Happy Easter & Happy Spring Shoe Shopping from GoJane.com

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! What a gorgeous day it has been to celebrate with my boys (left, getting their Easter baskets) and friends here in Athens, GA. The weather has been perfect, the flowers and trees are in bloom, and I have a little “spring” in my step – as in, I have on new-affordable-trendy sandals!!!

Nothing says it’s Easter like a new pair of shoes. I remember as a little girl growing up in Southwest Georgia, I looked so forward to Easter Sunday because my mom and I would go out shopping way before the big day to pick out my NEW Easter outfit, usually accompanied with a new pair of matching shoes. Now I know you all like to check out my blog for makeup tips, but today I just had to share my new fashion find (makeup and fashion go hand in hand right??).

I have not been a huge online clothes or shoe shopper in the past because I am reluctant to not be able to see and touch the quality before putting down the credit card. But I’ve found a website that has put those fears to rest for shoe shopping. That website is gojane.com.

I’ve been in search for the perfect sandals for spring/summer. I had a specific color and style in mind that I just couldn’t find on all my shoe hunts. So when I came across a recommendation for this website in one of my fashion magazines as a low priced online retailer I decided to give it a shot. When I first logged onto the shoe category on the website (they sell other clothing and accessory items too) it took awhile for the page to pull up because they literally sell 100’s of shoe styles. And the prices at gojane.com are ridiculous – and in ridiculous, I mean ridiculously inexpensive.

Who knew you could get the latest trends in sandals, pumps, and wedges, for under $30?? The shipping was very reasonable for the two pair that I purchased. My delivery came within a week of placing the order, and the quality was really good for the little bit I paid for my wonderful new shoes!

What was the biggest surprise of all after I received my shoes and wore them for the first time?? Just days later, I received my latest edition of Lucky magazine. It was then I saw my newest pair of ankle strap gladiator-esque camel colored sandals shown in black, from a different designer, Matt Bernson. And guess what…his shoes were like 9 times the price I paid for my gojane.com shoes ($190 compared to mine, which were like $18)!! Woah!! And another plus was that my same trendy sandals were recently shown on Ashley Tisdale, however I’m pretty sure she paid more for hers;-)

Enjoying Easter Sunday with my family and friends, watching the final round of the Master’s, basking in the spring sun and blooming tulips, eating your child’s Easter candy until you feel nauseous, and finding trendy sandals you can actually afford…priceless.