Use Your Eyeshadow as a Blush!

I’ve always been hesitant to use one of those “dual products” that claims to be able to work for a multitude of ways on your face. I know times are tough, but do you really want to be able to use your eyeliner as your lipstick AND your eyebrow pencil?? How could that ever work??

Well I may end up eating my words – because I just bought the most neon pink eyeshadow you’ve ever seen, and I have turned it into my new favorite blush!!

Granted my Napoleon Perdis (another Entebello in Atlanta buy!) Eyeshadow Colour Disc ($22) is not advertised as being able to be worn as shadow and blush, but I totally have taken creative control and used it that way. This color #92, Fuchsia, could be one of the brightest pinks I’ve ever laid eyes on, but let me tell you the pigment stays like a champ once applied on the cheeks! And the best part, since it’s soooo super obnoxiously bright, a teeny bit goes a long way so the product lasts awhile. And once your application technique is perfected, it lights up your whole face instantly! I’m so glad I got creative and tried out my eyeshadow as blush.

So I want to know – How many of you have a great product that you use in an unconventional way but it works for your face? Post a comment and share with everyone your secret dual-product trick!