No Doubt, Gwen Stefani is Back After Baby #2

No way! Mrs. Gwen Stefani (wife to musician hottie Gavin Rossdale, and front woman to the band “No Doubt”) made an appearance on the American Idol stage Wednesday night! I could not believe this woman is back on stage with her old band. I love this rockin’ chick for many reasons.

  • She is one of my favorite entertainers.
  • She is a designer extraordinaire with her clothing & perfume line L.A.M.B.
  • She has two little boys like me and that hits close to my heart.
  • AND, she looovveeess makeup!! Gwen is the ultimate glamour girl, but with an edge.

Even though Gwen is ever-changing her hair color and makeup for music videos and performances, there is one singular look which she always comes back to that is very classic to her:

  • blood red lips
  • perfect alabaster skin
  • major black liner and eyelashes
  • oh ,and that platinum blonde/white hair.

Note in the photo at the top and Gwen’s chic look in her Chanel dress, but she also rocks this done-up look while hanging with her boys! to the left

If you’ve ever wondered how to get Gwen’s bad ass look- here’s how (sorry Tom):

1. Eyes :: Fake lashes are a must to get the heavy upper lid look and to get noticed on camera! Revlon’s Fantasy Lengths ($5.50) line of false lashes will give you that really dramatic lash look, and if removed carefully, reusable-so economically sound! These eyelash strips are not for the faint of heart though. They contain their own eyelash adhesive, so no need to go buy separate glue. They are super long, so if you want them a bit more subdued for those of us that aren’t actual rock stars, take a pair of small fingernail scissors and just cut them down slightly – no biggie. ~ Go ahead and draw a line of black eyeliner along the top of your natural lashes ~ then apply the lash strip on top of it ~ let dry, then add another layer of black liner or black eyeshadow to fill in the gaps.

2. Skin :: Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($40) touts to cover skin imperfections while remaining invisible when on camera – perfect for Mrs. Stefani! This foundation comes in a wide range of colors from porcelain to ebony and creates a flawless finish under harsh lights. How’s that for perfection?? And the pump dispenser is a nice touch so you don’t have to dump out too much and end up being wasteful.

3. Lips :: This is where the look makes the biggest statement! To get those blood red lips (matte finish is best), try Lipstick Queen in Red Sinner ($18), which delivers an opaque, rich and creamy finish. Also take a trip to Poppy King’s website to read her story of how she came up with her Lipstick Queen line (love the business name!) – very inspirational reading for any budding entrepreneur.

Now you’ve got your makeup bag ready to go, it’s time to rock out! And if you just don’t think you can pull off the whole Gwen look, take bits and pieces of her look and make them work for you.