Weekend Fresh Face 90210 Style!

TGIF – Yeah!!! It’s been one of those weeks where I could really use some new makeup to lift my spirits. Why? Because makeup makes me happy and makes me feel pretty, and when I feel pretty, I can overcome anything! Shallow sounding you say? Well maybe, but sometimes whatever it takes to get you though “those days”, just do it. Of course being around my husband and my wonderful boys are a big mood lifter too;-).

Here’s a fun weekend look – like the modern day 90210’s Jessica Stroup’s, which you can mimic with great ease to make your weekend a little more exciting:

1. Eyeshadow & LinerMac’s Eyeshadow in Trax ($15). This really pretty gold-flecked maroon plum shadow looks slightly scary in it’s pot, but once applied it’s sooo very flattering and very sexy too. Finish off with some super black eyeliner on top and rim the lower lid in black as well for that vixen look!

2. Lower Eyelash Mascara– New from Tarte Cosmetics, is their “Bottoms Up” lower lash mascara ($16). This is a genius product because it helps give your eyes that extra bit of drama by helping you focus on those lower lashes with it’s teeny tiny bristles which can help to coat those hard to get at lower lashes. You’ll never end up with random mascara smudges all over your lower eye bed anymore!!

3. Luscious Lips- Victoria’s Secret has some great lipglosses, and I especially love their Brilliant Lip Shines ($12) that have a patent finish gloss with light reflecting pearls! The brush pen is easy to apply and a glamorous little pen to carry around in your clutch.

And to those of you that remember the 90’s version of Beverly Hills 90210 but aren’t familiar with the 2000 version, it’s just a juicier, bit more racey version with hip clothes!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hot mom’s out there!