Mischa Barton’s Makeup Mishap :: Good Girl’s Eyeliner Gone Bad

I don’t like to make negative makeup examples out of celebrities, but this most recent transformation of the formerly cute actress Mischa Barton, 23 years old, shocked me sooo much that I had to do it!!!

Mischa has acted in some popular movies such as The Sixth Sense (well maybe not so cute in her role because she was a dead child ghost!), Notting Hill, and major hip tv series The O.C.. However, despite her popularity and celebrity status, she has taken a turn for the worse in her feeble attempt to apply eyeliner!

Check out the “scary heavy all around eyeliner “before picture above and the “pretty blended eyeliner” picture below.

I know Mischa’s been through a lot lately with her recent stint in a hospital for a supposed mental breakdown, weight gain and cellulite pics flying around the internet, and the upcoming premier of her CW series “The Beautiful Life,” but come on MB – rise above it all and lighten up on the eyeliner! You’re a beautiful girl and the heavy liner is almost a confirmation that you have gone crazy!!

If you just have to wear eyeliner all around your eyes, here’s some tips on HOW to keep it pretty and not so obvious:

  • Choose a neutral colored shadow palette that falls into the brown, bronze, or deep chocolate category. This immediately helps that you are not choosing a black or grey color that takes real control to apply. Try L’Oreal Paris HIP Concentrated shadow duo in Saucy ($7).

  • Take your neutral color of choice and wet a stiff angled liner brush and draw a faint line from inner tear duct to the edge of your upper lash line. Do the same thing on the lower line.

  • Smudge both upper and lower lines with a softer brush or Qtip to diffuse the look of those lines and make the color melt into your lash lines. You can even add a bit of the same color shadow in the dry form to smudge the lines for a “smokier” yet not so harsh line look.

  • Coat your upper lashes with two layers of mascara, and use just one coat on the bottom ones focusing mainly on the outside corners.

I hope Miss Barton’s new tv series (which is ironically about the life of a famous high-fashion model who has to deal with the world of insecurity and cut-throat competition) is a huge success for her – becauseyou know that I’m definitely going to tune in! And my sincere hope is that she takes away a few tips from her on set makeup artists on how to apply her liner to suit her naturally pretty features!