Perfect Skin and How To Get It

As I always say, the only way to pull off a flawless face, is to start with perfect looking skin. Sounds plain and simple, yet seems impossible to achieve you say…NOT AT ALL!!

Everyone can achieve a certain level of beautiful and even skin tone just like Miss Audrina Patridge from The Hills, with a few simple steps. Doesn’t she look stunning in this above picture?? And it’s all because her skin looks perfect, that the rest of her makeup look falls into place.

Here’s a quick JennySue Tutorial for your weekend complexion:

1. Go with a slightly darker foundation. I know this sounds like the opposite of what you’ve heard in the past about not matching your skin tone to a T, but if you use a lighter weight foundation in a “slightly” and I mean “slightly” darker shade, it will work. This will automatically give you warmth to your skin that will refresh your complexion. Just be sure to really blend it in good around your jawline and into the neck.

2. Get rid of redness. Most of us get a bit ruddy around the nose and chin area, which isn’t pretty and should be disguised. You can rid this redness easily with a yellow/greenish based concealer. Try applying it with your finger instead of a brush or right off the product itself, so your natural body heat will warm up the product and make it soak into the skin more naturally. You’ll be amazed at how perky your skin will look after banishing the red!

3. Put your blush on TOP of your bronzer. Put your bronzer on all over your t-zone and in your hairline first. Then put your pink or coral blush color of the moment on after your bronzer and apply it in a small circular motions on the apples of your cheeks. No streaks up towards the ears please, that’s really 80’s.

4. Highlight your cheekbones. Take your favorite highlighting product, whether it be in a gel or stick form for those of you that are dry, or a light powder form for the oily ones. Apply it in a C formation around each eye. Start up on the top center above the brow bone and pull the product around the outside edge of the eye into a small C to where it comes just above the top of your cheek color you just applied to the center of the pupil. Don’t pull it in any further as you’ll start to look way too shiny and unnatural. Notice how just the top of Audrina’s cheeks are ever so slightly glowing- that’s highlighter ladies!

So get crackin’ on perfecting that skin and let the rest of your makeup do the talkin…