The Search for the Perfect Red Lipstick Ends at Lipstick Queen

Well ladies, I have found the perfect red lipstick. No, I’m not kidding, I really have.

  • This lipstick acts more like the perfect red lip balm,
  • with a stain-like look,
  • but not dry at all,
  • and very wearable for ANY occasion-day or night
  • It’s called “Medieval” by Lipstick Queen ($20).

My latest makeup obsession is with this specialty lipstick line, Lipstick Queen by Poppy King. Lipsticks, glosses, and anything lip related is Poppy’s passion and it shows.

But you might say, “Yeah yeah, JennySue, there are a gazillion lipstick options out there, so what makes Lipstick Queen so special??”

Well seeing is believing. Take a look at my very own before and after pictures to see how this beautiful sheer blood red lipstick called “Medieval” completely brightened up my whole face with just a few swipes from it’s beautifully original crimson tube.

My Smile Before Lipstick Queen

After My “Medieval” Application

I have pretty fair skin. When it comes to wearing red lipstick it’s always a toss up on whether or not I’m going to end up looking completely insane and ridiculous, or if I’m going to look really beautiful. “Medieval” made me look and feel like I’d made the right choice in color due to the hydrating and fairly sheer formula. The really cute tube and packaging confirm that you made a glamour girl purchase. This is my first of many Lipstick Queen purchases. Now that I’ve tried and liked, I’m going to do my best to get some more products to report back on how the rest of the line stacks up!

So, if you’re like me and gotta have one, there are two ways to get it. You can either order online through their website, or just search your state/country to see where local boutiques are that carry this fab line. Lipstick Queen is not widely sold in Georgia boutiques. Luckily, my sweet husband was conveniently driving into Atlanta the other day and found the one store in the city selling this stellar line ~ Thanks to Molly ~ at Entebello for being so helpful to my hubby and carrying cool cult beauty items like this! Check out their website and link above to see what this modern apothecary and spa has to offer in the Atlanta area.

This is part one of two on my look into Lipstick Queen and it’s creator Poppy King. I had the pleasure of landing a great interview with the Australian born lip maven and she answered a few of my burning questions for a budding entrepreneur like myself.

Also, I will reveal my pick for the female celebrity who could most definitely use this perfect red lipstick to amp up her ho-hum look. Poppy’s answers to my very own questions will be coming up next, so stay tuned makeup lovers!