Becca Cosmetics :: The Hidden Secret to Skin Perfect Makeup

“The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.”- Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder of BECCA Cosmetics

I recently traveled into the big city of the ATL (Atlanta, GA) for a fabulous makeup event with Becca Cosmetics at the equally fabulous apothecary and spa that is Entebello. I won’t “ooh” and “ahh” too much, but for those of you in and around the Atlanta area, it is SO worth it to take a trip in there.

If you are a girly-girl like moi who loves everything makeup, beauty, nails, skin, etc, you need to experience this very glamorous yet inviting speciality boutique. They carry some really cool and cult beauty items you won’t find anywhere else, even Sephora! And the sales people at Entebello couldn’t be more friendly and knowledgeable of their products (Thanks again Molly & Jason!).

For a quick backstory- Becca Cosmetics was founded by a makeup artist from Australia, Rebecca Williams, who was frustrated because she was never able to find the perfect foundation. So what did she do? She created her own line of weightless foundations and concealers to fit her needs! This line of cosmetics has a range of over 30 colors of concealers and foundations that can fit any ethnicity and skin tone– quite a difference from the 6-8 color choices you might find from your local Walgreens!

Back to my Entebello experience, as I sat comfortably in my white leather chair, Jason Cecil (Becca extraordinaire!), made me over with the help of this exquisite line. And the company practices what it preaches of really focusing mainly on skin products, because let’s face it, without perfect looking skin, the rest of your makeup look will totally fall flat.

Here are my top 4 product picks from this line that could really make your day:

  1. Luminous Skin Colour with SPF 25 ($42). This is the perfect combo (seen above) of moisturizer and sheer tint of color to “e v e n” out your skin tone without looking cakey. And it’s truly weightless and tons of colors to choose from, so you’ll totally be able to color match yourself.
  2. Line & Pore Corrector ($36). This magic soft focus primer minimizes lines and visibly refines large pores. It’s packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients so that the oil-free formulation provides an exceptionally smooth base for all of your makeup application needs.
  3. All of their Beauty Tools (Range from around $20-$65). I bought their Powder & Bronzer brush which is seriously one of the most luxurious feeling bristled brushes (made from raccoon hair, which doesn’t sound so glamorous, but I promise you, it’s unbelievably soft!) I’ve ever owned. It is large and fluffy enough to sweep bronzer over your whole face, neck, and chest! The rest of the eye and foundation brushes also feel killer. And if there’s one thing I always say, if you’re gonna spend a lot of money on something, spend it on well made makeup tools.
  4. Glossy Lip Tint ($23). These lip glosses are non-sticky and conditioning, as well as give a sheer amount of true color. They are slick and have a faint scent of strawberry parfait-yum! What girl doesn’t like a good lip gloss?

My photo above is of the Powder and Bronzer brush and two lip tints in color “Caipirinha” & “Afterglow” which are both super wearable. The picture shows the inspiration for Becca’s most recent “Santa Rosa” collection, which has a Latin influence whose color palette is derived from the vibrant tones of Peruvian and Spanish textiles and pottery.

I hope this cosmetic line becomes more popular and more ladies become aware of it. I think they’ve got something good going on here. And if you want to play around with some makeup, head to Entebello and tell them JennySue sent you!