JennySue Makeup Product Review – MAC’S Glitter Brillants

I’m always searching for new makeup products that can add a little FUN to my look. I get slightly bored with the typical lip gloss, mascara, and blush. So I made a special trip to the MAC cosmetics counter in search for something to add a little drama to my everyday look.

Enter MAC’s Glitter Brillants ($18). This “fun” pot of glittery, sparkly, colored eye shimmer is just what I needed. I bought it in “Antique Gold” and found it was the most wearable color out of the bunch. The great thing about this eye product is that it can be used dry or wet, so it’s like you’re getting two products in one.

When used dry (picture below shows dry usage on top, wet application underneath), you can make the application as sheer as you want; just use it on the top of the eyelid to create just enough interest and light sparkle. Most people think when they hear the description “glitter” they automatically think stage makeup, theater, or drag queen, and that it can’t be worn everyday. WRONG.

Of course I think there should be no rules when it comes to makeup and you can make any product work anytime of day if applied right.

  • With this glitter, for everyday wear you should apply it dry
  • Sweep it over just the top of the lid either by itself
  • OR in conjunction with a similar shade of eyeshadow
  • When used as a layer on top of the matching shadow, it creates a bit more depth.
  • It will make your eyes have just enough sparkle that people will wonder what you’re up to!

When used wet (the second line underneath the dry one), the glitter brillants takes on a whole new look and sometimes color. It almost looks like liquid metal; which is the best description I can give. The color immediately gets darker and more opaque, but with a sparkle. It’s much more dramatic and in your face, which is so fun.

  • If you do wear it wet, a great way to use it is as sparkly eyeliner instead of traditional liner.
  • Just take a liner brush, wet the tip, dip in the pot of glitter
  • AND draw along the lash line from the tear duct all the way to the end of the eyelashes
  • AND wing it up slightly.
  • This will give a subtle Super rock-star look!

Now as much as I love my new product, it has taken a little practice to perfect. Glitter tends to run and jump all over your eye bed so start with a light application and keep adding until you get the look you want. The staying power is good. However, it’s not going to last all day until they make eyeshadow hairspray to make glitter stick!

Oh, and if you’ve got lots of fine lines and wrinkles, or have skin that isn’t aging well, this is not the product for you. It will only make those lines more noticeable. But there I go making “rules,” so take my previous statement as more of an “opinion.” Enjoy your MAC Glitter Brillants!