Best Makeup of the 2009 People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards is the kind of award show I like. Unlike the snoozefest that the Oscars have become where they give out tons of awards to people, movies, and categories none of us care about, the PCA’s focus only on the hottest and up-to-date movies, shows, and actors we all like to read about in our celebrity magazines!!

And The People’s Choice Awards are determined by “WE THE PEOPLE” – people like you and me! – not some snobby Oscar panel who likes to defend the most boring of movies and foreign films.

And for those of you that like foreign films and feel they should get all the cred they deserve, well you might be right, but since I remember only very little from french class in 10th grade, I’d personally like to stick to my American films with no subtitles;-)*

But down to the REAL reason I watched the The People’s Choice Awards – to see what the celebs were wearing and how good or bad their makeup looked! And I’m proud to announce, that there were no real train wrecks!! Everyone seemed to really step up and dress very young and fresh, with no real “froo froo” outfits or hair and makeup.

Here are my JennySue favorite faces:

1. Ellen DeGeneres – Yes, I said Ellen. It’s a shocker for me to put her in this category, but Ellen has gotten a fresh new look and I loved it! The 50 year old comedian rocked a new ‘do in a brighter blonde color that really makes her beautiful blue eyes pop!

And her makeup was really quite lovely – maybe her new gig as the face for CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation ($16) has made her get a new makeup artist or maybe she’s actually wearing the brand new foundation she promotes! If you ask me, it’s working!

But either way – her face lit up with beautiful glowing skin and subdued eye makeup (plenty of eyeliner on top and mascara) and nude lips. Nothing was over the top – but it worked for her.

And even though her partner Portia DeRossi didn’t win anything- she is still stunningly beautiful too! Their makeup styles almost mimicked one another.

2. Carrie Underwood – I know a girl’s got good makeup when my husband actually looks up from the computer to make a comment about how pretty her face is! I wish I knew what foundation or airbrush foundation Carrie uses because her skin always looks perfect, flawless, all those adjectives to describe her unreal skin.

If I had to guess what gives her that matte – perfect skin that doesn’t seem to sweat, I’d say she is using Make Up For Ever’s Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation ($34). This makeup is water resistant, shine controlling, and stays on forever. But if anyone out there has heard what she really uses- please fill JennySue in because I’m going to go buy it! Tons of it, whatever it is.

But one thing she always does right, is she uses balance in her makeup look. She picks one feature to play up and then leaves the others more subtle. For the awards, she chose to go heavy on the eye makeup (dark greenish/gold glitter for her first performance) with lots of false lashes on top, peachy cheeks (my bet is on Orgasm blush by Nars!), and pale peach glossy lips.

3. Jennie Garth – I must first say, that I thought Jennie looked better on television than in this photograph of her red carpet look, but oh well, you will catch my drift.

Jennie was very classy and all the movie star (or 90210 TV star!) look with her simple eye makeup and look-at-me red lips! She wore an LBD (little black dress) and made more of a statement with her hair and bright red lips. I thought she looked grown up (well she is and has 3 kids!) and comfortable and confident. A winning combination in my book. For red lips to go with a fair skin tone like J.Garth’s, choose Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in “Party Red” ($14).

I cannot believe that not one of my picks is a brunette! But, I have to give an award out to all these beautiful blondes who did it right at the PCA’s. They all seemed to really have more fun.