of your nose. (notice Beyonce's pic above and how the bridge of her nose has a subtle sheen to it!)
  • I then take a makeup sponge and combine the products together in a circular and downward motion until everything is evenly dispersed.
  • Don't use an upward motion to apply your foundation as it'll brush up your tiny face hairs (yes - you have them) in turn making them AND your makeup more noticeable.

On a Side Note - The product description for the Hollywood Glo tells you to use it on top of your makeup rather than mixing it in with your foundation, as you might dilute the shimmer, but I think that's a personal preference depending on how "shimmery" you want your skin to be. I like the subtly of going ahead and mixing it in. But if you mix it in and find that you want to be a little bit more luminous, by all means, dab a little more on top and layer until you get that perfect "Hollywood Glo!"

And Finally, A Historic Fact: Foundation has come a long way since 1562, when it was said that Queen Elizabeth I began to "paint" her face with a combination of white lead and vinegar into a paste that was inches thick in order to help cover her smallpox scars that covered her face. (Whoa, can you imagine??? I'm glad we have much better options these days, in the name of L'Oreal and Benefit Cosmetics:-)

December 11, 2008

Revlon's NEW Lash Fantasy Mascara - Product Review

Mascara is probably the one makeup product I use up the most of in the quickest amount of time. I'm constantly having to buy a new tube - whereas with foundation, eye shadows, and blush, it seems like I can make those last forever!

In a recent beauty blog article from the Wall Street Journal, the focus was on mascara in the cosmetic industry. I found it very interesting that mascara was "the one bright spot" in the last 2 months in terms of sales. Increasing by 4% while cosmetics sales as a whole fell by 4%.

The marketing research group NPD had a statistic in the article, which I found fascinating saying that around 83% of American women use mascara - that is a staggering number in my opinion and shows that if someone could come up with the perfect 10 mascara, they could most certainly become the next Bill Gates or Donald Trump of the cosmetic world!!!

So I'm always in the mood to try a new mascara, especially drugstore brands. I'll drop 7 to 8 bucks anytime to try a new one. And I've tried all the expensive pricey ones too like, DiorShow by Dior and BadGal by Benefit, and personally I don't see a dang bit o difference between those and the ones from Target and WalMart. Lancome's Definicils might be my ONLY exception to that statement, however I'm still ok with NOT paying $21 every month I need a new mascara.

My most recent purchase was Revlon's Lash Fantasy mascara in black. It claims to make your lashes look 70% longer and up to 5 times the impact - How they got those figures and what they base it on, I have no idea. One end has the white primer that you put on first to coat your lashes to create an even longer natural lash, the opposite end has the colored pigment mascara that goes on top. And both ends have the new technology wiggly brushes that everyone seems to be switching too. What does this mean to you the consumer?? Basically, the ends are bendable and easier to grasp at the curved eyelash hairs.

I decided to personally test Revlon's NEW Lash Fantasy Mascara out:
  • I was pretty excited once I applied the white primer because I thought that maybe this was going to blow my socks off because I could slightly tell where it seemed to increase the length of my lashes - they did look longer.
  • Next I put on the actual mascara and it did something the box claimed it wouldn't - it began to clump. No worries, as I ALWAYS use a lash separator brush anyway to de-clump. I was slightly annoyed that clumping happened right off the bat, when it wasn't supposed to.
  • However, once I applied the first coat of color, it was very obvious my lashes were darker, thicker, and a teeny bit longer.
*BEFORE Revlon's New Lash Fantasy Mascara*

*AFTER Revlon's New Lash Fantasy Mascara*

The Final Verdict:

  • If you're looking for a very natural looking lash, this is not the mascara for you.
  • It is very obvious you have on mascara (which is totally fine with me, I always want to look like I have on false lashes!)
  • But it does clump a little.
  • I wouldn't say I had the "fantasy" lashes of my dreams, but I'd give it an 8 out of 10 fantasy lashes.
  • OVERALL, I am still looking for the perfect 10 mascara....I guess my search will continue.

December 10, 2008

Britney Spears - An Image Comeback With Style

Well I have been rooting for Ms. Britney Spears (and I think MOST of us have) ever since her downward spiral became public and splashed all over the media, and I'm happy to report that it looks like Britney is on her way back up that spiral!

It's funny how when most celebrities self implode after being in the spotlight constantly, we are usually like, "good riddance, they got so annoying" (uh hem, Paris Hilton, ugh, I would be fine NEVER seeing her in another celeb magazine).

But with B. Spears, most people I know felt more sorry for her and in a weird way could almost feel empathy for the extreme amount of pressure and scrutiny this young woman was getting while trying to keep her pop star status AND raise two babies back to back!

The pop phenomenon that came out with the #1 MTV smash video/song with "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in 1999 resembled a squeaky clean 17 year old with a decent voice and some good choreography. Yes, she showed a lot of midriff in her videos and on stage, but overall she exemplified age appropriate makeup and style.

Then, the more fame and hits she collected, her good girl image and infectious songs began slowly changing to dare I say, a little on the sluttier side?? I mean, she was 21 when she was awarded her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - that would go to ANYONE's head!! So after that, the scandals began and Brit Brit's look started to slip.

Here's a roller coaster timeline of her look:

2001 - Video Music Awards on MTV - Hot performance with the yellow snake (see picture at the top) - you know you remember it, and if you didn't see it, you definitely heard about it. Britney looked phenomenal, great blonde wavy hair and smokey eyed makeup with a rockin body.

2003 - Spears received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 21- wearing a really ugly pink jacket and jeans, but still keeping up her pretty blonde locks and fresh faced makeup.

2004 - This was a busy year. She had a quicky marriage in Vegas to a childhood friend while wearing a black midriff top and a baseball cap. Nothing says blushing bride like a white baseball cap,right?! I'm a proponent of wearing a hat if you just don't have time to put on your full makeup for running out to the store - but not for getting flippin' married!

October 2004 - Marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline and changing her hair color to dark brown. One of the only times I've seen her with dark hair and honestly wasn't happy with it. Her trademark is that blonde hair and brown just made her look plain ordinary. Oh, and that 2nd wardrobe change into a super short white wedding dress, doesn't exactly scream classy.

2006 through 2007 - Spears has two baby boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, fairly close together and the eventual unraveling of her marriage to K-Fed ends up in a nasty divorce and custody battle. Her weight gain becomes an issue in the cruel media world (although come on, her body never had time to bounce back after getting pregnant so quickly after her first child so the media's unrealistic view of how she should look after having two kids back to back was wrong) and she begins to let her hair, makeup, nails ( a self proclaimed nail biter), and style go!

2007 - The infamous head shaving debacle and paparazzi attack with the umbrella (that part excusable!). Awful, ugly, a really bad choice on her part to shave off the hair.

For the 2007 VMA awards Brit was supposed to make her "comeback" performance, which turned into a huge disappointment and disaster. Her hair stylist allegedly bailed on her right before stage time so her extensions looked ratty and her makeup was ordinary, nothing special. Her body was not quite back up to speed, which is okay, but her outfit choice was unflattering to say the least.

2008 - Her newest hit "Womanizer," from her new album "Circus", her 26th birthday, and a new outlook on life is providing Britney with the comeback we've all been looking for.

In the most recent Glamour magazine January 2009 issue, it displays a happy and healthy looking Spears on it's cover and makes reference to her transformation being more than just physical. I do love her pale pink lipstick she wore on the cover- you can get the same look with Elizabeth Arden's lipstick in Pink Honey ($19.50),or for a cheaper version, MAC's Lipglass ($14.00) in Nymphette. Click on the link above to see a pictorial of the photo shoot from the magazine and how great Britney looks!

She confirms that it has been hard to get her body back after 2 babies, but she's been working really hard. It's also more her speed to be able to stay at home with her kids and watch Sex And The City reruns rather than going out to clubs- hard to believe, but ok. And her resolution(s) for 09 are to "stop worrying so much, learn how to be happier in general, and to not take things so seriously."

I think that sounds like a good plan Britney and I hope you can keep your resolutions so that we can all have our favorite pop star back! Everyone deserves another chance to reinvent themselves.

December 8, 2008

Better Makeup As You Age

There is a common theme amongst most of us as we age, and where our makeup has been and where it is going. Granted this might be a blanket statement and of course won't apply to everyone, but most of us wore too much makeup when we were younger with the ultimate goal of trying to look older. Now, if you continue down that road, then all that makeup will eventually continue to make you look really old unless you update it.

Take these two pics of Vanessa Williams. Yes she was pretty back in her younger Miss America pageant days, but she didn't reeaaallly need that heavy eye makeup, cakey foundation, and dark lipstick. Although she carried it off back in the day, good thing she didn't continue down that road now in her mid 40's. Case in point, her current look is gorgeous and less fussy. Her neutral color palette fits her just right.
Here are some *JennySue tips* to getting the most out of your makeup as you age:
  • "Less is more" is true in that you need to use a lighter hand in the application of your makeup as you age.
  • Don't necessarily use less types of makeup, but use lighter colors on your eye shadows that aren't too harsh and don't exaggerate your fine lines.
  • Eyeliner colors should stick to neutrals like browns/bronzes and soft blacks at the lash line. Natural is key. Green liner, not so natural.
  • Lots of mascara on those upper lashes to play up the eyes.
  • Keep your eyebrows full and well groomed. No youthful face has pencil thin eyebrows.
  • Use foundation whether it be a tinted moisturizer or a full coverage makeup. Everyone can benefit from more even skin tone.
  • Wear brighter sheerer lipstick to brighten your face. The key is "sheer" and bright- matte lipsticks can look dull and actually make your lips look thinner. As you age, your lips loose their fullness, so you need to add a little extra color. Add some shiny gloss in the center of your lip to give the illusion of a fatter upper and lower lip.

It is possible to feel great as your face ages- makeup is your friend and you should use her.

December 6, 2008

Kat Von D Exclusive Makeup Line For Sephora

For those of you that aren't familiar with the name Kat Von D, she is a famous tattoo artist. She has her own tattoo shop in LA and basically has become even more famous since her reality show started airing on TLC, called "LA Ink" which follows Kat and her employees (other well known tattoo artist in their own right) around and focuses on the backstory of their clients and why they're getting the tattoos that they are. Now I know reality shows are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I am obsessed with this one because I find her a fascinating artist on many levels.

Some interesting biographical facts about Kat Von D:
  • She is fairly young at age 26 and started tattooing as a 14 year old so obviously she has plenty of beautiful tattoos herself.
  • Here's a cool fact. Kat is a classically trained pianist (Beethoven was one of her favorite composers, and she has a couple of tats dedicated to him). Talk about a renaissance woman.
  • She has built a booming tattoo following that includes many celebrities
  • She even helped Denise Richards fix her Charlie Sheen tattoo after their nasty divorce by turning his name into a butterfly image!
  • Wait a minute....I have a question? Who in their right mind gets a flippin Charlie Sheen tattoo in the first place??
  • AND now Kat Von D has created an exclusive makeup line for Sephora! Wow she's been busy.

I always notice when watching her reality show, how much I love the elaborate and goth-like makeup she wears. It doesn't surprise me that she would be good at makeup application, since she's such an amazing artist and can create artwork on people's skin with a needle and ink. Whether or not you like/agree with tattoos, you have to admit it takes talent to be able to pull off good tattoos on someone, I mean it's permanent artwork and you don't get a second chance to make it perfect! Well, unless you're Denise Richards and have a Charlie Sheen tattoo.

Her line for Sephora is limited to a handfull of products but keeps true to her tat roots and what she knows and wears herself - which is smokey eyes, exaggerated winged liquid liner, and blood red lips (her 4 lipstick colors are only in shades of red!). The black and white packaging features a rose drawing she created herself and has a rock n roll edge to it. She even has a collection of makeup brushes that are tagged as "TattooTools"-pretty witty huh? Her two eyeshadow palettes help you to create any dark smokey eye you can think of and she even offers a black lip gloss which is a new rage since the black nail polish trend has started to die down and we all need a new way to look just a little bit edgy.

But if you're not into the red lips, dark eye shadows, etc, at least check out her reality show on Thursday nights. I never thought I'd shed a tear watching a show about tattoo artists, but some of the stories behind why people get their tattoos, like loved ones lost and life struggles that have changed peoples lives for the better, are really quite moving!! I guess I have a soft spot for why some people get their tattoos as I recently got one myself. I included my personal photo from when I got inked this summer.

I went to the best tattoo place in Georgia Pain & Wonder in Downtown Athens. What did I get? I got 3 stars on the top of my foot that represent and remind me of how blessed I am to have my three boys Scott (my husband), Jack (my oldest) and Walker (my little 7 month old). I truly believe that my two little boys are a gift from God as well as my super supportive husband. I wished on a star every night when hoping to get pregnant. It was a fitting design.

December 4, 2008

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008 - Supermodel Phenoms

I'm not sure how many of the rest of you subjected yourselves to watching the 2008Victoria's Secret Fashion show last night, but I was definitely one of them. I put myself through it each year. For some reason I find strange joy in watching women extremely more genetically gifted than myself prance around in their underwear for an hour. Twisted huh???

Watching these "seemingly" perfect female models strut their ridiculously voluptuous selves down the runway always makes me feel like "Wow, what an inspiration to step up my beauty regime a wee bit." But to be completely honest, it's an overwhelming thought to try step up my sexy game and become the Marisa Miller I know I have in me somewhere! Those models have a whole team of people working behind the scenes to make them look that good - come on - they don't roll out of bed that way. Although, most of them did win the "gene pool lottery" with those bodies and fabulous hair, so they've got a lot to work with.

The annual event that started in 1995 has become a televised lingerie phenomenon on CBS and via the Internet. I remember when it was just a basic runway show with fairly unknown models walking down the runway in their underwear. Now it's turned into a huge almost Broadway-like production with elaborate backdrops, lights, musical performances, and costume (lingerie) changes.

This year it was based in Miami and I must say, was not as impressive a showing as I've seen in the past. The models looked gorgeous as usual, but there was no Tyra Banks this year (she retired from it last year) and as much as she gets on my nerves, with her silly talk show, the show was missing her diva like presence. Heidi Klum was strutting down the catwalk, but she wasn't given a special spot light or anything like in past shows, she was just thrown into the mix with the rest of the no name models. However, she did look AWESOME for birthing 3 children. I hate her for that - or should I be inspired by her ability to bounce her body back like that??? I think I'll be inspired. And model Alessandra Ambrosia just had her first baby like 3 months ago - REALLY?? Is that fair?? I think NOT!

The lingerie was pretty, but it was hard to focus on the lingerie for all the "extra stuff" they put over it. There were belts, neck and wrist cuffs, weird silver and gold ribbons wrapping up the legs, the usual angel wings made of whatever wacky stuff the wardrobe people thought of. So it was kind of a mish-mash. I did enjoy the black and white themed portion of the show which highlighted black and white and silver lingerie, which was more pretty than avant garde.

The music was random with Usher doing a couple live performances (he's no Justin Timberlake who performed a couple years ago), some live orchestra music, and a random guy whom I've never heard of beating some drums and trying to give some Miami flair. It just all didn't make sense and the models couldn't seem to really find a groove marching down the runway.

The most important thing I look at though of course, is their makeup. That, they did do right, well....almost. The makeup artists seemed to go for an ethereal-angelic look for the models - pale shimmery eyes with lots of false eyelashes. The skin was super highlighted, and the lips were slick pinks and peaches - What, no Christmas red lips?? Too shiny skin on model Marisa Miller (last year's Sports Illustrated cover model and my husbands' admittedly FAVORITE Victoria Secret Angel) made her borderline greasy looking. I understand for effect on the stage they wanted their cheekbones to stand out by highlighting the heck out of their skin, but hers was a bit much. Their cheek color was pretty and looked like they used the popular color "Orgasm" (shimmer peach) by Nars or "Deep Throat" (a more pinky version or Orgasm) by Nars.

I'm attaching a YouTube compilation of some images from last night's show. You can at least see how the faces and bodies of the models are stunning, and the clothing-or lack thereof-is at least creative and entertaining to watch. All I want for Christmas is for the Victoria's Secret Miracle bra to really make me look like Marisa Miller!

December 3, 2008

Vintage Lipcolor Revisited - Clinique's Black Honey

It says a lot that a cosmetic company (Clinique) has kept a lipstick color and formula around for at least 16 years or longer. How do I know that? I was wearing this color in junior high school (and that's been about 16 years ago...woah) and it's still going strong in popularity. I had almost forgotten about Clinique's Black Honey until I recently saw it advertised in one of my favorite beauty magazines.

It's one of the 3 lipsticks that I've found myself purchasing multiple tubes of. The others being:

Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is my new retro lipstick that I plan on bringing back into my lip color collection. This sheer, moist, not quite lipstick, not quite lip gloss formula is a wonderful product and color that almost anybody can wear - seriously, I mean anybody.

The color description of black honey is creative, but it's really more like a sheer blackish-berry. AND the skinny silver Clinique tube fits perfectly in your purse, clutch or even your pocket - which makes it a great everyday color that you can keep with you and reapply all day long! Best of's only 14 wonder I get multiple tubes of it!

Since it's such a sheer color, you can really wear the rest of your makeup anyway you want:
  • Play up the eyes in smokey colors for a more dramatic look like the Clinique face shown.


  • Just wear it with a baseball cap if you're running out the door and need a pretty casual pick-me-up lipstick that's not too fussy.

Another product that goes along nicely with this not-quite-lipstick, is Stila's Glaze lip liner ($16.50), which is a sheer lip liner (feels almost gel-like) designed specifically to be worn with lip stains and glosses. What a revolutionary idea! Yeah, the lip liner is more than the Black Honey, but if you're anything like me, you probably own more lip glosses than lipstick (just a guess) and this liner could really come in handy and you could get your money's worth out of it.

So, if you have never tried this ever popular best seller (where were you in the early 90's??), I suggest you go out and sample it at your local Clinique counter. I think you'll be glad you did.