Bobbi Brown’s Brights Eye Palette – The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

I just turned the Big 31 and since the birthdays are starting to become less exciting the older I get, it takes a really special birthday present to get me pulled out of my “old lady” rut. I know I know, I should cherish each year that I’m given on this earth and not complain about birthdays – I get that, and I do love life! How could I not, with a great career, a wonderful husband and two beautiful little boys…but let’s be realistic, who’s up for celebrating birthdays after they’ve left their 20’s??

Well, let me tell you something! My sweet sister-in-law snapped me out of my birthday rut, by bestowing upon me, Bobbi Brown’s Brights Eye Palette ($70). And low and behold I’m celebrating turning 31with my fun new eye shadows and not looking back! This cute little fold up compact is full of 35 miniature bright eye shadows, all matte – no shiny sparkles, with a huge range of blues, greens, purples, pinks, even yellows.

Granted some of these colors are so bold and bright, that they might only have a place being used on a runway or a fashion shoot, but I find them intriguing and wondering how I can wear them on a daily basis! Each shadow is about the size of a Skittle or M&M (notice my picture and the blue M&M off to the side to compare size) so they’re pretty tiny. But with such dynamic and deeply pigmented colors, one should only use a very small amount of each anyway.

Tricks to wearing such bright and colorful shadows

  • Use them on just your upper eyelid
  • With lots of mascara
  • Then keep the rest of your makeup simple with a nude lip
  • Or a sheer gloss, (like this Gucci model and Nelly Furtado below)

You will notice, that the model on the left has her bright shadow underneath her eye, which in the real world (meaning non-runway use) would need to be flipped to the upper eye lid for us non-models! It’s just more wearable that way.

Miss Nelly (is 31 just like me!) may not be walking the runway, but this musical talent is not afraid to take makeup risks just like a model! She is actually rocking yellow shadow (Buttercup and Day Glow in the BB palette are yellow options), which is tough to do, but with her light caramel skin, she can pull it off.

So if you’re in the mood for experimenting with some beautiful and bright shadows, this Bobbi Brown palette is a fun way to go about your experiment!