Quick Beach Beauty Makeup

I’ve been on a much needed mini vacation down to Grayton Beach, Florida for some R&R! My husband and I (along with 4 other couples) got super lucky as the weather was gorgeous. I experienced two of the most beautiful and sunny days a girl laying out could ask for. This pic is of me along with my wonderful girlfriends/fellow sun worshippers (from the left, Megin, Alice, Me, Ashley & Ansley).

Of course since most of our days consisted of sun, sand, swimsuits, and sunglasses, makeup was not a high priority (yes, even for myself). However, I didn’t go sans makeup; but just a little lighter on the products used.

Here was all I needed to keep me looking laid back and pretty:

1. Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer with SPF 20. This kept my face “sun screened” while also keeping my skin moisturized and turning a pretty tan color throughout the day without the makeup or the burning!

2. Waterproof mascara and curled lashes. This is all you need for your eyes – mascara does the trick to give you a slightly finished look. You’re going to be wearing sunglasses all day to protect your eyes right??

3. Lip stain + SPF lipbalm. My favorite combination of choice that gives your mouth a hint of color without looking like you’re trying to hard while relaxing on the beach. I wore Palladio’s Lip Stain ($6, from Sally Beauty Supply) in Pinky color on my lips which gave them the most natural fresh pink tint without a heavy lipstick look.

This formula is not drying and is built like a magic marker so you can have the ability to precisely draw your lip shape and color it in! After letting the stain set in for about a minute, I added Softlips lipbalm with SPF 20 in strawberry flavor on top of the stain. This lipbalm found at Target is slim and smells yummy and soaks in nicely while protecting your smile.

How low maintenance can you get for a beach face?? I had a blast but now have to get back to reality and back to blogging. Many thanks to my beautiful girlfriends (and their husbands of course!) who reminded me of the importance of true friendships and the art of relaxing on the beach to help rejuvenate a busy mom of two sweet little boys!!