JennySue Makeup’s 2009 Teen Choice Awards For Best And Worst Makeup

I typically love award shows, however the most recent 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Monday night was difficult to watch to say the least. Or maybe someone should just remind me that it’s called the “teen” choice awards because that’s their main audience and they hand out surfboards as the actual award (see above pic of Megan Fox with her award/board for “Choice Hottie”-no surprise there). So I probably just don’t get what’s going on in that teen world anymore to be able to appreciate the show and I should quit acting so grown up!!

But even if I don’t understand the music (I can appreciate the Black Eyed Peas though!), actors and actresses, surfboards, dress code, etc., I CAN appreciate the makeup of the celebrities walking the red carpet!!

So I am giving out my own awards for the BEST and WORST MAKEUP of the night!!

~Worst Makeup Award goes to :: Kristen Stewart!!

I have not read nor have I seen the movie, but apparently “Twilight” is all the rage and this actress is too. However…her look has re-gressed for the worst. Previous pics have shown that Kristen used to be slightly cute, but now her pretty red-brown hair has been dyed pitch black and the cut is slightly mullet-ish! Her pale skin is pretty but could use a little less dark eye color and more cheek color to make her look more approachable and not so sallow.

JennySue Tip for Kristen :: I would suggest that if she wants to look funky that instead of going with the obvious black eye makeup, switch it up a little and wear funky mascara in a not-so obvious color choice. Diorshow mascara in Plum ($24) and CoverGirl Cheekers blush in Rose Silk ($4.50) would be a cool AND pretty combination.

~Best Makeup Award goes to :: Kim Kardashian and Sisters (Kourtney, Kendall & Kylie Jenner)!!

First of all, these ladies hit the gene jackpot- they are all gorgeous!! Even the twins (Kendall and Kylie) who granted looked all grown up in their high heels, did a nice job of working in very age appropriate makeup and looked very fresh faced. Kim Kardashian’s blond Farrah Fawcett winged hair was a shock, but I think she pulled it off well with her soft bronzey makeup. Obviously since I gave these girls the “Best” award, I simply cannot find anything wrong – they did everything right!