Makeup Tips For Darker Complexions

Zoe Saldana, is one of my new favorite actresses to see on the red carpet because of her impeccable style and stunning beauty. This gorgeous 31 year old (my age, hard to believe, she looks way younger!) has been involved in blockbuster movies such as “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl,” “Drumline,” and more recently in the new “Star Trek” movie. She was also in “Crossroads” with Miss Britney Spears-not quite a blockbuster, but a big movie because of it’s actresses;-)

Saldana was born to Dominican Republic parents and hit the gene pool jackpot with her striking features and skintone! For darker complexions like Zoe, foundation and color choices can seem tricky, but they don’t have to be!

Here are a few makeup tips and guidelines to flatter darker skin tones:

1. Skin: Foundation needs to be spot on with darker skin, so going to a makeup counter to get color matched could be a good idea. Try lines like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Becca who have great foundation color palettes to choose from. Dot your liquid foundation around the center area of your face (nose, chin and forehead) then blend it outward into the hairline with a sponge, as skin color tends to be slightly uneven.. This is Becca’s Luminous skin color foundation shown at left ($42).

2. Cheeks: If you love the look of blush, but find it hard to find a flattering color, try MAC’s powder blush in “Raizin”($18). This is a good choice as it’s got a warmness to it that flatters most darker skin tones and is more bronzer-like than blush like. Stick with opaque powder formulas as opposed to sheer ones that will get lost in darker complexions.

3. Lips: You can go a couple ways with your lips to complement dark skin. You can either work really deep and highly pigmented plums and reds, or you can make them look light and luscious like Zoe’s in this picture by going with a white hot pink lip gloss like NARS Turkish Delight ($24)-a personal favorite!!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to complimenting darker skin tones so have fun with all the new and exciting makeup choices out there! And if you haven’t noticed Miss Zoe before, be sure to check out some of this lady’s films, you’ll surely be impressed!