The Best and Worst Hair and Makeup Trends of The 2009 Golden Globes

Okay, so I love the Golden Globes because all the celebrities get to sit at round tables and chat with one another instead of a boring seated theater side by side, AND they get served alcohol during the whole show! So they all get rowdier and more outspoken as the night progresses,..ugh hem, Mickey Rourke. Ick, did anyone even know he still existed in the film and TV world?? Well he does and I’ve got the shot below to prove it.

There were some major trends that were seen around the females throughout the night. It was almost as if 75% of Hollywood had the same dang stylist and makeup artists because a majority of the actresses had the same look.

Here are JennySue’s Top 6 Trends of the night:

1. Nude Lips & Metallic Smokey EyesI noticed a lot of really low key makeup at the Golden Globes, which honestly got kind of boring for me. I understand you not wanting to overdo the makeup too much if you have a flashy dress; I get balance. But, give us some sort of glamour or hint of color on your face! I mean, that camera is focusing on your face when spanning the room to see if you won your award or not, so get some wow factor on your face!

Hayden Panettiere had the smokey eyes down to a T with her metallic gray shadow and black kohl rimmed eyes. Penelope Cruz. and J. Lo had a great combo of the peachy/nude lip and smudged eyes, and of course tons of false eyelashes. But actresses like Eva Mendes, Marisa Tomei, and Amy Adams could have really used at least a brighter lipgloss.

2. Neutral Colored Dresses – I could not believe how many actresses wore this neutral color in various shades of cement, taupe, cream, and flesh tones. And if you count neutrals as coming in silver and gold, then there was a lot of that too. I can right now rattle off quite a few who took to this trend- America Ferrera (Ugly Betty star), Brooke Burke (Dancing With The Stars), Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgins (High School Musical), Demi Moore, and Angelina Jolie.

But the group of women who wore this shade the best was the group of “Latino Lovelies” that consisted of Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, and Eva Mendes. With their naturally (or spray tanned helped) bronzed skin, they all pulled this color off the best without fading into it.

3. Slick Backed HairI love it when really beautiful women choose to just slick their hair all the way back off their radiant faces to show everyone their features. It looks neat and confident and glamorous. And as all these women know, when you go for simple hair like this, you have to bring it with really neat and groomed eyebrows– because that’s really the only hair on your head that’s getting noticed!

Some of the ladies that chose this look were Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Kate Beckinsale. I mean, if I had a face like Kate B., I’d always wear my hair back to show everyone how pretty I was- wouldn’t you?!!

4. Best of the “Worst” Look of the Night – This was a tie between a man and a woman. Congrats go out to Renee Zellweger and Mickey Rourke for biggest trainwrecks of the night. Their photos speak for themselves…I’m quite sure neither one were thinking clearly when they got dressed for the night. And this is one time Carolina Herrera did her muse Renee a disservice by letting her go out in that dress.

5. Bright Spot of the Night – Cameron Diaz wins my bright spot of the night because she was one of the 4 or 5 actresses that chose to wear COLOR on the red carpet. I know we’re in tough economic times and maybe everyone chose the boring neutral palette to symbolize this “grey” economy we’re in the middle of, but come on. Miss Diaz showed up in a gorgeous asymmetrical pink gown with beautiful bright pink lips to match – her makeup look and dress choice were a breath of fresh air.

6. Most Shocking Accessory of the NightI tend to think I know a bit too much about celebrities, who they’re dating, what kind of tattoos they sport, but I was a bit shocked by one celebrities accessory choice I’d never noticed before.

Did anyone else know that Drew Barrymore (who has fabulous bright blonde hair now!) has a tongue stud?? I’ve always noticed she talks with a slight lisp, but now I realize it can be attributed to the shining metal stud in her tongue! Check it out in this photo!!

The Golden Globes get my vote for the most exciting awards show so far. It was just enough that Angelina and Brad were there in attendance and we got random shots of them every now and then – even though neither one of them won a dang thing. Seeing them made my night though:-) Sad huh??