June 1, 2009

Use Your Eyeshadow as a Blush!

I've always been hesitant to use one of those "dual products" that claims to be able to work for a multitude of ways on your face. I know times are tough, but do you really want to be able to use your eyeliner as your lipstick AND your eyebrow pencil?? How could that ever work??

Well I may end up eating my words - because I just bought the most neon pink eyeshadow you've ever seen, and I have turned it into my new favorite blush!!

Granted my Napoleon Perdis (another Entebello in Atlanta buy!) Eyeshadow Colour Disc ($22) is not advertised as being able to be worn as shadow and blush, but I totally have taken creative control and used it that way. This color #92, Fuchsia, could be one of the brightest pinks I've ever laid eyes on, but let me tell you the pigment stays like a champ once applied on the cheeks! And the best part, since it's soooo super obnoxiously bright, a teeny bit goes a long way so the product lasts awhile. And once your application technique is perfected, it lights up your whole face instantly! I'm so glad I got creative and tried out my eyeshadow as blush.

So I want to know - How many of you have a great product that you use in an unconventional way but it works for your face? Post a comment and share with everyone your secret dual-product trick!


Toya said...

I use my shadows as blush, too. It's a great trick. I think MAC's Coral shadow is a wonderful blush. It also works in the reverse - I've used MAC's PRO blushes in Full Fuschia and Azalea as eyeshadows.

LaneyGB said...

Ohhh I can't wait for my next Atlanta trip...I am definitely going to stop by this store!!!! BTW my fav "2 timer" product is Bobbi Brown's pot rouge in coral. It is so pretty as a blush or lipstick!

JennySue said...

I can't wait to try BOTH of these MAC and Bobbi Brown products!! I think fuschias and corals are all the rage this summer too, so these sound like great suggestions! Thanks Toya and Laney...