Ben Nye’s Neutralizing Creme Crayon – Carry On Concealer

**Just a side note for my loyal readers who have been checking my blog and wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted anything in the last 4 days!! Well, I have been super busy this week working on a fashion photo shoot (as the local makeup artist) for the first issue of an exciting new funky fashion and beauty magazine that is going to be launched here in Athens,GA.

I never knew working on a fashion shoot could be so time consuming and exhausting! But wow has it been so much fun and exciting; I’ll keep you all posted as to when the premier issue will be coming out – hopefully to rave reviews!**

I have been trying to think outside of the box recently when trying to find new makeup lines to expand my product collection that I use on my clients (and myself!). Thankfully, in my search I came across a brand of makeup that somehow I’d never heard of before, (how is that possible??) called Ben Nye.

Ben Nye is a makeup company that specializes in theater and stage makeup. The company has been around for over 40 years and was developed by, well who else, but a man named Ben Nye, who worked on Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Paul Newman, Henry Fonda. He also worked as a makeup artist on the epic film “Gone With The Wind” at age 30. He and his company created major makeup transformations for many films and used all that talent to develop his own makeup line which has been carried on by family members.

I found a Ben Nye product that I am sure will change my everyday life.

Ben Nye’s Neutralizing Creme Crayon ($10.00- and listen to me, an absolute steal of a price!). This chubby crayon – like concealer has a wonderful creamy consistency without being a messy liquid or a too dry cake concealer. It’s the perfect size for carrying along in my purse or diaper bag. It allows me to basically just draw on my face wherever it needs to go and whatever it needs to cover up. Then I just rub it in with my finger. The crayon comes in 6 different shades. I purchased two colors – the Red Concealer No1 (to cover red spots and blemishes) and the Mellow Yellow Fair (to help with brown discoloration and purple veins under the eye).

I found this product at a local Athens establishment. JDB offers up anything and everything from novelty gifts, to retro fashion, posters, wigs and much much more – you name it, they’ve got it. You could seriously spend hours in this store and not see everything.

Ben Nye has recently been featured in magazines like Glamour and Lucky, so it’s not just for aspiring theater makeup artists – it’s for the masses too! I encourage anyone to check out their website and read the background history of this talented man named Ben Nye and about all the hundreds of makeup products they offer. It’s really a great, interesting read and the full color photos will most certainly give you some creative ideas and help you get some ahead of the curve planning for your Halloween 2009!!