Madonna & PhotoShop, A Match Made In Louis Vuitton Heaven!

I will start off this blog posting by stating that:

  1. I am a huge Madonna fan and think she is a truly talented and a well rounded entertainer
  2. I wasn’t born yesterday and am not completely blind to the magic of photoshop used in today’s magazine ads.

The fashion ad above is from the ultra luxurious brand Louis Vuitton featuring the iconic Madonna. This LV ad caught my attention as I started flipping through my fat fall W magazine, as the most blatant use of photoshop I’ve seen recently.

So, I took my favorite red sharpie to the ad. I wanted to point out where the graphic artist might have gotten a bit too overzealous with their ‘shop skills. I mean come on LV – this woman, as wonderful as she is, is 50 freakin years old and am I supposed to believe she has porcelain doll skin that rivals a newborn baby’s??!! I don’t think so.

And below this perfect little ad is a more realistic photo of “the material girl” at her current age, without the touch up help.

“What a difference a professional graphic artist can make huh??”

Being a makeup artist, I understand how much makeup can do for a woman’s appearance and how it can mask a multitude of evils.
  • It can correct uneven skin tone,
  • It helps to transform eye shapes,
  • and overall, makeup has the wonderful ability to highlight the good features of a woman’s face and downplay the not-so good ones.
Despite my undying love for everything makeup, I am not too high and mighty to admit that even my makeup cases, brushes, and talents can not wave a magic spell over the human face!! I cannot fill in deep lines with a stroke of foundation or a swipe the world’s best face primer on the market, it’s just not reality. So whenever a client says to me, “make me look 20 years younger,” I do my best, but realistically, I can probably shave off 5 to 7 years, max.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like to look at fashion mags as much as the next girl to see how the other half lives (other half = those being the more rich and the more fabulous and especially the most ostentatious).

However, my mama didn’t raise no fool and my “Pappa don’t Preach” (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself), and even I know that the majority of models and celebs in those magazines, have had a bit of “help” to look as good as they do.

That’s why after reading through all my Elles, InStyles, and Marie Claires, I don’t go starve myself for weeks on just grapefruits and blow a month’s pay on all the newest wrinkle-free creams and cellulite products. Because I can almost guarantee you neither did those stars because as their pictures were being uploaded, they were relaxed because they knew the art department would do that the work for them.

So my whole reason for making Madonna an example here, is not to bash her looks in any way or to nitpick Louis Vuitton’s marketing department (heaven forbid!), but to simply illustrate a point to all women out there that “Perception is NOT always Reality.”