Heidi Klum’s “Very Sexy” Makeup Line for Victoria’s Secret

I reference sexy mom Heidi Klum a lot, because let’s face it, she seems “pretty” much like the perfect woman and entrepreneur.

Heidi has accomplished a ton already. Let’s count it down.

  1. She’s a mom to her three kids (huge job in and of itself)
  2. A wife to Seal (soulful singer if you aren’t familiar)
  3. Creator of Project Runway (my FAVORITE reality show of all time)
  4. Designed her very own clover inspired jewelery line creatively called the “Heidi Klum Collection” with jewelry maker Mouawad
  5. AND, if all that isn’t enough, she also has helped design her own makeup line with Victoria’s Secret – the lingerie giant that made her a superstar!

The “Very Sexy” makeup line, just makes sense to have Heidi’s input. I mean, she is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, and makeup on someone that naturally gorgeous doesn’t hurt. I’m willing to buy into pretty much anything this woman is selling – especially if it’s makeup and gives me a small chance of looking even a teeny tiny bit like her! When asked what inspiration she had behind making the Very Sexy collection with Victoria’s Secret, she said she was looking for chic and colorful makeup that wasn’t too over-the top, but definitely sexy.

Here are some options for us regular folks that could help turn us into a Victoria’s Secret supermodel (or at least a more glamorous version of our natural selves!)

“Heidi Klum Collection Glitter Liquid Liner” ($10) This liquid eyeliner in color Licorice is the perfect mix of emerald/gold/and black sparkle. These colors complement any eye color and give your eyes an instant boost. I’m obsessed with the idea of this color combination and the addition of glitter. Just make sure you’ve practiced your liquid liner technique!

“Heidi Klum Collection Lip Gloss” ($12) Her lip gloss in color Cupcake is a beautiful peachy/gold pink that is sure to give you a sexy pout and looks great with a sultry smokey eye. This is a super glossy and seductive color.

“Heidi Klum Collection Silky Eye Shadow Quad” ($20) And to get that smokey eye to wear with your Cupcake lip gloss, this eye shadow quad has 4 colors that really work well when worn all together. Heidi’s the queen of smokey eye, and if she wears these colors, I’m sure gonna give them a try!

So now when you go to pick up your favorite bra in a different color from Victoria’s Secret, make sure to check out the Heidi Klum “Very Sexy” makeup collection while you’re there. Because we could all use a little more “sexy” in our everyday lives couldn’t we??