Double Take :: Jennifer Aniston and Colbie Caillat

I am going to start posting “Double Takes” every now and then when I come across celebrities who look like they could have been separated at birth and do a little comparison photos. Let me tell you, my first duo made me do a MAJOR double take and has basically inspired me to do these more often because the comparisons are phenomenal.

Check out beautiful girl next door actress Jennifer Aniston, and then beautiful girl next door singer Colbie Caillat. Similarities include:

  • Both born in California – Check
  • Both have sunkissed highlights – Check
  • Wavy locks – Check
  • Natural makeup look – Check
  • Light greenish blue eyes – Check

Outstanding similarities huh?! The only big difference is that Colbie is 24 years old and Miss Aniston is the big 40!

Are you kidding me?? If you can’t tell who is who – Jenn Aniston is on top, Colbie on bottom. These lovely ladies look just freaking alike!!! Don’t you agree??