February 23, 2009

Oscar Night 2009 - Most Beautiful Celebrity Makeup Awards

Jennifer Aniston and Brangelina were in the same building at the same time at the same awards show!! Wow!! That made this year's Oscar's night exciting enough for me. But it didn't hurt that both the former Mrs. Pitt and the current Mrs. Pitt brought their A game when it came to hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Let's start with the always approachably (is that a word?) gorgeous Jen Aniston. I loved that the 40 year old star took a fresh young approach to her hair with a small front braid that casually weaved into the rest of her hair that she wore down.

Her makeup was predictable with taupes and champagnes on her eyes (I always feel like she wears Stila's "Kitten" eye shadow pan) and peach cheeks, but she did seem to have a heavier hand with the application so it seemed a bit more elegant. Her dress was a pretty sparkly cream form fitting strapless dress, but nothing to write home about. Oh, and we got a quick shot of her date Jon Mayer, but he doesn't hold a candle to her handsome ex unfortunately ;-).

Now onto Angelina Jolie. Of course Angie was a striking villainous contrast to all the big fluffy lightly colored ball gowns of the night worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Marissa Tomei, Penelope Cruz, and such. Mrs. Pitt wore a plunging strapless black (shocking?!) dress, which wasn't the big deal. It was her gi-normous emerald stoned jewels that hung from her ears and ring on her finger that made her look a show stopper. They were the most perfect accessory to her simple gown and hair.

Now onto her makeup. Angelina literally has the most perfect skin in Hollywood. All the closeups done by the TV guy, showed that this woman doesn't have a wrinkle on her face and looks like she hardly wears any foundation! Her signature cat eyes with just heavy liquid liner on the top eyelid were in full effect, and her lips appeared to only have gloss on them.

And ladies, have I found a lip plumper that reeallly gives you Angie lips.

Too Faced Lip Injection ($18.50). Holy moly, I tried this stuff, and slathered it all over my lips just thinking it would slightly tingle like most lip plumpers. 3 minutes later I asked my hubby if there were flames jumping off my lips! They were on fire; I had used waaay too much. A little goes a long way with this stuff and truly gives your lips more fullness.

Another tid bit about this product is that it's best used alone and not on top of any lipstick, because as it makes your lips swell when used over color. The color bleeds out into the fine lines around your mouth. I used the clear version, but if you want a little more color Lip Injections comes in sheer colored versions.

Oh, and how odd is this pic of the Pitt couple?! It shows the more you're around your spouse the more you start to mimic each other's actions and motions! And Brad's facial hair is a definite trend right now on the men in Hollywood, so my hubby is sporting his own Brad look and made sure to point that out to me since I'm not a huge facial hair fan ;-)

It's hard for me to pick who to give the Oscar to between Angie and Jen because I think their looks are sooo totally different, so I'm going to call a tie between the two of them.

Two honorable mentions of the night- go to Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry. Anne's porcelain skin and perfectly placed false eyelashes (check those puppies out!) made her face really stand out as a young starlet. And who knew the girl could sing so well in her short duet with Hugh Jackman in the beginning?? I was super impressed.

Then there was Halle Berry, who was one of the presenters for Best Actress (went to Kate Winslet by the way - she has definitely looked better than she did last night, very boring). Halle's body was back to pre-baby shape in a beautiful strapless black and gold floor length gown and her makeup was stunning! She did a wonderful dark smokey eye with nude shiny lips. Her face is just ridiculous and she could probably just wear Chapstick and still turn heads.

The Oscars were much more enjoyable this year and I liked the frequent set changes they did to keep it interesting since most of the movies they tout, I've never even seen. Congrats to all the winners and even those nominated - it was a magical night.


Ally said...

I can't stand Anne Hathaway, but her skin is absolutely flawless! She is stunning and I loved her dress last night. It looked like vintage Valentino (which Jen Anniston wore) but I think it was Armani maybe?

Halle & Anne both always look classically elegant. Last night was no exception. What did you think of Reece Witherspoon and Kate Winslet's hair & makeup? They were in my top 5 as well. But Anne Hathaway was my winner. Just wish she weren't such a anti-Christian, flaming liberal.

Btw, loved the golf video of little Jack. He is so adorable, and talented. I couldn't hit those golf balls to save my life!

Great blog as always Jenny! Thank you :)

abbey said...

I wish I could like Anne Hathaway... I just can't ... even after her little performance in the opening... ?? Can't pinpoint why? Her lashed do look fabulous though!

I LOVE Jen's hair braid (launch party maybe??).... and her makeup looks so natural!! :)

you know I like Brad (and scotts) facial hair... my hubs has it almost year round!!!

Halle... flawless!!

Loving your blog!!

JennySue said...

I thought Reece's dress was "interesting" as I liked the use of royal blue, but her makeup sucked, excuse my french. Her cheeks and lips were washed out and her eye makeup was very haphazard. Kate's look was safe makeup wise, and her hair was ugly and looked very old fashioned and too hairsprayed. Unfortunate for such a talented actress.

You're hilarious about Anne Hathaway- that kind of categorizes most of Hollywood though right? Good thing they're all in acting and not politics.

Thanks for following!