Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2009::Model Makeup like Bar Refaeli

So the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue came to my house and of course I had to thumb through it. Yea, it’s geared toward men, but I’m always really interested in seeing the latest swim fashions and who the next up and coming SI cover model is! (It was Bar Refaeli this year, she dates Leonardo DiCaprio by the way. What a life!)

It’s really entertaining, but kind of like torture too. I look at these teenagers (yes, lots of these models are 18 and 19) and think, dangit I need to hit the gym and eat another helping of carrots and air. But that thought fades away a few pages into it, when I realize these girls probably have some major photo shopping going on. I mean, I could look like that after a couple swipes on my Mom’s computer (she photoshops for a living, isn’t that cool!) and still enjoy my beer and cheeseburgers. So I keep flip-flopping on my thoughts.

What I do love about the SI Swim issue is that these girls really don’t seem to wear that much makeup – it’s all about the swimsuit fashion and looking casually beach fabulous. Because let’s face it – no one is really looking at their faces; why bother with dramatic makeup!?! It’s smart styling to keep the focus on the suits and the bodacious bods.

This issue gets me thinking about the arrival of warm weather and getting a good summer tan (everyone feels better with some color on their skin, right??). Look, I’m not unrealistic to think I can actually look like one of these girls from the issue that are in the 1% category of perfect 10 bodies, but there are some products that can help me achieve a sexy simple summer look. Without the 7 day a week workouts and extreme diets 😉

  • Nars Body Glow ($60) :: If you want to look bronzed and beautiful then this pricey body oil, is the way to go to add that caramel sheen look to your skin. You can simply slather it all over your arms, legs, torso or wherever else you like. Use it minimally so as not to appear too greasy – let’s try to keep it at a warm glow.
  • Stila Convertible Color ($25) :: Your best bet is NOT to use a powder blush, but to use a gel or cream formula. It soaks into your skin to look like real naturally flushed cheeks just in from a run on the sandy beach, or a yummy stout margarita! And the great thing about this product is that it can double as a sheer lip color! Wow! Try the color “Gerbera” and just be sure to use an SPF lip balm underneath.

  • Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara ($9) :: You have to wear a waterproof mascara if you’re going to be on a beach or anywhere near water! Especially if you want to look fabulous and not have raccoon eyes! Get this mascara and go brown for color so that you get more naturally beautiful longwear lashes.

  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted moisturizer ($12 ) :: You don’t want to look like you’re attending a Miss USA pageant with thick foundation while you’re in your bikini, so a tinted moisturizer is the way to go. You can find these with SPF included and your face will be moisturized while having a more flawless look without looking too makeup-y!

Now I’m not promising you’re going to look like last years SI cover model Marisa Miller (to the left- she’s ridiculously pretty), or this year’s Bar Refaeli without some help from a talented plastic surgeon! But these products are not a bad start to looking pretty while wearing a swimsuit. If your body is less than Sports Illustrated Ready- glam up your face – it’ll take the focus upward!!