Best Fake Bake Look – Max Factor’s Color Genius Mineral Bronzer

I’m all about some bronzing products whether it be spray tan, self tan tanners, or bronzing powders, because I certainly didn’t inherit my mother’s beautiful Cherokee Indian skin.

I got my dad’s Irish – “Wow you’re super pale.” – lily white skin! But I know I know, some people, including my mother, tell me to love and appreciate my “fair” or “porcelain” skin. But sometimes I just feel better with a tan, sun kissed look. Therefore, I gotta fake it when I want it.

And thank goodness I found this product.

Max Factor’s Color Genius Mineral Bronzer ($10) in Sun Kissed. This is a loose mineral bronzing powder which does a fabulous job of giving you a seriously “sun kissed” glow (are you noticing a theme?) and it doesn’t make you look like an old copper penny as we know that some bronzers can do.

This products contains an ingredient called “flamenco gold flecks“, which I had never heard of, but once applied, you can truly see a hint of gold in your skin. Genius Mineral Bronzer really looks pretty and the best part about it? It’s not tacky.

JennySue Tip for Application: Now a little word to the wise when you want to mimic Eva Mendes‘ bronze glow.
  • When you use this product – a little goes a looong way
  • Use a big bronzer brush, dip and swirl along the top, then blow off the top of your brush before you actually apply it to your skin
  • It’s very easy to layer so better to start off lightly
  • After applying this along your T-Zone (where the sun naturally hits your face) don’t forget the spot under your neck that is always lighter than the rest of your face and neck.
You are gonna love your “Yes, I did just got back from Cancun” or “Oh, you reaaallly think I look like Eva??” look. Thanks Max Factor for getting this bronzer right. Now go buy it before Spring Break gets here!