Look Like “Gossip Girl” Leighton Meester

I’m sure lots of people have different opinions on who is the prettiest actress on the CW’s hit TV show Gossip Girl, but I know who my pick is, and it’s Leighton Meester, AKA, Blair Waldorf- the “snooty”one of the bunch! Now I certainly don’t pick her because of the character she plays because she’s a rotten young Park Avenue lady, but she’s super stylish and put together on AND off the camera, and her makeup is always impeccable.

There is one makeup look that Leighton seems to wear often and it looks effortless. Here are some suggestions on how to get it if you share Miss Meester’s fair to medium skin tone.

Skin– Since Leighton is young Hollywood, the skin needs to stay looking young and not cakey and heavy. The way to achieve that is through tinted moisturizer, such as Paula Dorf’s Face Tint ($38) which contains SPF 15 (a must to keep away those pesky wrinkles from the sun).

Eyes The eyes are kept soft with a combination of a shimmery white shadow from the lash to crease, and a platinum silver in the crease. Stila’s eyeshadow pans in Moonlight and Diamond Lil ($18.00 each). Follow this with a charcoal eyeliner all along the top of the eyelid and lots of black mascara!

Cheeks Nothing compares to the blush formula of Nars. It will be hard for me to ever recommend anything else in the blush category! Try Nars Deep Throat or Orgasm ($25) right on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion.

Lips Her lips are super glossy and no liner needed to keep it young and fresh looking. Try Nars gloss in Chihuahua ($24)

If Blair could purchase all these items in one fatal swoop, which she probably could with her bank account, she’d go to Beauty.com. This is a mega online beauty store with tons of makeup, hair, and skin care products you could possibly imagine and every beauty brand you can think of, including hard to find (obscure) brands!

Have fun getting your Upper Eastside look, XOXO, JennySue