Q-tips Has A New Beauty Advisor – Troy Jensen!

I buy Q-tips like I buy milk for my hungry household of 3 growing boys (Jack, Walker and my hubby, that’s not him below it’s Mr. Troy Jensen) – I buy both products very often.

I know I talk a bunch about this very inexpensive drugstore product, however, it deserves a lot of praise and accolades. It is a budget friendly beauty tool for use during these tough economic times – how tired are you of hearing that line?? Ugh, but true.

Most recently the Q-tip family has signed on one of my favorite celebrity makeup artists that I love to follow, Troy Jensen, as one of their online and beauty experts. Click on the highlighted link to check out some tips that Troy has to share on how you can make Q-tips work for you.

Oh! And if you read through Jensen’s blog you’ll see that this company is going to be coming out with vanity colored boxes of Q-tips for you to be proud to set them out on your bathroom counter! No more plain-boring-see-through non-descript boxes, just pretty colorful square containers with your beauty swabs/tools available in July 2009.

Who knew Q-tips could be so hip?!