Horoscope Beauty :: Happy Birthday Cancer Cutie

Happy Happy Birthday to all you Cancer Cuties out there!!

Sorry, I couldn’t find a “cute” crab picture out there, but did

find this pretty cute crabapple blossom photo that was

delightful to look at!

Here’s a quick rundown of your birthday horoscope for this month of June 21- July 22nd followed by some good makeup choices for crabs (AND anyone else that just needs a makeup pick me up this month!) :

Your deep spiritual side works overtime this month as you let go of any grudges you may have been secretly harboring. The spotlight is on you, thanks to energetic Venus in Aries, and you are attracting new people into your life. This month you are projecting loud and clear those qualities that everyone seeks out in a best friend. The red planet, Mars, is heating up that area of the life having to do with tried and true pals and also plays a role in your social activities that are for the most part all behind closed doors. It’s no secret you like one-on-one friendships and the month is crammed with those kinds of intimate engagements.

Popular traits of the Cancer sign are: compassion, deeply intuitive, sentimental and sympathetic. Crabs can be real devoted types which make them wonderful family members and are true homebodies who prefer a quiet evening at home as opposed to a night on the town-contrary to popular belief!

Famous Female Crabs: Jessica Simpson, Meryl Streep, Pamela Anderson, Lindsey Lohan, Lil’ Kim, Sandra Oh, Cyndi Lauper

(This horoscope is from my.horoscope.com and has a ton of in depth info regarding any zodiac sign, daily horoscopes, famous celebrities in your sign, and so on if you’re into that sort of thing! I secretly find horoscopes fascinating!)

Apparently favorable colors for beauties celebrating birthdays this month are white & silver. I actually really like these two colors for Summer 2009 because they’re kind of unexpected, yet can look really good on the eyes and nails with a nice summer tan to collaborate with.

For eyes, try MAC’s Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo in “Family Silver” ($19), which is a combo of light and mid tone silvers with a touch of gold veining running through. Just sweep it over the eyelid from lash line to crease with only black/brown mascara applied. Keep it simple since this shadow will immediately pop and give your eyes a frosty shimmer shine – you don’t want to overdo a good thing.

For nails, try MAC’s Limited Edition Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer in “Vestral White” ($11) which makes tan hands look oh so chic! And the bottle is too cute. I mean who didn’t looove Kello Kitty as a little girl?

Hope all your birthday wishes come true…JennySue