Too Faced Cosmetics – Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer::Helps Your Shaddow Last All Day

Yesterday was an extremely special day as my friends and I hosted a beautiful baby shower. The shower was for my best friend whom I’ve known since elementary school (the mommy-to-be in the pink 3rd from the right-obvious I guess!) and is due to have her first baby in March!

Now everyone who knows me, also knows that I am a huge crier when it comes to weddings and baby showers and any other sentimental occasion.

Well, in preparing my makeup for the party I anticipated there was “gonna be some crying going on”, so I made sure that my eyeshadow wasn’t going anywhere!

How did I accomplish this feat you might ask?? With the help of a product called:

Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer by Too Faced Cosmetics ($17).

I was just recently introduced to Too Faced cosmetics by a makeup fairy (Thanks Danica 😉) and I must say, I am extremely impressed by the products I have tried so far!

This phenomenal eye shadow primer successfully kept my purple eyeshadow in place All Day Long – yep, even through many tears of joy! Here’s the steps on how to best apply your new Too Faced “Eye Shadow Primer”
  • The primer is applied to bare eyelids with your fingertip
  • You seriously only need to use a tear drop amount per eyebed
  • This silicone based product keeps your dry shadows and cream shadows from fading and creasing while also intensifying your original shadow color when applied!
  • It seriously keeps your eyeshadow on lock down for hours!
  • This is the most affordable “insurance” I know of and is certainly worth the $17 price tag because if used minimally, it will last forever.
Keep an eye out for more “Too Faced Cosmetics” product reviews from me in my upcoming blogs during the month of February