L’Oreal Infallible Longwearing Lipgloss Product Review

I’m a sucker for lipglosses of any kind. So when I saw the advertisement for L’Oreal’s Infallible Lipgloss ($10) that claims to stay on for 6 hours- I HAD to try it!!
I first wanted to find out “What the definition of “infallible” means?” and “Why L’Oreal would choose that name?” It didn’t seem like a very glamourous word, so it had to have great meaning!
Infallible is defined as, “incapable of failure or error.” Okay, so that makes sense; it’s supposed to last for 6 hours without fail!
I bought my first color, Coral Sands, in the lipgloss and wore it out to a romantic dinner with my husband last night. We went to a very popular Downtown Athens restaurant, the Last Resort Grill If you are in the Athens area and have not tried out the Last Resort, it is a must! Okay, let me rewind:

I put it on about one hour before we left and had a couple cocktails ~ Then, we were at the restaurant for about one hour and a half, ate salads with yummy Gorganzola dressing, bread and butter, steak, and more wine ~ At one point, I excused myself to the ladies room to powder my nose, and much to my surprise it was still pretty true to color, not quite as shiny as when first applied, but definitely still glossy ~ Now, this was only about 2 and a half hours after my first application, but I think that’s pretty skippy for a lipgloss the fact that it stayed through lots of eating and drinking!
Here are some JennySue personal points about Infallible Lipgloss:

  • It smells really good – like buttercream icing!! Mmmmmm
  • The applicator is slightly bent at the end so you can scrape around all sides of the container to get the most product out. Genius!
  • The top of the applicator is mirror-like so you can kind of apply it without a mirror. It’s not crystal clear, but good enough.
  • It’s really hydrating and not crusty feeling or dry once applied. It is slighty tacky, but what longwear lipgloss isn’t??
  • There’s no extra top coat or finisher. It’s just an all in one product – so simple!
  • This longwearing Lipgloss comes in 16 color options.

I purchased four seperate colors in the different catagories of shades L’Oreal offers (this follows the order of the colors shown on my arm from bottom to top):

  1. Pinks- “Blush”
  2. Corals- “Coral Sands”
  3. Browns- “Dulce De Leche”
  4. Reds- “Fiery” (this one seems more mauve/gold when applied, but I could be wrong!)

Why did I buy 4 of them?? Well I logged onto lorealparis.com and registered with them, and printed off a $3 off coupon when buying 2 products. When I went to buy them at my local Kroger, they were already on sale for $6.99, down 3 bucks from the original $9.99 price. So, I figured why not give myself a bevy of colors to choose from at such a steal!
Longwear lipglosses and lipsticks NEVER last as long as the manufacturer claims, that’s a given. But I would say this one lasts pretty darn true for around 2 hours when major eating and drinking are going on – so it could last around 3 hours if you’re in between meals 😉
I say try at least one before Valentine’s Day and you want to stay pretty through whatever plans you have with your honey!