August 25, 2009

The "No Makeup" Makeup Look

So I recently had to head to the doctor for a small surgical procedure and of course one of the prep instructions told me, NO MAKEUP. What is a girl to do?!! I couldn't NOT wear makeup- it's not in my blood to head out into broad daylight au natural.

I luckily was able to take a couple of my favorite products and put them to use to where I looked naturally put together, but the doc wouldn't be able to tell I broke the rules;-)

If you're ever put in this position, or a natural girl by heart but want to wear a couple products without looking too made over- check out how I got this "invisible makeup" look. I was actually really pleased with the results:

1. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in "clear" ($6). This came in handy because it did two jobs. It controlled my unruly dark eyebrows and stuck them in place while also coating my lashes to give them some oomph without the color. And of course I curled my lashes before applying the clear mascara.

2. Avon's MagiX Face Perfector ($10). This is a colorless gel to powder formula that helps gives the appearance of overall smooth skin and evens out skin tone. It's also got an SPF of 20 and can be worn alone or under your foundation and powder. All I needed was a few drops of this stuff smoothed all over my face for a natural no makeup look. It's genius and I love this product.

3. Palladio Lip Stain in Pinky ($6) from Sally Beauty Supply stores. This is one of my favorite lip stains and the actual color is shown above. I like it much better than the Cover Girl lip stains as I find they have a funny taste which I can't stand. The Palladio has no taste and stays on well. The pinky color is nice and light for me because my natural lip color is super pale, so it just needs a slight pick me up to look barely there.

And last but not least, to get a naturally flushed cheek look, I used the old fingers. I pinched my cheeks like like little bitty crab claws until they had just enough rosiness to them-cost, $0.00!


Mary007 said...

You look fabulous!! Thanks for the tips, I can definitely use them for those early morning outings, like farmers market at 8 or 9am. This look is sooo natural and fresh looking! DId you use any concealer?

JennySue said...

Yes! I'm glad you mentioned that. I did forget to give props to my concealer, Benefit's Erase Paste in color "Fair". Thanks so much for bringing that up, guess that makes four products ;)

abbey said...

You are hilarious Jennysue!!!!
You are beautiful makeup or no makeup!
I may have to get that mascara though.... also getting the other mascara you recommended to me!

Olu Odusanya said...

nice one jenny, really learnt from that, at times you do need to hide behind the natural look esp when rushing out so early in the morning to get some stuff down the road.